The News from Paterson, New Jersey - (2023)

'tlr efo1 w1 lrr'jss Wonf Ads Pay Sat.rMayH71971-PatersonNews' Wanted Ad 4-2000 .27 Hefp-Want-d Malr Help Wanted Female Property For Sale 'Miscellaneous For Sale Wanted House For Rent Help Wanted Female Dogs Cats , Other Pets 4 INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE FORMULA DEPARTMENT BEDROOM APT Preferably LINCOLN Ptrk, 3 bedroom split ESTATE SALES MINIATtJRE Black Poodles (2) AKC reg One year old, $50 One gas station attendant full time days.

8110 itir. No Ex. Browse the antique sale May 1st until 3pm. 224 Jasper StPat.

Openanytinie level JZO plus security. --Instructions for mothers. Apply personally.

school air. 279-8385 CLIFFORD- LAKE I am 1 year old, 2 story, more than 8 rooms including FEMALE 1 month old after 10pm. ivi-ni. peripherals necessary. Apply personally.

ADA ARDEN. Can raise your child! (2) Part-time or full-time salary browsing: step heat. $36,900. PUDEL AKC - Small minis omitted for more detail. Call Hess Serace Station Rte.

South-Wayn quickly rates Low Jatesi-Leau RMS. FAMrTdultS. Vic.S)f Presbyterian Church, CLERK lver or. White. Champ background.

Mr. Rubtno, Realtor, 274-5200. 791- MUO LITTLE FAI.I.S 5 rooms, incl. veranda. $245.00 SiT Tenant - pays commission.

Winans, 742-4226 523-3722. TWENTY-THREE REALTY- Buses 38 eV 5. 9:30 a.m. 2:00 p.m. Hale-Hale. Prospect for $85 more.

274-6689. 427-1743. Full FC 54 Pass Church at Park liiurnc, dux do arei. Must have own transport. POODLE.

"Standard Brown SECRETARY 29th St SHIPPING CLERK Oak Ridge 679-2323 3025 Rte. 23 A.B.L.E. Broker AKC. throw. Lots of fringe benefits.

256 0700. Extension Male and Female. Unusual iiennukimici DETACHED HOUSE, 3 or 4 bedrooms NUMMAGE-iALE 797-2685 rfinm Rnr ujith nntlrin tn hnv I Feelin; frustrtdz3nsalespoHni tl HHUIdl Iteady. good hours

General tasks. 9-rREArESTATE Hon CLERK ARROW FASTENERS CQu INCM Owner Grest Realty, 525-1567. n-active-officeT-Fossessl- POODLES 6 --weeks old, AKC good secretarial skills? Combine toys and chocolate. After 4, Mr. Lewis antiques sale.

8434900 CLIFTON 2 years. old, 3 2 bathrooms per 7th floor. 2-gar, age, hot water heating. At $50. 778- 5352, GENERAL Your Real Estate Experience fc sec PAT.

Eastside, 4 Tedrorm-home, nice location: $2 (10 per month, Thursday, May 6, 9:30 a.m. through Wednesday's bake sale, The Church at Radburn, Fair Lawn Ave-Fair-jwn, N.Jr 684)4086 I4408 retarlal skills fc come out shit reviews 525t1976 6pm to 9pm all day Sat ST. BERNARD SHOE SALESMAN A BETTER PRICE URN1TUREV REFRIGERATORS Alert, senior girl dealership, la looking for an ASSESSMENT vaccinations, dewormed, healthy. S130. 835- Good Typist with an Oleasant-Tsleohone TOVtStf, tJEUmU, Ui-N tuts A ROOM.

WHOLE HOUSES. WAYNE- iEx.ecutve-Oype,Extra large 4 bedroom. Colonial house: 1 year. old. Excellent neighborhood.

General office duties. Yavneh Women's Club junk sale, 413 12th Ave. So - by experts. FasTTrvtceOnly $13 UNIVERSAL REPORTS SW-0300 CLIFTON jl-2 Family Corner Joe. lies

rms attraction mod. all mod. Facilities, gas "ht Bdrtrlumextnijcraesl lu compinnfiirpreBent sympathetic staff requirements: sales license, typing, stepo, pleasant phone calls etc., -Disposition- reauire a 839- some submissions.

Become H.S. consider. grad TOTOWA HUNDEPFLEGE OTO We are looking for a man who would like to sell and grow - an expanding company. Must look good. High merit. All advantages.

mr jay 237 Millburn Ave- MniburnN.J-37M234-Ask Day May 2 9:30am 6:00pm PATERSON AUCTION HOUSE Convenient to all schools fc shopping rrCUpping fc sjylingtari)lcai-j! by uate zor ixainui. rerrasneni posi-tion.

Many additional services, special lndWiduaLi are you - the certified appraiser from Perlenced. Fast 1 year. rent. Availability mid-July. 7s-3ioorauMX4 DISCOUNT rURNrrURELSTORE MSOJBA GEAR.

LIKE -NEW $150- not arrived yet! $425 month. 696-45 personally io uaroi. ce from $10 C. R. King Agency for Mr.

Wollman 31 5 MAIN SL-AR. 9-1776-279-3036-altor 427-2643. Jiorses TOTOWA SERVICE STATIONS New Model Industrial Properties Short Order Cook Exoerienced.ADDl In oersonr Em (AT WARD ST.) Open until 8pm. 9 am Thurs. fc Fri.

CLIrTON Valley Rd. Area Older, well maintained bungalow home. 3 bedrooms, mod. lg. Ann Smith Real Estate, Exclusive Agent, 789 Clifton llltiWT-472-2006.

734 CP. air strike tool. Reg. Prize HORSE 4 years old, Stud Appolossa. D

Estate 839-4646 -JOSEPH-MZIMeCASA-SRA Special Price We Sell Factory Fresh Furniture) li' press Diner, 13m River Fair broKr-1350. Please call CARLSTADT. fl.OOO sqr ft. ample narking 2 O.H. doors. -lleht mfg: Chrvsler Plvmonth with ted auDnlv.

Christie Auto Realtor. Appraiser' Ramilton St. AR 1-1818 ribuious prices, free oei turf. 791-2695. TS-p.m.-638-547: Equip.

825 Market Paterson, 11? Rte. 46, on Union Blvd. Tot. NJ Call 9ivaartg: N.J.

New and used equipment. Call Tnree Floors of bargain lay-a-way plan. -No- Cbargea -FREE-PAHIUNO rhIFTON: EC. PINTO. Black and White 8300 Rental or Storage Building - Short-Term Cook - Central Office Clerk.

Z71-9742. "ReatJEstate For-Sale- SECRETARY: ftfirm. Call after 5pm. 20-X50' Dlus 2 Car Garaee. 1235 Mc JwoJorJhe Price for a SILK WEAVING LOOMS EQUIP' 161 Bride West Paterson.

Days, dinner from good pay. Apply to Steno fc with dictaphone experience related to ANTIQUES and “Collecfablei” to Weni Induitries, 209 McLean ment e.tiret:quipmentto RLOOMINGDALE Dutch Colonial Bl-level, 2 years. Bid required for LG lot. Call Air.

