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There is no shortage of weight loss brands that cover all facets that can contribute to weight loss. Often you will find that the marketing seems almost identical. There are claims of fat loss being achieved through less appetite and a higher metabolism. The ingredients are designed to meet all the necessary aspects to help you achieve weight loss at a level better than all others.

It can be very disheartening when you see the exact same appeals and then it's difficult to know where to start. Are the opinions expressed actually real or fabricated? Is the supposed weight loss guaranteed and if so, how likely is it that the company will actually give you money back if there is a problem?

Well, a full examination of the possibilities that arise from thisPrime Driveare all described in detail here.

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Measured to offer you the best and to help you make your own informed decision based on all the details presented.

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What is it?

An exotic blend of South American ingredients is said to comprise this weight loss product. Of course, the idea behind this is to provide energy, fat loss and a higher metabolism with a few fruity weight loss powders. Orange Lime, Strawberry Lemon, and Cherry Pomegranate are the flavors on offer here. The clinically tested ingredients were apparently examined and the results were positive. The weight loss showed up in some interesting losses. Apparently 11.44 pounds were lost in 45 days compared to the placebo group who lost just 0.66 pounds. Of course, it is not clear what the exact measurements were in the study. The results were not released, but apparently the company claims those results were released. They just failed to provide them for easy viewing. It is also not known which ingredients were tested.

In fact, the information presented above is the only information provided by the company. The website does have a section for written reviews and an ingredient listing, but they don't add much to how they measure weight loss.

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This is unfortunate because if what they claim is true then there are some positives that have been proven. Still, a thorough review is required to meet the requirements, whether or notPrime Driveis worth the entrance fee.

Who does it?

The company behind itPrime Drivemanufactures numerous nutritional supplements from weight loss products, products for high school teenagers, vitamins, sleep aids, digestive aids and several other products. They have been in operation since 2004 and are based in the state of Nebraska.

They detail what they believe in their About Us section. It is mentioned that dietary supplements alone are not the main cause of change. Apparently, they acknowledge that their supplements are meant to be taken alongside diet and exercise routines with plenty of hydration and plenty of rest to see real gains.

Another company has filed a patent infringement lawsuit and the full details of the case have not yet been released.

Does Prime Drive work?

As for providing its own evidence, the company has also failed to provide any details about the alleged studies.

As far as online reviews go, there wasn't enough customer feedback to really judge the product. This poses a bit of a problem as the product is not brand new and should therefore appear to be analysis left by real customers. This is not a good sign as a quality product will at least make a splash.

EDITOR'S TIP:CheckOur list of approved diet pillsto make the right purchase decision!

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Results are available when you take the right supplements.

Ingredients and dosage of Prime Drive

The first thing to know about it is that the manufacturers recommend not taking it too close to bedtime as it could interfere with sleep. 4 hours before bed is the recommended limit due to caffeine.

Green tea, caffeine and guarana have a stimulating effect. Both guarana and green tea contain antioxidants, but their caffeine levels should be evaluated if they are too stimulating to the body.

Other ingredients include Citrus Aurantium and Theobromine, both of which are stimulants. Citrus aurantium, or bitter orange, is said to work with caffeine to cause fat loss, but the heart effects are thought to be too great for most people to handle.

Polydextrose and inulin are both forms of fiber that are considered cheap, meaning they're easy to make and often added to processed foods.

CLA has been shown to potentially increase energy in the body, while damiana leaf is said to lead to reduced fatigue. However, the results on damiana are preliminary and there is not enough evidence to show if it can really do what some claim.

Here is one of the three illustrated flavors on displayPrime Drive:

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Are there any possible side effects?

In any case, there are some potential things to avoid. First, there's a stimulant cocktail with guarana, green tea leaf, caffeine, citrus aurantium, theobromine, and yerba mate. The idea behind this is to increase metabolism, but it has been shown to potentially increase heart rate and blood pressure. The heart rate issue should not be taken lightly as it has been linked to possible hospitalization for some people. Even those accustomed to stimulants are not considered the safest combination to put into the body.

Citrus aurantium and caffeine alone, for example, have shown potential side effects that have caused people to really go insane. Therefore, extreme caution is required when supplementing food.

Other potential effects can include anxiety, restlessness, insomnia (which manufacturers should be aware of), sweating, rapid heartbeat, and mood swings.

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Until more information is available on the customer reviews, it is impossible to determine the full extent of the issues at hand.

It is possible to avoid unwanted side effects while maintaining desired fat loss.


There are some interesting properties behind this product that make it very unique. First off, they promise such great fat loss that interest has been piqued. First, they claim that people lost about 11 pounds in just 45 days. However, there is no support for this at all. The company makes this claim and offers no way to indicate how it came about. So there is no doubt that if they published these results, people would flock. If it has been shown, why shouldn't the company actually release the information to show how it works? Well, similar to the other results, it appears to be because it's just not as good as they claim.

A look at the ingredients used provides the real proof. Essentially, it's a cocktail of stimulants of various kinds, which some consider to be safest when used in combination. Now, with all of these stimulants coming together, another risk factor arises that needs to be taken seriously. In fact, some of the combinations found here have been shown to potentially result in hospitalization for an extreme heart rate. So putting so much emphasis on providing all these stimulants is not to be taken lightly, it is potentially dangerous.

Since there are not enough customer reviews, the quality of the product is also taken into account. Usually, a product that makes so many claims is backed up by customer support. This product doesn't have an online presence and there isn't much out there about the way they do business. Finding out if they are legit or not is an important question to answer as it raises too many doubts in its current form.

Until more is announced, there is no really good reason as to how this product will perform well. There is too much speculation about the quality and effectiveness.

Quality products are available without having to try various potentially harmful products.

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  • Ingredients: 9.2/10
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  • Consumer rating: 9.0/10
  • Ingredients: 9.1/10
  • Blocks Hunger: 9.4/10
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