What's good and bad about all types of kitchen sinks? (2023)

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What's good and bad about all types of kitchen sinks? (1)

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Updated 10/29/22

What's good and bad about all types of kitchen sinks? (2)

Choosing a kitchen sink is an important part of thekitchen renovation. From traditional countertop sinks to newer, trendier units like the low divider sink, consider what type of sink best suits your kitchen and personality.

Here are 10 types of kitchen sinks, including their pros and cons.


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    Top-Mount-, Drop-In- oder Self-Rimming-Spüle

    What's good and bad about all types of kitchen sinks? (3)

    The most common type ofkitchen sink, die Top-Mount oder Drop-In,Installedfrom above. Using a template provided by the sink manufacturer, a hole is cut in the countertop material and the sink is inserted from above. The entire weight of the sink is carried by the rim. The edge of the sink is then caulked to the worktop with silicone. Because the sink rim forms a rim, these sinks are sometimes referred to as rimmed or self-rimming sinks.


    • No special skills are required for installation.

    • But most DIYers can make sink cutoutslaminateand evensolid surface materials.

    • The total cost is relatively low.


    • The rim of the sink prevents you from rinsing water and dirt from the worktop directly into the sink.

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    • The rim adds yet another part of the sink that needs cleaning.

    • Some homeowners don't like the look of the separation between the sink and the rim.

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    undermount sink

    What's good and bad about all types of kitchen sinks? (4)

    undermount sinksare the opposite of countertop sinks, as the sink is attached to the underside of the counter with special clips.


    • With undermount sinks, you can sweep water and crumbs straight into the sink with a sponge. These sinks have no interfering rim, which makes tidying up a magic.

    • A sleeker look is attractive to many homeowners.

    • Undermount sinks are often of higher quality than countertop sinks.


    • Although dirt doesn't accumulate at the top, it does accumulate under the counter where the sink and counter meet.

    • Undermount sinks are usually more expensive to purchase and install than countertop sinks.

    • Undermount can limit the size of your sink.

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    Double washbasin/sink

    What's good and bad about all types of kitchen sinks? (5)

    The most popular type of kitchen sink arrangement, dual bowls allow washing on one side and rinsing or drying on the other. Truly versatile and highly flexible double bowl sinks cover all dishwashing operations: washing, rinsing and draining. You can never go wrong with a good double sink.


    • Versatile and highly flexible.

    • Useful in households without a dishwasher.


    • Both sides may be too small to accommodate large pots, baking tins or casseroles.

    • Some homeowners don't like the utilitarian appearance of a double sink.

    • Contemporary trends favor single bowl sinks.

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    Single basin/sink

    What's good and bad about all types of kitchen sinks? (6)

    Single bowl is a general category of kitchen sinks that can include both farmhouse (apron) sinks and inset sinks. This type of sink does not have a divided bowl.


    • The single basin is large enough to wash large items such as casseroles and baking sheets.

    • Single tanks are ideal for large houses with lots of people and busy cooking processes.

    • Anyone who likes the look of an apron sink is best served with a single bowl.


    • Be prepared to have a drying area on the side of the sink, as single basin sinks don't have room for it.

    • Single pools are less popular due to their inflexibility and small size.

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    Farmhouse or apron sink

    What's good and bad about all types of kitchen sinks? (7)

    Farmhouse or apron sinksare large single bowl sinks characterized by their front wall that forms both the front of the sink and the front of the counter. The most popular type of installation is at the sink level and integrated into the counters. However, apron sinks are sometimes installed "country style": on top of a cabinet or on a free-standing table (attached to the wall) and not surrounded by counters.


    • These generous sinks make washing up large casseroles and bakeware easy.

    • Because there is less space between the sink and the edge of the counter, the person using the sink can get a little closer to the sink, which avoids fatigue.

    • Many people love the "farm" look of a dishwashing apron.


    • Apron sinks tend to drip because there is only a narrow barrier between the sink and the floor.

    • Can be very expensive compared to other sink styles.

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    drainer sink

    What's good and bad about all types of kitchen sinks? (8)

    Drain board sinksCombine a small basin on one side with a drainer on the other.