Hansen in the OLD CHINA SHOP. Personally post otnee inner. -Straight Peterson. PATERSON. Rent.

iversldr-lKOOO racerton. START A NOVELTY WEAVING SHOP. FORTY C-K 68" "GEM 1076 Main office4 1'i 1st house consists of 4 rooms and bathroom with modern cupboard kitchen. 2nd house 3 rooms and bathroom. Price: $36,000 LowUxci 256-7800 sqft.

Nrzuround tioorr. VERMIETUNG CLERKTYPIST 427-7557 STUDENTEN lauhdry-rmfc- garage Extras. NORTH AMERICANIVAN LINES HEAD LOOMS FÜR PICK fc PICK WEAVING. 8 C-K 78" C-4 LOOMS FLEA MARKET River Barge International Division PAT. 2. Stock.

4,000 feet. Ideal for the order department. Bright, reliable girl with character flair - FC Principals only $43,900. 4X1 WITH PARTS TO CONVERT An Equal Opportunity Employer iENG-REALIY PART TIME NOW 1250 MON FULL TIME SUMMER. 1650 MON TO 4X4 ALL LOOMS WITH STOP apartments, apartments, offices or light mfg.

Priced right. Owner. 278-2200. Inn, 765 River Drive, Passaic. sat

Every May 1st. Sat 8am 5pm Admission is free to the public.

Space availableJ97tf452 Precise and fast typing. Hello, BLOQMrNGDAtiE. 3 bediuoin Lanclr MOTION DROP WIRE HARNESS for indoor work. Combat Air SECRETARY Must have financial and accounting experience. expanding Ideal location, large forest property.

Eves. 427-5018 796-4194 BEAMSTTUIXLOCAL POLLUTION SELECTION Sincere 000 SQ. FT. STORAGE ROOM. in Aierson, uu Mrs.

w-w carpet, dishwasher, air conditioning. ACCESSORIES, Springs, Coils, Aid Dept. The requirements are medium performance, good TV, new electricity, intruder alarm. EAST PATERSON APTS are required. No fee. Landlord.

We have a lot of nice, qualified tenants. Ed Cosml Broker, X74- Hoppei, Z4-Ylii HARNESS, REEDS, DROP 22 ft. Deck, f'n. recommended complete 2nd kitchen. $34,900 838-7337.

barred windows. $250 month. 839-1345. COLONIAL 2 BATHS PLUS -USTER 'EQUD7MENT'FOR on the phone. Excellent salary.

black box. WRITTEN VERSION Apply to the conditioned office on Monday, May 3rd. Call 278-1238, extension SALE. BOX 691 CO THE NEWS. Modern eat-in kitchen, full dining room -We-BuyWeiSeU We Trade Market Auction House 339 MARKET ST.

Good at numbers. Training as a baller. BLOOMINGDALE 222. The interviews were held in the Howard John Offices For Rent office, with 3 bedrooms, gas property and 2 car garage. Low $30.

Call 523-4743. APARTMENTS WANTED NO RENTAL FEE RUB1NO REAL ESTATE STOVE CALORIC 75. Double deck Brand new “-hy wagon, new. Everything SECRETARY. Assistant to credit SPlff4EVEL on's Motor Lodge (conference room).

Rte. 3, Clifton. (Exit Passaic Ave. opp.

Hoffman It La HAWTHORNE Managing Director. Must be good with numbers -R0UT4OllLTY CLERK TYPIST Leather. 279-6719. PRESTIGE OFFICE SUITE BROKER 274-5200 High on a hill overlooking -796-4151, real estate agent (JUST-BELOW-SUMMER ST.) It's secretarial stalks, top saury, all benefits 9-5. 37 VR hrs

Week. AUwood Head Office. Totowa area. large room. 600 so.

private -JOD- "Roche). Apply 11am only, 5pm only or 5pm only.

alley, good condition. 3 bed Immediate cash payment for used refrigerators. IS3-V3DO. Bathroom, Private Entrance, Wood Panel EAST PATERSON VICINITY Finest Quality 100 Merlon Blue CLEAN 5 AVAIL. For resjpSinsible-working Hamilton Living- rm.

country kitchen. Section, Clifton. Submit your CV with salary requirements to Box CO tors, stoves, antiques, office equipment ing.modern lifhtingw.w Carpet- SUPT. (ASSISTENT) Garden apartment. Amily l'i Baths.

Earaae.l h.w. locally grown. Deliver 4 bedrooms. 2 bathrooms COSMETICS SALE etc.

ave ao-D d. a 1 ng, Tuny Air finish, reserved We News. ed ana installed. 696-4481.

WE SELLING NEW,USED HFC full time. General maintenance. Ex. n-riced or will train. Must sob.

Baseboard heating, full basement partial $36,900. transfer ownership. Large residential parking lot, heating, electricity included. CLIFTON 3. Occud.

May 1 FURNITURE AT BARGAIN PRICESrf Money for a spring wardrobe can be yours by meeting people, earning large commissions, winning prizes, SECRETARY STEEL SHELVES Large J.rms. 3 bedrooms, use BSMT. for he fc reliable. wages fc apartments. Write Modern Eat-in Kitchen, FA MiLY-SlZETTnIshed Centrally Located, Lafayette Rent $200 per month.

Jmrnmediate oc. quantity sorted -sizes. Washing machine FC driver. 1 Auto-Aaraee in box #689, co. TheNews.

A cozy Clifton law firm needs fun. Territories open - agreed with 271-0577 credit terms W. 3-8942 Cupancy. Year. old 2 family


BROKER parUime-secretaryi-HrSi-s-l-or 9-2 full dormer. 220 wiring. Control S600. Lots of extras. Near St.

Anne's FC tank fitters work with their own gas. Heat-Will accept some legal exp. desirable, but no TOP soil transport. AVON children. absolutely necessary.

iau md-joso Steadyworkr" Good pay. Apply in Crson only. I'm 4:30pm. Fill in dirt, yellow beach stone, white LORANT REALTY, REALTORS 17 Kiel Butler 838-1254 Rubino' Realty Broker 274-5200 for Job interview.

Ben buys all crystal gravel, delivered. 696-4481, A1R LAWN Hawthorne Tank Welding SO Apnllancea. tools. What have RI.OOXIINGDALETL" E.PATr-4- rm-pt adults preferred Rock Eves. 427-7677 427-7333 Ininiaculatcilancu-rri, ANIMALS RECEPTIONIST SECRETARY Full-time mfflce Tues 174-7001.

472-2475 or 343 (611 DEr4-864-$180. Occupancy Immediate. Rlaikind Street area. 4 bedroom, ground level cape.

Garage -up -beautifully various items. Very reasonable. Call -TKAflHERS Summer Employment NORTH HALEDON 3 rm. Office ANNIS-fc CO.

Realtor 796-1861 Exp. Pref. Writing box jtsso co me -sb- $38,000. 525-5319. landscaped lot. I'm asking for $34,900.

FAIR LAWN in busy mall, 791-2702 full time. Write to Mr R. Coe. PO BoxT54.

Franklin Luke NJ 07417 Boats, Marine Equipment Counter Attendant MemoriaK Park Section, 9 yrs USED 23" Emerson Color TV $139. 'Oune.

