Lyrics of Stiff Little Fingers (2023)



Combustible material is planted in my head
It's a suspicious device that left 2000 dead
Your solutions are our problems
They raised the wall
On each side time and reason us
And make sure we all fuck
They play their power games
You mark and cut the pack
They treat us to the bottom
But what are they putting away?

Don't believe them
Don't believe them
Don't get bitten twice
you have to get out sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet
Sweet suspicious device

They take away our freedom
In the name of freedom
Why don't they all leave?
Why don't they leave us alone
They make us feel guilty
That you saved us from hell
And then they did it to us
It's about time the bastards fell


Don't believe them
Don't believe them
Question everything you are told
Just look around
At the bitterness and malice
Why can't we take over and try to fix it


We're a suspect device if we do as we're told
But a suspicious device can score an own goal
I'm a suspicious device that the army can't defuse
They're a suspicious device they know they can't refuse
We're going to blow them up


you are looking for something
But what could it be?
You are looking for a hero
Do not look at me
You are looking for solutions
But there aren't any that you can find
you believe in something
That's just in your head
you look around
But hate has blinded you
And you've spent the last ten years of your life doing it
In this emergency

So please don't just sit there
Let's try to break out
From all the hate
suspicion and doubt
try to change your life
This isn't life at all
Try to tear down the imaginary wall
And if you don't feel like it
Well then, my friend, you will fall
And spend the rest of your life with it
In this emergency

WE ARE NOWHERE (fingers)

Friday night is here, what's the scene?
Nothing to do, you know what I mean?
Nothing on TV, there is no late night show
No shows in town, there is no place to go
Here we are nowhere, nowhere to go anymore

Is it a crime to be young?
Because we always have fun
They beat us up and tell us we're wrong
Every time they sing the same old song
We're nowhere here, maybe that's where we belong

You know it's not, but what do we do?
Don't look at me now, I'm looking at you
And sitting there won't change anything
We'll just have to wait and see what the future brings

WASTED LIFE (fingers)

I could be a soldier
Get out there and fight to save this country
Be a folk soldier
Paramilitary weapon in hand
I will not become a soldier
I will not take orders from anyone
Fill up their damn armies
Killing isn't my idea of ​​fun

You wanna waste my life
You want to waste my time
You wanna waste my life
And they stole it

I could be a hero
Live and die for their "important" cause
A united nation
Or an independent state with laws
And rules and regulations
It only causes riots and wars
I have now
All thanks to the freedom-seeking hordes


I will not be admitted
They said if I don't do it, I just can't win
I've heard this story many times
And every time I threw it out the door

Nevertheless, they come to me
With a different name but the same old face
I see the connection
In a different time and place
They are neither blond nor blue-eyed
But they think they are the master race
They are nothing but blind fascists
Raised to hate and wasted lives

(chorus: repeat)

NO MORE OF THEM (fingers)

They never ask us if we want a war
Who do you think you are speaking for?
Because we never have anything to say
You must have everything

Oh, we don't want any more of that
You can't shove us under the mat
Oh, we don't want any more of that

It's not the man's fault who pulls the trigger
He's just playing their deadly game
And he knows he just can't win
Or someone else will pull the trigger


I met you in no man's land
We held hands over the wire
Hearts bubble in the rubble
It was love at the bomb site

All you give me is barbed wire love
All caught in barbed wire love
Entangled in barbed wire love
Throw my leg over barbed wire, love
Barbed wire love hooks my jeans
barbed wire love

When I fell it was terribly beautiful
Caught if you don't suspect a vice
The night was full of wasteland life
You set my arm on fire


Blown up by your booby traps
I felt the blow in both kneecaps
Your eyes have shone
Your lips were fine
And the device in your pants was out of sight


BREAKOUT (Finger/Ogilvie)

I don't have any money, but I don't care
Because when I get it, I'll spend it as soon as possible
Have no worries, at least none that I can see
I need to connect fast then I'm free
I have to

Break out and leave this life behind
Break out and see what I can find
Might lose, I'll try my luck
Could win doesn't really give a fuck

And I have to try, because I have to know
Whether I'm the winner or the star of the show
Can't stand the routine for another day
Rules and regulations that stand in my way
I have to


And I won't let anyone get me down
I will be nobody's clown
I won't take their promises, no
This time I'll try on my terms

So if I can do it, so can you
Why don't you try, you've got nothing to lose
A boring job living from day to day
Try something else to get yourself loose

LAW AND ORDER (Fingers/Ogilvie)

All are down in the center of town
We're not doing anything wrong, we're just hanging around
They put you against the wall
Joke loudly just to make you feel small
Laugh at the way you look and the clothes you wear
Call that justice just ain't fair

Talking about their law and order
They don't do what they should
law and order
There's no justice in it, none!

