Teachers pay teachers: a guide to start (2023)

The ultimate guide for starting with teachers pay teachers

For decades, the teachers have tacitly created amazing content for their classrooms. There were no outlet that they could share with other educators in the country, the state or even their own territory. Then teachers who pay teachers (TPT) and changed everything!Hard work that you invest in your teaching plans, printable worksheets and homework can now be monetized as a nice side employment or full -time job, depending on how far you go.

What is TPT?

If you haven't checked it yet, teachers are teachers are a website for teachers. It is a marketplace to sell worksheets and prints on other educators across the country. As sellers, simply create a worksheet and then always collectAgain payments. It is a great way to earn additional money from work that you already run for your own classroom.

A successful TPT example

The readers of the NJ Teachers' lounge may remember that we recently highlighted a teacher who achieves a good side income with her YouTube channel and her TPT account.who are very happy to help the students and work for teachers through their online. If they haven't seen our interview with her, you can check it here:https://plymouthrockteachers.com/teacher-behind-teaching-without-frills-youtube-channel/.

Let us start without further ado.


Creating an account on TPT is simple and free.To create, sell and give you tips on how to create great content.

Step 1: Register

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To register, simply choose the option that best meets your requirements. At the beginning, you will probably want to stay to the basic seller account that is free. You can access the TPT membership, you can sell and sell your products andCan display data and reporting for your products. The Premium seller account is a great option for teachers who already want to make money for TPT and want to spend fewer fees for each transaction.

Step 2: Create your basic seller account

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You have to enter your name, your e -mail address, create a username and password that select the grade and your location you teach.

Step 3: Enter your personal data

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On this screen you will be asked to "register" to go to your new back officeYou your teacher name.

Step 4: Fill out your profile

Teachers pay teachers: a guide to start (4)

Now it is time to choose the name of your teacher business. Take your time and really think through. Select a name you like and stay with your name, the name of your blog or any nameBeing that you like. The creation of content for TPT is a great way to advertise your blog when you have one. Creating your is not as difficult as it sounds. I have described a few tips and tricks here:https://www.virtualfreelanceguide.com/creating-a-blog-portfolio/.

If you have a blog or YouTube channel in which you want to include the shop, it would be advisable to name it.In this way you can use your current branding and connect it seamlessly with your current audience.

Teachers pay teachers: a guide to start (5)

As you call your business, the URL with which the products you have for sale will be used. You can refer to the red circle in the graphic above. I called my business "My Sample Store" and my new URLthat I was able to share is "www.teacherspayteachers.com/store/My-sample-store". the reason why it is so important to choose a name you like to stay in the long term is that that isChange your name the link changes.

Next you have to add a personal offer. I recommend searching TPT to see what other sellers do but be original.

The third article that decides is the order in which your products are displayed on your shop. Teachers pay teachers to select what first appears., you may want to list them first because you have great reviews. As a new shopkeeper who is just starting, this may not be the best option. The other options are: youngest, rating, price or alphabetical.Make, especially at the beginning. Select the one that works best for you.

Everything revolves around them in the last areas. Depending on the background, skills, experiences, etc., teaching lessons vary.The selection is as follows:

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K12 subject areas for TPT


Art history, cooking, dance, drama, graphics, instrumental music, music, music composition, visual art, vocal music, others (art), others (music)

English -language art

Balanced literacy, tight reading, creative writing, EFL- Esleld, ELA test preparation, grammar, information text, literature, phonics, poems, reading, reading strategies, short stories, spelling, vocabulary, writing, writing essays, writing, expository, writing, expository, Writing, expository, letters (Ela)


Autumn, back to school, month of black history, Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanza, Day of Earth, Easter, end of the year, Halloween, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents' Day, Spring, St. Patrick's Day, Sommer, Thanksgiving, The NewYear, Valentine's Day, Winter, Women's History Month


Algebra, algebra 2, applied mathematics, arithmetic, basic operations, calculation, decimalities, fractures, geometry, graphic, math test, measurement, mental mathematics, numbers, order of operations, space, statistics, trigonometry, word problems, other (other athematics)


Aanatomy, archeology, astronomy, basic principles, biology, chemistry, geosciences, engineering, environment, environment, forensics, general science, physics, others (science)

Social sciences

African history, ancient history, Asian studies, Australian history, British history, Canadian history, citizenship, criminal justice - law, economy, elections - coordination, European history, geography, government, medieval, American indigenous, psychology, US history, world history,Other (social studies)

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Career and technical training, character training, childcare, classroom community, classroom management, coaching, computer science, critical thinking, early intervention, family consumer science, for administrators, for all subjects, gifted and talented, handwriting, health, teaching technology, international bitcala courses, library skills, life skills, Occupational therapy, oral communication, physical education, physiotherapy, problem solving, products for TPT sellers, professional development, religion, robotics, school advice, school psychology, special education, speech therapy, speech therapy, student Council, study skills, test preparation, instruments for common core, vocational training, others(Specialty)

World language

American sign language, Arabic, Chinese, En Francais, Gaeilge, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, others)

For all subject areas

For educators who are not K-12 teachers, choose either a university discipline or adult education that is suitable for their skills., Homeschooler etc..