Lavine -rm. and Ultra Mod 31..” rm. apt. useful $145 Good condition NAPKIN ATTENDANT Pas Must have a basic knowledge of golf.

Pacella Realty, Co. 839-4200 MULTIPLE USTING Brokerage Boat 15ft. Good condition. With PATERSON Upper Tir. Crianirer Paterson 274-3263.

Saic area. 7:30 a.m. E'SIDE PK. SEC.

uaii. Recent job interview, our suitable attorney. Motor FC trailer. Good for skiing or relaxing. Eat-in kitchen, dining area, wall stove, tiled 3-bed bathroom, finished basement. at paid vacation fc vacation.

Uniformed only. top pay. Desired color TV, any type of tuning. Z7B-7530 after; WAYNE GOLF CENTER 1428 Hamburg-Tpke Wayne Will decorate. Moderate rent including everything.

Utilities. Call Eves. For an interview, please call 667-653U in person only. Joe NasKoor, I'm a detached garage. Fenced yard, 65 100.

BLOOMIN45DALE GLEN TV'ILD LAKE BOAT 12ft Aluminum Runabout Any Condition. Also valid from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. 743-0380 clay storage. 386 Latayette 6 bdrm.

Suitable. useful $160 Dove Realty Inc. SEWING MACHINE OPERATOR 10 HP. Engine.

Good condition $275 Hawthorne, RANCH $19,900 : For shoe work.t ExDerlenced. SADDLE BROOK 20 INCH SCHWINN Bicycle and 279-STCZ Office Space Counter-Attendant Call for Interview. 694-7754. Wayne Golf Center 1428 Hamburg Wayne Ewlng set; Call Juliet Footwear f7 Paul Kohner E. Pat.

TIRE MAN Charming home with garage offers living room with Tire seats, formal dining room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 132' Vreeland Ave. Paterson Luxurious 2 family years young, spacious 14' WOOD. Good condition. -Trailer $350 16' Aluminum 70 Star Craft, Rebuilt 5Z3-72U8 Lie Real Estate Broker 742 4400 Exoerienced Truck Tire Changer, CLIFTON Square Feet.

in new STENOGRAPHERS 20 TO 30 GALLON bin liners and lots of extras. The owner will grant; Valid drivers license. Apply via the Open7 conference. from 9-9 professional buildings. will be built.

Best top. $990, 50 hp. Johnson electric starter. Going well. $150 with purchase price, -ic cucn, iw 10 au son at sn zist rat.

CUSTOMER SERVICE $110 Fee Pd and Typists. Permanent nosl mortgage. Call 279-3330. PARA MOUNT BROKER. HAWTHORNE.

2nd floor In a young location with good connections to all roads. Reasonable rent. Call 471-1416. Ultra-modern eat-in kitchen with wall oven and stove, 3 twin bedrooms with tiled bathroom, complete basement. 2 separate skirting board hot water heating systems. 2nd Floor.

1 package. After 4 p.m., 77Z-B595. of a boat. 696-5161 or 728-1316, tion. salary open.

37 hrs wk. Good TRUCK MECHANIC. This company will train a sales minded girl, wknl. of typing.

Unusual family $3,285 month with a one-month bail bond. Absolutely BLOOMINGDALE. 6 rms COLONIAL 24 FT, POOLFILTER, SLIDE, SUN- uiarranDVF 7dft and ft mu ccn working conditions.

Medium sized air conditioned office. 4 Brower Town Bus passes the door. Bon at, Inc, ttpivv Truck Mechanic 2:30 D.m oppt'y. Steenland 30-24 Rte, fully carpeted. Hot water heating for adults only! Renter pays for all deck fence etc.

studio couch. furniture for. Sale conditioned. Raymond Rhodes. Fair Lawn Agency.

791-1030. reed blinds. 6 alum, combin. win Large 4 bedroom apartment Excellent rental.

Close to schools, shopping and own utilities other than water. Available at Mav 1st. rental fee to the tenant. Midnight. Excellent salary.

AIL Perks. Reply Box- 698 co The HA 7-3UUU aluminum fairing, orooK. Uwner Win arranges a mortgage. Directors only ftnA at Lackawana West Paterson, Dows, 4 match curtains. 278-7145 BEDROOM SET Modern, 5 Don -Van Orden, Broker 427-1324 Messages.

Customer Service Department. switchboard and bill. OFFICE EQUIPMENT for rent. Simple part. $100. Call Vincent J.

Rasa, real estate agent BUTLER HAWTHORNE In the new 2 family house. LAGERHAUSMANN stainless steel Ait easily accessible to the main street. rms3 lrae. Living room fc Apprentice attentive, willing to learn, good guy.

Ability, old, firm, pleasant employee, mature with some ex. Crown Motor Freight Ccv 832 1 28. Paterson. tub ng. Good pay.

All Paid Services. Offices with plush carpets. Approx. 1,000 recorders, instruments - pianos, phonos, tape MODERN. Dining room set with RANCH furniture you can afford.

wbuilt -Ins. pro overtime. Apply like this. ft. Ideal for consulting engineer environments, cau zii-niw.

Visions for a washing machine in the basement. I drive an immaculate 3 bedroom home. Hot 170 Beaver Brook Rd. Lin or Architectural Firm. Call 29-1 5 Fair-Lawn Ave wn - pays to match your paycheck Winthrop's Furniture fc Appliance, WESTWOOD Water bb heat, full basement. Szou per month. sec., iuno.

coin pk TELEPHONE ordering clerk for furniture dealers. Pleasant conditions. Good starting salary and Cor. Fair Lawn fc Radburn Rd.

FREE GUITAR After rental only. far MR. ALLAN THE GREAT CORNER STORE. hImiWi nil rnirn FIbc level everythingtning. iao general terms.

I'm asking for $32,900. Woodworking main corn. Smith EASTTATERSON, HlHnn Millie Center benefits. 345-2500-Mr. Antonacclo, RUBINO REALTY DENTAL ASSISTANT No time. Open Thu

fc Friday until 9 p.m. – Foreman. MACHINE 2 FAMILY DUPLEX PROFESSIONAL OFFICE BUILDING 152 MARKET PatersorF BROKER 274-5200 CONNELLY- nec.i young Jady. Call et-up Hawthorne, 427.75S7. TELEPHONE JDPER ATORS (FORMER OR NEW) 2 rm wflreplaeer WING. Aolian" Stek Queen HAROLD'S secondhand furniture store now HAWHOBJSEJLOT.IBO??!,!! Eat-in kitchen, tiled bathroom.

Central Air Broker ASSOC Anne Legi. Call after 6 p.m. Open every Thursday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. District Manager “Help Wanted Female N.J; Bell Jia opens by phone and on Fridays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Haledon OpposilczCUvJI alle 427-3385 ​​Rte.

23 ButlerrN-ili" TF. B.dfifln 5,445l!PJ Air Conditioning plus 3 RMS. for Contiguous Income; Garage; 72,128 Lot. Extras. Price: $47,500.

ave North 6th St. This is growth opportunity "with UViPtuiB av uitiouirvyiii vwu If -no reply eve: 83o-2496 -ACCOUNTS ymnm'pernio 1 month sec. 1 or 2 babies does not accept pets, after 13h-278; 2915.