I had a friend who was abolished by law
Lifted and shifted and dumped on the ground
They treated him like shit
Kicked him in the head then laughed as he bled
Spit in his face and pulled his hair
Call that justice just ain't fair


I'm not trying to say we're always right
Nobody says it's black and white
I'm just saying we don't agree
I don't think like you, not like me
I hope you never do

And so they try to rule this country
How they hold you and hold you in their hands
You're just a pawn in their game
Just another number, you have no name
Just a little punk, you know, they don't care
Call that justice just ain't fair.


ROUGH TRADE (Finger/Ogilvie)

The record boss said we'd be a hit
Yes, go straight to Number One
He spoke of hits and tours and a lot of money
And all the time it wasn't on
And I believed that every word was true
Yes, I swallowed every line
I believed every word he said
And I didn't find out in time

We've been betrayed, betrayed, betrayed
Betrayed, betrayed by gross commercial lies

We quit our jobs and got ready to fly
Your promises got us high
but it's a dirty, rough, hard business, we find
"Yes, we agreed, but you hadn't signed
I'm sorry son, I have to throw you
Our lawyers say we don't even know you."
Music is money, kids are idiots without a bill
You trade with us, we are cheated by you


And you're sitting in your London office
Cozy and warm
And you think you've won after all
Remember this is only round one
We'll do it our way
We'll make it on our own
Because we found people we can trust
People who put music first


Why can't you tell us the truth?
why did you lie to us

Johnny war (Marley)

Woman holds her head and cries
For her son had been shot down in the street and died
From a stray bullet

Woman holds her head and cries
She was accompanied by a passer-by
Who saw the woman cry?

I wonder if she can make it
Now she knows that the wages of sin is death
God's gift is life

Oh oh oh oh
Johnny was a good man
Oh me

Woman holds her head and cries
For her son had been shot down in the street and died
Just because of the system

Woman holds her head and cries
I passed her comforting her
And I saw the woman cry

She cried, oh oh oh oh
Johnny was a good man
Never did anything wrong

take it down

Johnny went out on a Saturday night
Never hurt anyone, never started a bar fight
Johnny has done no harm to anyone
Never hurt anyone, never hurt anyone
Johnny was a good man
Johnny, Johnny, Johnny...

Johnny was a good man
(To repeat)

In the middle of the night in an attic apartment
There's a man with a gun and Johnny in his eyes
I said, oh no, this can't happen here anymore
Oh no
Johnny, Johnny, Johnny...

A single shot rings out on a night in Belfast and I said oh
Johnny was a good man

Can tenderly care for a woman
Stop the kid she's carrying

Johnny (repeat)


Not for us in Belfast
The pound is so old it's a shame
OK, there's the trident in Bangor
Then walk back into town
We don't have anything, but they don't really care
You don't even know that you know
Just want our money
And we can take it or leave it
what we need is

An alternative Ulster
Grab it and change it, it's yours
Get an alternative Ulster
Ignore the bores and their laws
Get an alternative Ulster
Be an anti-security force
Change your native Ulster
Change your home country

look where you live
You have the army on your street
And the RUC hound of oppression
Barks at your feet
Is this the kind of place you want to live in?
do you wanna be here
Is this the only life we'll have?
what we need is


They say they have you under control
But that's not true, you know
They say they are part of you
And that's a lie, you know
They say you never will be
Free free free

Get an alternative Ulster, alternative Ulster, alternative Ulster

Closed Groove (Fingers/Ogilvie)

Punctuality is a waste of time
Now, nostalgia has passed its prime
History belongs to the past
Being first just can't last

Beep beep I'm an answering machine
What I mean to say is that I say what I mean
Beep beep I have very strong views
Attach any ribbon of your choice

My only fault is modesty
I change my views all the time
Amnesia is a thing I'm trying to forget
Who can't kick the gamble? bets?