Finally, the remaining information is with you to decide how much (if available) you add to your business profile.

Teachers pay teachers: a guide to start (6)

Step 5: Charge your store photo high

Before you save on your profile and start uploading your first product, you have to upload your teacher teacher -store photo. This can be a photo of you, your logo or anything that is relevant for your teacher business. A wonderful freeTool with which you can create your logo is canva. Just go towww.canva.comAnd choose a free account. You will see the option to create a logo. This completely free program is also a great tool for a blog if you want to create for one.Create e -mail marketing campaigns etc.

Step 6: Create your first product

There are many ways to create content for your teachers for teacher teachers.Simply save the file as a secure PDF or create it with the tools I just mentioned.

A few things you should consider when designing your products ...

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Font is not only important, but also essential. If you have a good -looking font, sell your products for you. Before using graphics or fonts, make sure you use those for commercial useThis is the key expression you are looking for. If you are not allowed to use for commercial use, you can have a big problem in the street.

There are not too many guides to help you create content. A really great (and free) guide comes from Erica Bohrer from ericasadventures.com.Wonderful tips that you can share in your blog.

If you ask yourself what kind of money someone can earn from a 3 -dollar -printable product, the answer is a lot! Erica said: "With the additional money I earn with TPT, I am not together to hold up for mineBuying classrooms. I have the best classroom library. Dander teachers come to me to borrow books! I love that I can also help you. ”A few months ago, the Plymouth Rock Teachers Lounge made an article about great summer jobs for teachers.Perhaps you remember that we have listed TPT as one of the options. The amount of money you can earn is pretty ridiculous. The top seller has earned over $ 2 million, while almost 200 teachers have earned over $ 50,000. (Read the full article here:https://plymouthrockteachers.com/upgrade-your-summer-job-9-ideas-teachers-should-consider/).

Tips for creating your content for teachers pay teachers

  • Only use fonts and graphics that may be used for commercial use.
  • Enter credit where credit is due to all of your products - list fonts, graphic sources, etc.
  • Your products should all contain a cover page, disclaimer, sources/loan and then the actual printable.
  • Create products that you would use in your own classroom.
  • Be original and do not try to copy another TPT seller.
  • Blogging is a great way to bring more traffic to your teacher business.
  • Save your product as a secure PDF so that it cannot be manipulated or changed.

The biggest question that you may now ask is how the sellers get these cartoon characters for their products in all over the world? No, they are not surprising in InDesign (although some may be).on which you get really great comic -like graphics that you can use. The first one is the TPT -BackOffice. After you have created your account, you have access to fonts and graphics on the TPT platform.are completely freely used.

A second option is also at TPT, but is not free. You can acquire graphics from other sellers. It is a good way to support your with teachers and get amazing graphics that you can use again and again.Business near other sellers created what is always an option for you if you are really creative and good to manufacture graphics.

Pricing your products

Teachers pay teachers: a guide to start (7)

If you choose a price for your product, you have to research your competition.However, the price of your product, however, remember that you also have to pay a seller fee for each transaction. Look at the screenshot above to see what these fees are.

Should I start a business and get one?

As a seller for teachers, they pay teachers, they are not an employee. At the end of the year, TPT sends you a 1099 for all income on the platform. Depending on how much money you earn, it is not necessary to organize like an LLC or aTo do companies. You can always do this, but you can submit all your income and tax depreciation as the sole holder.Can do this without any problems by on the IRS.-Gov website is free and you can get one immediately.

Speaking of taxes, make sure that you keep good records for everything you buy for your seller account, teacher business, blog, etc.

TPT seller tax depreciation

(Video) 5 Steps to START A TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS STORE in 2022 (for absolute beginners!)

  • Your home internet
  • Blog fees -Hosting and URL (domain name)
  • Graphics and fonts
  • Computer
  • Drucker
  • Paid version of TPT if you use it to use it
  • Part of your house when you have a home office

Teachers are among the hardest working people on the planet. They spend so much time to create mathematical worksheets, vacation prints and Word search for their students.Teacher payment instructors. Use this simple way to make money for the work already done. If you create your business, you can get reviews and reviews to offer one or two free products that can download people.so you can remove these free items whenever you choose.

Jenna GarvinHas over 12 years of experience as a freelance writer, blogger and virtual assistant. They earn their livelihood from home and even created a website to train others who want to do the same.Virtual Freelance Guidewas created to share your knowledge of these three major career opportunities with others.


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