MODERN BEDROOM. SENTENCE. 7 vs. alt Si AH 1 6AL.AH FREQUENT INCREASE LIBERAL BENEFITS Mother's Daf Specials 300 to 6,000 sq. alr-cond'g.

available, elevator, FC, caretaker service, division, decoration as required. Some offices are paneled. A HAMPEL, REALTOR 797-5703 BUTLER, a dynamic retail organization serving young adults. Retail management experience required. You run a store fc direct RECEIVABLE CLERK squirrel gray inc.

triple dresser mirror, man's chest on chest, i For more information call! EAST PATERSON. 2 Bedrooms. ranch, PAT. 3RMS. and lounge.

Sun Porch On Mother's Day, sing with your mom to the old music of a NO-DEAL help for basic accounting skills. Trains Alertbrliht Beginners, Bedside Bookshelf, Headboard and others. Salary equal to mtx - Paterson 171 Market Street, full basement, lounge, detached garage, aluminum siding. All utilities included, nickname 427-1289. Duffy Player piano.

Order now on good terms. I charge $150. Aft, 5 p.m. JOHN WHITE CO. 694-3300 OR experience.

Apply in writing to Box Air Conditioned Offices, parking lots 271-9928, timely delivery. 695 co The Mews. He has a buyer and cannot sell his house. beautiful 2 jr old 7-room double storey; 1V baths-jarage-, -rec.

Facilities, Employee Benefits. Call PATERSON. A modern 3 bedroom apartment. about $26,500. ANNIS-rsr COT "REALTOR 796-1881 Building Mgr.

On the premises. 278-68661 279-9200. SUCI, Wm, 416B Boulevard, E. Heat, hot water. $139 plus security. DO NOT REPLY “This ad is being approved. NEW JERSEY BELL TELEPHONE 6-12 Saddle River Rd.”

Fair lawn space. Get out of this world! AU util Paterson. NJ Friendly call to Clas you want to make money and couples only, 854. Main 6t.

Eves Player Piano Accounts Receivable ities WAYNE 4J-33B3 An equal employer. Enjoy fashion and have 2-3 evenings a week to dedicate to an exciting topic. Park Palisades 408 Broad F.vcellent 1,200 SQ. ft. offlre-ln sified. Two tickets for the Fabian Theater can be purchased at the -The News counter.

Tickets must be requested by May 3rd. Now in game: "Sweet PATERSON TWENTY-TOE REALTY Erskine Lakes Rinjwood New Raised Ranch Living rm.idiningrmu eat-in kit Wed Fri. Til 944-5823 good location." Available immediately.UB35-8797 If you feel you have the opportunity to pursue a career, consider taking an Itervlew today.

a is credit manager. Diversified Du tiesBenefltsr salary open; 773-6600, KENT WyOfllUS-TO FROM 4 YEARS. ALT 2 FAMILY aft. 6 p.m. 3025 Rte.

23 -OakvRidge 679-2323 might qualify. Sweetback't WE HfJ fc SKLL A.B.L.E. Broxer ultramodern acts. Call ML 523-5775. xt.

37 Mr. Soloman. NEW FC-USED PIANO ORGANS Alerted, smart typist, ready, Chen, 3 bedrooms, 14, baths, Rec. Utility built in garage. There is still time to choose tile and paint colors.

$35,900 entire BUTLER Ray Assoc. owner agent. 471-9302 Moving out of state. GIRLS FRIDAY. General office work content from home.

Call MANY to choose from ROBBIES MUSIC CITY space. Wanted to learn Swucnooara. Wui Train Small South Pat. Office. 278-3900, tvolna- awitenboard Special in POMPTON LAKES New 2 family SNEAK PREVIEW. 835-2736 Teraatlne Allocation.

knowledge ext. 3. very lg. 2 batteries. central YARD STORAGE for 814 Route 48 Wayne from shorthand but not necessarily airy.

Adults, no pets. $250. 835-3474 We're the first to see our homes named 10 Cars. Near Paterson. call uai

Salary relative to ex, TYPIST SOFA. Provincial style, removable cushions. Good condition. $30. Call xw-1717. Open every evening until 10pm.

EXCLUSIVE AGENT REDFERN REALTY, INCr Rinewood Wavne 962-7360 694-45SS" "Hidden Valley." New double levels in RTF 20. New luxury Earden condo 742-0876. perleoce. Podell Ind. 296 Midland part time.

RMS, cents air. Adults Only $250 Saddle Brook 478-5050. 7S3-1H3. Flat choice location in a short cul-de-sac, right on Rte. 11:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. for signing.

Telephone 525-2800, for de 523-0822 525-7307, 3Z7-i)4Za. shop for rent. Store Office Equipment GENERAL CLERK leaar lop nomes en moise Ave. SOUTH PATERSON. 4 beautiful rooms ACCOUNTING HOSPITAL INSURANCE.

Compare care clerk fc insurance. ance register, calculate FC-TVPE, invoice for Blue Cross FC private insurance. Carrier. Must be accurate, good at typing and able to use a calculator. ex.

preferred. Good salary, generous benefits; 6:30am to 5:00pm Mon - Fri. Please write or call (2011 835-3700. ext.).

203 Miscellaneous For Sale FAIRFIELD AT LAST Girls Office. Lite.typlsg. likes figs. heat, delivered. For adults only. 8135 mo Dry cleaning equipment.

Excel typist Al.l.WOOn. CLIFTON Market St ur work. Good oDDortuniv for his. to Ave. to sue.

$39,990 Open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday. fc So. HENRY L. PETO. Broker conferred state, jn-iiw or a cargo damage sale ce.

1971 VACUUM MODELS SHOWN ONLY AT RANCH. 6 rooms for billing. Call 274-8963. 8:30pm Ginner or Housewife, return 345-3432 TOT. Sect.

4 bedrooms and tiled bathroom on the edge of Brighton Road. 2,300 m² shop or office. Drive-in lot 891-5297. work. blow.

9-5 super ween All attachments boxes damaged TYPIST 8100 fee neg ht h.w. electr. Gas sins plus large, closed porcn, nase-ment. On Vi Acres.

Only $38,900. Only 14 years old. Better bring 1058 Clifton Ave. 777-1320 rnln nerfect. Just $27.50 cash at Fair Lawn Co.

Steenland 30 - General office equipment. Co. zs-ooo STORE or OFFICE, the latter left. 14 or ask for simple conditions. WinthTop 24 Rte.

4, Fair Lawn. 791-1030. BUTLER IK ft 7ni ground. 11 room 4 RMS PRIVATE BATH on no deposit for tnis one. JtxjK.rii v.

EVERYTHING FOR THE OFFICE GIRLS FRIDAY (r rend. Office. $90 Godwin Plaza GINTY. REALTOR, 227-2110. Furniture -fc Appliance the biu CORNER STORE 279 Main Cor.