The arguments for racism are black and white
If you want world peace, you have to fight
Gotta do what you're told to be free
Think what you like if you agree with me


Speak when you hear this sound (X6)
Scream when you hear this sound (X12)

STRAW DOGS (Finger/Ogilvie)

All things are relative with cousins ​​everywhere
Hard-nosed, blue-eyed boys, intelligent and fair
You have to stand up for your friends and relatives
Hold the line to save our skin
Pound for pound we take the shilling
It takes a man to kill
Action men have to be real
Fight for freedom, but not in vain


Bark and bite, might is right
We are the dogs of war
Bark and bite, might is right
If the price is right... Straw dogs

So let's go far to the new frontier
It's in the blood to defend those close to you
Action men have to be real
Fight for freedom, but not in vain


A man must do what he must do
To prove what life is all about
Admit it, you must admire our courage
If they just hang out


Straw dogs bark and bite
Straw dogs, might is right
Dogs of straw, bite and hate
Dogs of straw, split and rape
Dogs made of straw, hollow and blind
Straw dogs crunch and grind
Dogs of straw, pulp and mutilation
Straw dogs, money and fame
Straw dogs cut and kill
Straw dogs, guts for sale


Oh Flip, oh Gott, oh Gott
We really shocked the local rock disc jock
Oh crumb, oh boy, oh sugar me
The poor guy almost jumped right off his block
We just told him what we liked and didn't like
And then we used that word and he jumped on the mic

You can't say that on the radio
You can't say that on the radio
Yes, we all do, but you can't relate to it
You can't say that on the radio

Oh Flip, oh Gott, oh Gott
We said the word and got our knuckles rapped
But if he didn't want to know
Why was he asking our opinion on all this crap?
Oh, now we've done it and we really got it wrong
Not even Uncle John will be able to play this song

Because you can't say crap on the radio
You can't say crap on the radio
We all do, but you can't relate to it
You can't say crap on the radio

Of course we teach freedom of speech
But say what we say, not what we preach
We know your kind, you little gutter
Don't tell us about that shit

Oh Flip, oh Gott, oh Gott
But now we know how we touched a sore point
Oh crumb, oh boy, oh sugar me
It's clear to see what bothered him and made him hot
We thought it was just something you said
But then we realized it was all he played

Because he can play crap on the radio
You can play crap on the radio
Be careful what you say
And you can play shit all day
You can play crap on the radio



I have to go, I have to go

You know there ain't no street like home
To make you feel so alone
Lots of people telling you what to do
But they don't speak the same language as you

They want me here
Have me and hold me close
Hold me tight and tie me down
But the cars all flash me
Bright lights pass me by
I can feel life passing me by

The excitement is buzzing in my head
My father fought and my mother begged
It's not her words that don't tug at me
But I have to stretch them, break them, free myself


I have to go, I have to go
i leave my home


When we started we thought we were great
Although no one else agreed
Just you and me wasting our time
Playing and singing out of pitch
And they said we played too loud
Because we didn't play for their audience
We just told them 'wait and see'

We had no money, but we went on anyway
I'm trying to get some gear
A smashed cymbal and an old snare drum
Our financial position was clear
And they said we should give up
They said we had no hope
And we still told them 'wait and see'

We've worked harder and gotten better in every way
Got some other friends involved
Pretty soon we found that we knew how to play
We had all our problems solved
But I swear to this day
I could see you drifting away
But I said to myself 'wait and see'

Then came the day you said goodbye
We tried to smile but ended up crying
You knew you would be missed
And we wished you all the best
But still, we wish you'd stay

Until then, you were a part of everything
And everything that could have been
And now that everything has become what it is
If you had waited you would have seen it
But you gave yourself the sack
There is no way back
Now your whole future is wait and see

You're not good enough, you're not good enough
You're not good enough to be a dance band
They told us
But we're not giving up, we're not giving up
we will not give up
We'll show you