    • These smaller types of sinks are greatpantry kitchensor any limited space.

    • Since the draining board part has a lip around it, it catches water and quickly directs it back into the sink.


    • Basins are usually small in drain pans. So if you enjoy cooking and entertaining a lot of people, this sink may not be for you.

    • If you rarely wash dishes by hand, you will not be able to do much with the dish rack.

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    Double washbasin with low partition

    What's good and bad about all types of kitchen sinks? (9)

    AKitchen sink with low partitionis a double bowl sink, but instead of the divider reaching to the top of the sink, it stops halfway up.


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    • Low divider sinks are a perfect combination of single bowl and double bowl sinks. If you fill one side low with water, it works as a double sink. However, if you need extra space for large pans, simply fill higher and higher so the water runs over the divider.

    • Most people find the low divider sink easier for food prep.


    • Since not many manufacturers offer sinks with low dividers, prices tend to be higher than other types, such as single bowl, double bowl, and even farmhouse sinks.

    • While it could theoretically double as a single bowl sink, the low divider sink offers less space for large items like casseroles or grill pans.

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    Island, Bar or Prep Sink

    What's good and bad about all types of kitchen sinks? (10)

    Bar (or prep) sinks are considerably smaller than regular kitchen sinks and are used for either bartending operations or additional food preparation. Bar/prep sinks are almost always single bowls and are usually no more than about 15 inches square or diameter (round).


    • If you have the space, a second sink is always welcome. Install this sink in yourkitchen islandor at the other end of your main countertop.

    • Secondary sinks make it easier for several people to prepare food at the same time.

    • These sinks are a great addition if you have frequent guests and want easy access to a bar sink while you're at the same time preparing a meal or tidying up.


    • Some homeowners install these sinks with good intentions but rarely use them.

    • Depending on your kitchen layout, secondary sinks can take up valuable counter space.

    • Secondary sinks are a luxury that can unnecessarily break your budget.

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    Integrated sink

    What's good and bad about all types of kitchen sinks? (11)

    Integrated (or integral) sinks are manufactured bysolid surface countertopManufacturers, such as DuPont for itsCorian-Linieand Samsung for its Staron line. Integrated sinks are made from the same material as the counter and are fused on the spot in the manufacturer's workshop.


    • With integrated sinks, there is no annoying edge. The counter flows seamlessly into the sink.

    • Integrated sinks eliminate the under-counter seam (prone to collecting dirt and mold) found with undermount sinks.

    • Many homeowners love the look of built-in sinks.


    • Integrated sinks, which are common in bathrooms, are more difficult to find in the kitchen area.

    • These are custom made and therefore quite expensive.

    • If the sink is damaged, it cannot simply be removed and replaced, it must be repaired.

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    What's good and bad about all types of kitchen sinks? (12)

    A kitchen corner sink has two bowls that are at right angles to each other.


    • Some corner sinks are spaced far enough apart to have a built-in drying area in the middle.

    • Corner sinks make clever use of notorious space hogs: counter corners.


    • Corner sinks are rarely needed, so they are hard to find.

    • If you can find them, corner sinks are expensive.

    • Also, these sinks require custom cuts in the counters. Since most kitchen countertops are hemmed at the corners, these sinks must bridge this seam, reducing the structural strength of the countertop in this area.


    • What type of kitchen sink is the best?

      Various countertopsand cleaning preferences may affect your choice of sink material and configuration. For example,stainless steel sinksare best forgranite countertopsand porcelain sinks are the easiest to clean. When trying to decide on a single or double pool, you should consider that the main purpose of onedouble sinkis the simplificationWash the dishesProcess. Typically, one basin is used for soapy water and dirty dishes and the other for clean water.

    • What are the disadvantages of an undermount sink?

      Undermount sinks are more expensive to purchase and install. They also sit deep under the sink and get in the waystorage. This type of sink can also be difficultremove and replace.

    • Which is better: countertop or undermount sink?

      There are pros and cons to each type ofbathroom sinkThe best thing about a top-mount (or drop-in) sink is that it's a lot easier to install and replace. The best thing about an undermount sink is that it gives you more counter space and a seamless,High-End-Optik.

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