3rd St, All Utilities, Wall 171 Paterson Waitress Paterson (S4-S77 With Accounting Skills DL 279-1848. $34,900 NEW BI-LEVELS Mall. 644 Godwu) MWlancf Park 445-36W Mr. Rershach. Head of HR HOME Bars, beautifully upholstered Days. Good pay, good environment.

Smith Pat. Open Thurs. fc Friday till pm versed duties small sympathetic OftenLTON MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 5 RM. APTS.

bath, steam. 24 ci.ui. A 1 17 u.mlnck Sale, VT Prize, Liermain Apply in person only. Tne New Office Clifton, N.J. 773-UNO.

STORE FOR SUBLET, WAYNE AREA Pnmnion PlxiiM. New Jersey is freer. uorWM 13 cm Equip. 181 Paterson Paterson ADMDtAX. Post Office Diner, 279 Straight St. On a quiet street, 3 bedrooms, wi-baths, L-shaped living area.

Room, Utility $175, 54 No. 6. $175. MU 4-4444 An Equal Opportunity Employer Id $150. Call after 6:30 a.m. GIRL FRIDAY CALL 278-9371 or 278-216J ft. I topp.

Rost Onicey Raterson. Shoo or sewing workshop USED DESKS FILES 523-017 23, air-conditioned office. Lite Rt Waitress FuU Time or Part AR COLLECTIONS 6 ROOMS 127 W. Broadway 684-9824 or 278-2333 All utilities. 10 to qualified buyer subject to evaluation.

May be steno FC writing, all Arouna office paperwork, around EDELSTEIN'S, 200 Montgomery 81 times. Mature women preferred, apply locally. 10th Ave. Diner, wanted to hire a clerk for Intel, seen Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 5pm. Call WaW Conditioning, 130 S3 455 'Er imh Pal.

Instructions for sewing. BUYER ATTENTION: 256-0961 for more information. SM: LOT Wfence to Store Used Interesting varied position 'to prepare billa, post, reconciliation and romp oyo-zwu, waitress. Experience. Apply to Furnished Rooms Apts. ONE AD ORDER: PLACE YOUR AD ON BOTH THE MORNING AND EVENING NEWS CEDAR GKUVE care enlyr Niee 4ee, pref.

Bill's Gar, 337-3388 aft. 6pm Ask for BUI Sr account balances. Do phone col Wanted To Buy person Wile, los Mantel-M, lection; -WORK AND OTHER GIRL FRIDAY A. A sr.F.FPING room for rent. When buying a sewing machine, you should go to a reputable local service provider - fawrson 3 BEDRM.

SPLIT wanted to share Act. w-roomate tinsiffeu Office Spaces as a respected AUCTOR will buy or sell quietly held building. Tue lerr If you reply "Good knowledge of TVNLNC" to bargain ads, some people know! Bus service to Pat. downtown.

Get your inventory for you. Call North. Fully air-conditioned. shaped liv. FC shower. 324 Marxet M.

WAITRESS Must enter and operate a 10-button advertising machine. Hours 1:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Days 279-4000 FC 742-5896 after 6 margin of steno required. Excellent Associates Inc. Z74-29O0. noise, rec.

rm FC 3 terrace cooked. to 95 Experienced. 7am-3am

Apply to A.l APT MOTEL EFFICIENCIES Monday to Friday. Excellent salary, entry-level salary, Pius oenetits. vol COUPLE wishes 2 or copper 42-45 in person Triangle Diner, 111 Goffle Center in downtown Paterson. Wew i- apt In Peterson's Eastsiae Brass 28-35C rd advantages. Fne Anot.

High R3J-3700 Ext. 203 Hawuiorne. 125 corn. much. buses at the bus stop; RUBINO REALTY HENDON CORP.

Section. reason Rental Will trade aluminum 9e per pound. Mr. n.nhirii Personnel Director 1V- 2 Rooms, Day It 7 Daily Rates From $43-50. TV, air conditioning.

Housekeeping rrv priv tile bathrooms, narking moni CASH PAID references. Send replies to Box WOMAN 990 Rlvervlew Dr. Totowa. N.J CHILTON MEMORIAL HOSPITAL BROKER 274-5200 Our yard supplied, we will quote on 527 CO The News. 256-9200 ATTENTION p.

DE FRANCO Tored C-C, intercom. Open 24 hours. 278-7800 a Pnons number. Only then may there be a high-pressure out of town seller at your door with a machine that costs many times the price in the bargain ad. Compare shop fc, try fc before you buy. For reliable sales and service shop on the Win-tlirop sewing machine for more than 35 years at Main Paterson.

Lowest prices anywhere new. used, take-back machines from $19.95. Wlnthrop Furniture fc Appliance Center, cor. Smith 279 Main Pat, Easy terms arranged. General office wsteno experience, new bulldim in totowa.

Hospital! Pompton Plains, New Jersey An Equal Opportunity Employer other metals, iron, tin. bought. We sell used pipes, beams and angles. Sell ​​directly most of Patersnn. Scrap is our business, not a sideline. Xatlon, paid leave, bra. 9 y.

Ap LIDO ARMS CUUKT Paterson fc Van Houten Streets TREATMENT TECHNICIAN for AVmal Hospital. full time Write ply person. GIRLS TRAVELING 18 23 rH KM. SPRAY 1 LUNQ COHP.

A-l. B'wav Tourists Hotel available. Bn 3696 CO The News. Taft Rd. Totowa, N.J. Industrial Scrap Iron Metal Co.

CABINS, apt pkg fac priv BABYSITTER. Friday Nights In My Saths: Maids 72B, Trwav Rai International Company Now Hiring 210-211 21st Pat No. Straight Home West Peterson 742-5393 young girls travel major cities with a unique business group. Must offer WOMEN a CLEAN furnished room.

Gentle man. So. Paterson. St. 525-5523 ​​Ask for Mr. Msck 1925 nut and able to start BAKERY SALES immediately. American Beauty Mattress Sales Clerk a-ai ately, no experience required. We train you.

Excellent starting salary. Will train. Apply in person after 1:00 p.m. Mullen eaaery- CLEAN FURNITURE. ROOMS Reasonable Rent, 19 Maf ket SU Pat-erson.

523-7320. plus commissions, rarenis weicomea full or twin size, full ml sorlna. 833.00 per set. Factory fresh. 45 Main Paterson.

NEW PAPER. 40 per 100 we also buy waste paper of all qualities Mon. until 7 a.m.

4 p.m. JOS. DAMATO PAPER CANE for the interview. Girls under 18 must ant eecomDanied bv car. To ar SPECIAL LOW RATES FOR BUSINESS PROMOTERS ail CLASSIFIED DEPT.

274-2000' Building Maintenance. night shift. p.m. 1 a.m. No expert network required.

$110 pes-hour, APPLY IN PERSON Temcb Industries PARSONS POND ROAD $48-2451 Franklin Lakes Cash or Credit. See Winthrop's Furniture It Appliance. -THE BIG BEAUTICIAN series for Mary CLIFTON A neatly decorated room. gentleman preferred. 3Z3-M0O CORNER STORE, 279 Main St 69-85.

Florida Pat. 271-2293 Experienced Cosmetologist for Part 472-4484 HAin axnd. Just the time of aalarv-commls. CaU 427-5844 anytime. Corn.