Give me a land that's red, white and blue
Give me the British way, honest and true
Give me a chance to be one of the few
Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme

Give me a nation where people are free
Free to do and be free
Free to fuck you before you fuck me
Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme

'Cause I'm fine, I'm fine
Union Jack, fly the flag

Give me a Britain that gets the greats back
a race of winners unconstrained by the state
And only the helpless remain at the gate
Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme



Back when I was younger, they talked to me
I never listened to a word I said
Always barking, barking and complaining about me
Made me think I'd be better off dead
I do not want to talk about it
I don't want to hear a lip
Take your share, don't shout about it
That's your lot, remember, you're a kid

You always taught me that swearing is a sin
Always speak your mind, but not out loud
Think of something you want to do with your life
Nothing you like is not allowed
I don't have time to talk about this
All your stupid hopes and dreams
Get your feet back on the ground, son
It's trials that count, not football teams

And I walk on the edge of her world
They're criticizing something they just can't understand
living on the outskirts of their city
And I won't get shot down

Taught me to defend myself and be a man
How to kick someone and run away
Gave me everything a young man needs
But don't understand why I don't stay
Here's your room, and here's your papers
This is your home and this is where you stay
Here's a place I don't believe in
Wish someone would take it all away


NIEMANDES HELD (Fingers/Ogilvie)

I think it's time we talked about it
I think you've taken this too far
I never wanted to be different
Didn't ask to be nobody's star
Try to take control of it
Because what you see is what you get
Try to take control of it and not me

You say there's talk of revolution - so what's new?
You say there's a fight in the air
You think I have the solutions
But do you really think that's fair?
Try to take control of it
Because what you see is what you get
Try to take control of it and not me

I don't want to be anyone's hero
I don't want to be anyone's star
I don't want to be anyone's hero
Get up, be what you are

You think it's time to take over me
Doing what you can't do yourself
But don't let heroes get your kicks for you
It's up to you and nobody else
Try to take control of it
Because what you see is what you get
Try to take control of it and you will see


You think you're nobody and I'm having all the fun
But no one is a nobody, everyone is someone

Be the way you are

DON'T MAKE EVERYTHING RIGHT ( B. Goldberg / J. Dammers )
Just because you're nobody
That doesn't mean you're not good
Just because there's a reason
It doesn't mean it's understood


It doesn't do everything right
It doesn't do everything right
That's the worst excuse in the world
And it doesn't do everything right

Some people think they're really smart
Banging your head against a wall
Then they say, "You got it my way"
They really think they know everything


Just because you're a black boy
Just because you're white
That doesn't mean you have to hate him
That doesn't mean you have to fight


It doesn't do everything
It doesn't do everything
It doesn't do everything right

I DON'T LIKE YOU (Finger/Ogilvie)
If I thought you could find a way
I would tell you go away
But why ask you to pay attention
When your brain can't take the cost?
Look at yourself and the state you are in
Next to you even a brick is thin

You should separate yourself from the human race
You're a waste of a name
Waste of time and waste of space
You have only one claim to fame
I do not like you

When a thought came to you
It would die of loneliness
They rate absolutely zero
Nothing more and nothing less
Look at you, oh what a state
Next to you, short boards are underweight


Annoyed annoyed, no I'm not paranoid
Because that would mean that I would have to take care of it
And I couldn't get angry

You have no ideas
You just bore them
You couldn't find your feet
If you were looking for them
I find it difficult to look at you
Beside you is nowhere to be


NO CHANGE (Finger/Ogilvie)
Why are you talking like that?
It's not what you used to say
Can't you see things my way?
i feel so strange

I'm still the friend you knew
Are you sure you know it's true?
Why can't I get through it
That there is no change

One day everything was so right
But all that changed overnight
And now it seems we're just fighting
Why should it be different now?
I try to talk but you just row
It seems to be the way you want it anyway

Why can't you just see
It's you that changed, not me?
These thoughts are in your head
You are not real

But you still talk like that
That's all you'll ever say
You'll never see things my way
i feel so strange

I'm still the friend you knew
Though you can't see it's true
Why don't you make it through
That there is no change

TIN SOLDIER (Finger/Ogilvie)
He joined to get a job and show he wasn't scared
Swapped scout hat for army hat, thought he was prepared
At the age of 17 he had to make a decision
At 21, he's in Catch 22

He only joined for three years, it seemed like a small amount
But they didn't tell him that the first two didn't count
At the age of 17 how should he know
That he still has one ahead of him at 21?