SmithFat. Open Tours FC Friday through Japan, lge. rm EAST PatersonvA nice Im nnat In hlvh Btvirntf. Painting, Decorating, Landscaping, Garden, Air Conditioning Service -fBM- ButWmg; MalB-EntrancST" tivrtmkH wllh Tirana r- Bc Business man pref'd. 525-f47T oT after jS ni.

7 PETS, LIVESTOCK 796-0239 ense beauUcfans for RMfewood SEED SOD LAWN installed $100.00 WEEKLY Possible! I Rome Authorized scrap sale famous new FC 1 sewing machine FULL SERVICE, oil motor, HOSTESS cashier nights. Use on interior and exterior paints, wallpaper hangings and spray paints. Fully insured. John Kisevtcx. FURNISHED ROOM for gentlemen.

Typing and addressing. For detail plantings, do spring cleaning. Lawn Comorecsor Fan. Clean coils, change Ramsey range. Open salary, weekdays.

444-602Jor Sun. fc Mon. 445-People Jahn'a Restaurant Rte, Fair Lawn. Send stamped self-addressed letters in Chinese, with full zigzag slack. Paint damaged. Easy to transport.

E. 32nd St. Servicing, tzi-mo. Filter. 57.50.

dun dogs, cats, other pets 7692. 4Z7-Z133 in shipping, otherwise guaranteed 279-08. 3519, 7914)891. Envelope. Radcllffe Publishers, $18 PN.

Third Avenue South, Clinton, SOD Housekeeper Sleeps perfectly. Cash 'n Carry, $29.80 or ask LET GEORGE DO IT BEAUTICIAN. Full time, take over Finest Aualitv 100 Merlon Sod FURNISHED RM FC garage. Small children tile. Excellent.

Salary. Mandatory or Easv conditions. Check out this fc many Iowa 52732. Painting and wallpapering by Reasoo Afghans $200. Basenji's $73.

English Bulldoes 1250. Old English Saees - after 50 communes in the Wyckoff area there is a shower, centlemen only. Vic Aluminum Siding Lo has been grown, supplied or installed. 271-42O0. capable Free estimate.

7So-bB27. jr (9 '176 or to bhi-moo. 696-4481 from Market fc E. 28.. Call HOUSE KEEPER after 4:30 p.m.

Live in. Own RM dogs $250 Maltese Yorkshires $175 Airedales $125 Chihuahuas ALUMINUM CLADDING more bargains al Wintnron Rum iture fc appliance. THE BIG COR NER STORE at 279 Main St. Corn Smith Pat Open Thurs. fc Fri, Beautician.

Friday and Saturday Si all day Sat fc la. 3 ohm situation sought female painting. J. 20 years of experience

TV 5V4 days. No cooking 5 Commercial or residential. Free esti DO YOU HAVE AN EXTRA ROOM? Masonry with or without external fence. 696-3362 vacation, hospitalization, week.

585. Malamutes $95, Siberian Huskies $150, Irish Setters $125. Dobermans $125, Cocker Spaniels $95, Cairen AU Types of joinery, additions, alterations to brickwork. Call 279 6955. until o'clock

835-3682 BABYSITTER AVAILABLE ALL KINDS OF MASONRY beautician part time. Learn more about the tree. Many coveted room or pension guests are looking for accommodation. Why not rent them with an ad on the news? "The largest newspaper in Pater Terriers $125, St. Bernards $175.

INSPECTORS (2) PAINTING fc decoration, interior decoration. Outside. Quality work at reasonable prices. Call Bob at 145-4861 or enter free estimates. Statewide Construction Co.

427-5325 after 4:30 p.m. borrowed. Busy shop. Tau 796-68W Dialamatic Hoover Upright Vacuum Cleaner. There are 16 units to be sold as is but condition is guaranteed.

$33.00 each. Cash FC carry. See them at Wm - Mature women want to nanny Weimaraners for $150. also Lhasa Apsos $150. Shih Tzu's $200, Boston Ter Carpet Linoleum Service son and his suburban area.

Experienced in electromechanical process bending. 271-5756. 279-7338 JOE TANIS Mason Contractor 279 274-2000. Ask about classifieds. 2536.

Steps, walkways, patios, brick buildings. Blue Cross, Blue Shield, paid MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN. Will cost $125. Miniature Poodles $150, Schnanrers $125, Scottles $95, Wes-ties 8125, Pekingese $75, Daschunds BOOKKEEPER EXP. Accounts rec fc pay.

Typos, some knowledge of the Italian language. Fill out Rhrop's Furniture FC Appliance at BIG CORNER STORE. 279 Hauptor. SmHb Pat. Open Thu

work, block work. Free holiday estimates. Use Bergen Laoora as a companion who will sleep in. Call SINCLAIR CARPET SVC. Install rugs, mock poo rugs, and bleached floors.

523-0028. PAINTING, decorating, wallpapering. commercially. Industrial. Used Dutch Boy paints, insured.

i MODERN room. Neat apartment, building comp. priv. kit'nltte.

Private, tiled bathroom. Park Ave. Sec. 742-9567. tories 60 Spruce St.

Paterson CaH employer direct, 523-1567, $65. -JULIAN- BRITT fc Friday U1pm Animal Puppy Center BPYROS DANIELS CO. 791-3396 WRITE Office work done 1. my mason contractor accountant trainee carpenter hole puncher opera. AU guys from Masonrjr work homes, call 114 River St.

Paterson 271-4646 ENCYCLOPEDIA FOR SALE CHEAP 142-4231 wrminmt full time writing required 84-6173 NEAR RTE. 20. Ideal for 2 or 3 friends to rent together. Furniture. 4 rooms with air conditioning, w-w carpet.

$75 per week, 523-0822, 523-1307. Tail J-449 plastering BEAGLES. AKC. Top quality. Pear AAA BONSEY NST cabinets, alum, carp, fin.

car necessary. Many advantages. Salary MmmMinirii with exDcrience. 02 Late Unlvae 1700 experience required. part-time evenings.

Top MASON fc BUILDING Contractor puppies from Creek bloodlines. Created by FREE CLEAN concrete filling of sidewalks, bricks, blocks, patios, steps, advertising opportunity for office painting, roofs. Gutters, Dlaster. waterproof, steel ielo Wanted Male Female rmtm PAT, clean warm rm. with entropion kept cool.

Pearson Ireex Barbin Dam. Double champion, A-l PLASTER fc BRICKWORK Brick steps, retaining walls, etc. Patch plaster. reason L.A.

30608. Hawthorne 421-1441 Porches, Chimneys, Retention Watts, OIIAl.tTV DATA PROCESSING. INC manager or administrator. Call 694. Nice, quiet house. Mature gentleman welds etc.

ins'd. 5Z-69, z7i-nJ7 garages, basements, additions and new 838-1741 Beautician with experience. Call Miss Cabany Zss-Awo 100, Mr. Seiwyn. 517 weekly. 668 E

25. St. FRIGIDARE REFRIGERATOR STORES. 523-5641. Tony Russiano. BEAGLE PUPPIES 9 weeks.

old. AKC Male or Temaie A 256 3391 A-l State. Reasonable. Call BOOKKEEPERS PATERSON. 2 fc 1 furnished rooms Plumbing and heating AAA Custom joinery.

Additions carages, fin. genl home tm proof. reason Rates. 894-5414.

reg. by F.Ch. Hello. Timmy FC Keypunch Talent Rewards 444-4731 Moving, trucking, storage with ensuite. 278-1322 Accounts Receivable A Complete Plumbing, FC, Heating Accountant Trail Finder Call 652-0533 Lou Breastlin.

AAA NVirn -rDnterf Good service for FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES, repairs, conversions, electrical. Sewerage, cleaning, Aufrom. Water heat TOTOWA Sect. A sunny room. Everything for the little Garfield concern, full AAA.

Ben's moving and trucking, storage. State-licensed, insured work in N.J. and appropriate. Call welfare and people on credit. full time Call Mis White (201) 345-3500 Universal Information COLLIE.

Masculine. 6 months. good with me Wine imports from America Z71-2US facilities. 2nd Floor.

Gentlemen, $16, gas heating, AMERICAN HOME. AR. 4-2900. It is not possible to do accounting through the general ledger, payroll, etc. part-time, hours

optional, children. All shots. Call after 6pm or problems Immediate delivery, In-tUnt credit. Call Mr. Gran (281) system.

cnurcn surai week. 742-7847. Plumb'g fc Heat'g too. 4Z7-159J. A CarDentrv PaintinR 094-7494 Arson, H.J.

1 Loretta Ave. Hawthorne Can 772-8868 between 8:30am fc 373-6611 3 RMS fc PRIVATE Bath, on West A. RYAN AA DANNY'S Moving “Trucking Medium Large” Transports fc edd Jobs Low Prices. Call anytime.

278-7747. FREE EST. CALL 278 79 5:30 PM LAUNDRY dashing leaky adorable AKC dachshund puppies black and tan smooth. Garage sale Sat.

fc So. 9- Two generations. Plumbing fc accountant eroaaway. ah uiuiuea suppiiea. Call 279-1848.

JOINERY and closet 500 pr. Mo. 3, 14 E. 22nd St. Other

goods heating. Kennel1 broken. $70-195. 697-6772. EARN $100 UmeCaU 2 openings.

Shirt Wrapper FC Flat Lihir. Nernon. Be sure to tap at a reasonable price. BAlTiHOOMS MODtKnilXEU Formica Panels, No Repairs, Raw Kitchens Installed. Call 546-4601. Work Feeder FC folder.

experience and experience helpful. Apply to A-l DANCE MOVING fc TRUCKING Flatrates. go somewhere No job too big. or ssall.

Call anytime. 684-4234. 227-1710 Good pay, stable. Liberal Denetits, 71 E. 26th Near 4m Pat Commercial Property For Rent 791-0181 Free Estimates - 791-6611 BALUSKI PLUMBING fc HEtVTING.

HAND Mad wooden beams, beautiful. Very GERMAN Shepherd Collie puppies. Excellent ExcelL disposition. Reasonable. 471-9692, Eves.

Pottery -Tjle MAITRE D' Sunshine Deluxe Laundry a llnvln J. tmckin Arson. Mains drainage installed, 24 hour service. STORE or office at -652A AUwood sje-evvs Private Country Club. Caldwell Area 343 11th Pat 742-7248 Attic, basement and odd job cleaning.

FIRED POTTERY, cheap prices Clifton. 12x60 with full base GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES Heating is our specialty. NO )whether too big or small. 427-4279. is seeking full-time qualified Mattre low raies.

Van anytime, n-iui. CASHIER: ment. Call 478-8741. Heavy Duty Sand FC Gravel Pool Filter. 4 foot ladder.

deep pool LEGAL SECRETARY AKC. Sire Champion "Adonis" sponge cake or glaze. 278-3392 (male or female) for immediate employment. SerrqV Company LICENSED PLUMBER Must sell. 694-5731.

FRANK'S removal cleaning. Save money. Reasonable price. CaU me. Heavy vinyl cover.

1 large ptliows salary according to 'experience, itnmrdnrm available cv is box mi co ine news CERAMIC TILES and Mosaic, Rig Wall nA flnnra hatha, kit Does small or large jobs. Eve, FC weekends. drains cleaned. 696-4108. for lg ft.

Swimming pool. 525-1276. 274-6790. Garage for rent New modern office. aia-aon.

GOLDEN RETRIEVERS Beautiful, AKC, Champion bloodlines, shots. welded. February 26th. $38-5168.

NEEDS 2 PROPERTIES, sales dates. evenings and weekends. Ex. Fterenz helpful but not necessary. Good salary, excellent warkini aeons, terraces, swimming pools. Call Leeal Secretary WILLIAM'S.

Moving 4 trucks. Clean Eetlirs. Lofts, odd jobs. people, in the expanding office. Call Essen Print photo offset HOOVER PORTA WASHER, copper, 4.

Me. old. Call after 4pm.' 279-6243 ueorge, aii-xvi. West Park Realty. 256-2014.

Experience. Hawthorne office. LARGE 2 remote garage light storage. Call 256 5763. Low Rates 742-0368 Anytlms. IRISH Setter Puppies Very Reasonable Editions Rickel Home Center Electrical Contracting May Row SMMRT.f' Moving Company Fullv Commercial and Job Printing THE IDEAL PRESS PART-TIME HOT POINT Refrig.

Good condition JAMES P. tVUtt 427-9100 279 8714 ins PUC lie. Short trips to local area and Preaknefs shopping center to St SH. 2,521 drivers are each 21 years old to drive a 160 pickup truck.

Calorie gas range. New rnrwi. 175 or the best of both. 337-653. long distance

838-2938. 853-4131. F. PRIMAVEBA Elektro-Contracting, Comml FC Resid. wlrint.

no Kb too small; 24 hour service. 135-667 IRISH Setter puppies. AKC Excellent ADVERTISING Hamburg Turnpikes-Wayne I PN 1.1V a m. nursing aids T-3 and bloodlines I12j. Bred for bea'Hv fc for school children.

Approximately 1 am and/or 2-5 pm. Call 256-7430. Bet. fc 4 p.m

WOMEN'S CLOTHING Sue 15-16 roofing, siding, insulation odd jobs quiet temieramenl. There are no high housing costs for parents. Call 696-3611 or 69M513. Floor grinding and finishing practically new. Pint suits, dresses, coats, etc.

All for $75. AR $-6653 strung. 7ZI 5to. Cashier-Typist DAVID T. RUDESYLE Real EotatftiSalesinan AAA ATTIC, Cellar Aft I.

New roofs and roof repairs. Latte cleaned IN THE NEWS FLOOR. Moving, truck transport. BEN'S SANDING fc FINISHING rew. Fully insured.

Call Irepalrs and slate roof renovation. mcmi Old fc. Openings in Ringwood, W. Mil. and away.

Trainee considered manicurist. EXP'd. 1 day Sat. Guaranteed payment of $20 per day. Louis' Hair Stylist, 171 Lakeview Clifton.

772 2888. AR 4-ZiWO. ti no sns. can jo-si LTV. RM.

and edible beige gutters and leaders, taji ah. J-yJ. 697-2630 "KUTE KITTENS" jMalet, 2 Kem. Make your cat livable and adorable for home use carpets. Approx.

11x16 and Hedfern Realty, kh-4j55. ATTIC. Apartments Garage CaU 9x12. verv d. condition

6110. CaU tur preferred. 2 full ume, tfart time, davs fc evenings. ROGERS CLOTHING WILI.OWBROOK MALL WAYNE. NJ

STERZEL. Roofer, Tailor, Lead-. N. Subsidy, check entry. ex-bullder.

Cellar and very inclined reisnnabie 279-338A. general contract. 6. 4Z7-740S. SALES CAREER 523-0323 after.

4pm Ifsther and his son Team, verv reason uiTTr wnuiv tA riri for No experience required- Must have factory closable openings. 11 years in Dusines. RICHARDS. Odd jobs, cleaning base – FC or AKC.

Dog trained by owner for obedience. Experienced trainer. Call Mrs. Judie Gemeinhaxdt. at 427-741 S. Elderly Couple FC Light HoussAeeplng Live.

permanent numbers. AD 256-4561 CONTRACTORS specializing in masonry, free estimates, 741 1894. 521-8967.

outs. Releases $11. H. Factory Branch, are good phone personalities, we iJ7-8072. Fleischkeller FC attics, Tnovg. manure truck.

tV.4-.4234 at any time. U-n-B'way. (Rte 4) Fair Law will provide personalized training, nnm sales tAehnion inJ ail leads TVITRSF. LPN ar.TFWATlONS CARPENTRY Upnolsterers, Decorators MINI-BILLIARD TABLE for Mini-Rec. Office clerk A key position for a qualified person.

Guaranteed help wanted, male, female, block sales, porches, leaders, converts from the dinner poser oil burner pool. mini price. M5-1155. REUPHOLSTER seat covers and curtains. Lowest Prices.

Free Shipping. HAUSMEISTER Midetl aged) Coupt wanted for Cartakr von Fvnordl-Saum. Salary and eligibility with riliti.s. Call 29.1700b.

Rws) 10 a.m. A 4 -J(L, Monday to Friday. Guttering, Roofing, Guttering, Chimneys V. Hartung LA. 5-3337 draw against Elgh Commlssdon.

Free medleaX dental and disability insurance. Can Mr Newman. MOVINO. Wheel holds left band fcaU 274-8408.

Actually many keys, like tnany 568-4224 (drive. Cornod dunrne 19c new MEDICAL SURGICAL FULL TIME PART TIME TM. TO A at rVsase write or CaU OoDecl DBY WALL CONTRACTOR Sheet Rock FC For good fc fastest service call 123-7290. He 840 .kca TV.

Am Wu. Wallcover installation r. SOCIAL WORKER on your typewriter. Lag for a full-time clerk who is good at writing. Like jrws r-t m.

neallanl beaeflts 21- blond eeMnet 855. 27P-2897. DIRECTOR CfcV MASON fc PAINTER POOL 4 fester Lift, komplett. 21" PRESSER Er' nallty work. Reliakle aly.

Salary Psld taca-Ue fc bosplUUietiea. Apply SPIC SPAN Cleaners fc Taflars lot B'way. E. Psterse Opp. Elmwsed '( Center Interior fc exterior masonry, side including regular raises and profit zenith console tv.

HI FT. “Degree in Consulting Services, 2 years. heavy base. -In the group dy-inamlcs. will develop fc and oversee the wallpapers and fabrics of WALLCOVER INSTALLATION FWx-ks.

slides. Grass sctoth. Mursls. levels. vinyl installed.

No painting. Fast service, low prices. 729 3673. Walks, Imn Fronts, etc. Tau 4-iu 145-5144 oHOTMEYER PETROLEUM CORP.

24 hour fuel burner service. Installed Boiler Burners HAwthorne 7.1000 TEmple 5-1000. Poplar 8-1900 furniture for sale m. 742-0957. BILLIARD TABLES, fact district. Save CHTLTON MEMORIAL HOSPITAL programs using innovative group offerings.

AppurMQBILE FABRICS 111 Wagaraw Rd. Hawthorne. N.J Inside me. Tax 35 on quality slate beds. .4 rates methodology techniques wi.

Youth. Pomptoa Plains, iw Jersey An Equal Opportunity Employer pnone sza-siss. is am isiism RrMa wonfiilli window cleaner salary at ACCOUNTTN't; ALL Helo Wonted femal i II Will ttfVUIil DIRECTOR career development.

Railway sleepers new and delivered. 696-4481 leKHAinH Sewna marhise es tertrnred ealy Aooly persoa i.rdtrn siiver Pel Expertly Prepared. Individual re 4--n KiAieAaai llv aanica gL iwt degree 1 year. -exp. in professional development.

.11 Tl ki riirnuiirn PATERSON WINDOW' CLEANING CO. INC- iiuji jwii iuiiiiiuiw tr fleas, fees. Call a Ment FC testing in the Vnutn program. Salary to 112,575. Resumes enly npritTOR NCR engine 15.

Ex TR Messina. Public arch. Office at REFRIGERATOR. Like new. 18 cubic inches.

Tumble fc Stove 113 Welkin Walllngton oerienced. Send CV, r.u. twx left Paintinq Decorating i iJrZ Ltm l7ritl7. Lakeview Ave d.fton. T72-545 it.

Sacrifice, Moses B. Jones Director, i-aierson Probation Project, Courthouse 148. Pompton Lakes. NJ ew Reliable service.

European daylight saving time. since your convenience 116 t. Di.Mlns Best asld. flnaace Annex, Paterson, N.J. HAUSWURTER couple middle Jl. Wanted for Funeral and Housing Attendants.

with tlllies. Call 279-1700 between 10am and 10am. A 9M4 Monday and Friday. Payroll Secretary Mr. Frances at Winthrop's SS a Bestprlce.

Free estimates. Window cleaning office or 777-7367. warintf tp BILLER. Knowledge of entering passport machines. Goee! at numbers.

Pleasant work from the Moo1 era lnf tc-nditUna with benefits. Call Mr Smirk, J71-3000 Hr gppglritrwwf. Landscaping, garden washing machine and ovens, stock, partially dented. Scratches will be returned.

As low as once. Baf forty. 1 Park Ave Patersos, Payroll up to 41 Ether related advertising for GLENWOOD LANDSCAPING CO. DECOR ATlNtr i payreU Customs, Rayrou Run vm n.n ne mrliiM.

w4il, train. Little Falls, Merion Lawns, Evergreen FC FC Erttrior. PatmiBg, wallpaperir.g uu iuauicu. Big corner store. 8" Mtn eerser" fssttlt.St.

Beat. Ope Tksrs. Friday THU 8 dm Wee Petersen area. Contact Frank Schattenbaum.

Railroad by walliiFRKE estlrrates. IN THE NEWS RENTAL. onions. Rag ehsmpoer. Fir.

Anders, Tapentampfer. Julians. XI Maia 825-2601. 8l StL-Z-4U83 fc Stufen, 696-4481 4EDW.

DACEY Lavante. jssnooo. An equal employee.


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