Tin soldier, he signed his name
Tin soldier, no chance of money or fame
Tin soldier, now he knows the truth
Tin soldier, he signed his youth

He joined because Dad knew best that he would please his son
And now he hates and counts the dates that mark the time at number one
At 17, he did as he was told
Now at the age of 21, tin still doesn't turn into gold


When you adapt too early at 17
Then at 21 you're still marching to their tune

Tin soldier, you signed your name
Tin soldier, no chance of money or fame
Tin soldier, you never see the truth
Tin soldier, you write off your youth
Tin soldier, go and stand in line
Tin soldier, do what they want
Tin soldier, they're taking your name away
Tin soldier, they all treat you the same
Sign your life

HEAR (Finger/Ogilvie)

It seems so simple in the light of day
And when we're there, it always feels good
But then again
I'm so alone when I'm alone
And can I ever count on someone else?
And then you say


Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
why don't you listen to your heart
listen to your heart

That's what keeps me up at night
It's getting so I can't sleep without the light
And then again
I wonder what I'm really asking
'Cause where we'd be I never felt so safe
And that's what you say


Oh, it's not as bad as it seems
Oh, it's not as crazy as my dreams
As my dreams

OK, I know I can do it
I have no doubts here as I speak to you
But then again

chorus twice

You have to understand

ROOTS, RADICALS, ROCKERS AND REGGAE (B.O'Riley, Arr. Fingers) You roots, you radicals, you rock to reggae
You roots, you radicals, you dub the reggae
you roots, you radicals, you skank to reggae, you roots

May there be peace in the east, peace in the west
You roots, you radicals and everyone else
I said peace in the north, peace in the south
Peace in the ghettos around
We are all one and one in everything
So throw away the guns and the war is over
Throw away hunger and the war is over
Throw away the fights and the war is over
Throw away the grudge and the war is over.

Come on you roots, you radicals, you rock to reggae
You roots, you radicals, you dub the reggae
You roots, you radicals, you skank to reggae, you roots

Love and respect you and protect your little sister
And the same will come back to you, my friend
I said don't fight a color class or a creed
Because discrimination breeds violence
I said we are all one and further in everything
So throw away the guns and the war is over
Throw away hunger and the war is over
Throw away the fights and the war is over
Throw away the grudge and the war is over

Come on you roots, you radicals, you rock to reggae
You roots, you radicals, you dub the reggae
You roots, you radials, you skank to reggae, you roots
come on now

Comfort the afflicted and keep them from harm
Let the old age be protected and the children be strong

You have to go past the bowl and let the food go around
Because that's the only way to trample crime
Equal rights and justice for all
Because freedom is the only way to create freedom
Don't fight a color class or a creed
Because discrimination breeds violence
We are all one and one in everything
So throw away the guns and the war is over
Throw away hunger and the war is over
Throw away the fights and the war is over
Throw away the guns and the war is over
Throw away hunger and the war is over
Throw away the fights and the war is over
Throw away the grudge and the war is over

JUST FADE (Finger/Ogilvie) She asks more and I give less
Why can't she see it's obvious
I mean no, but she takes yes
I make it clear, but she doesn't guess.

She comes over, it brings me down
But she doesn't understand a hint I drop
She shows up, it turns me off
And she doesn't know when to stop.

What should I do?
How to deliver the message gently?
How does the message get through?
Maybe I should just disappear.

She asked me out and I acquiesced
Then she gave up and I felt mean
I really don't want any more of us
So I'm staying at home, she comes over.

She comes over, I reject her
But she bounces back
She arrives, I turn her off
But she doesn't understand what is really clear.

What should I do?
I have to get the message through
I have to make her see the truth
I wish she would just disappear.

Do you want to know if I love you?
The answer is no, is that direct enough for you?

She asked for it, I flatly told her
That I don't want that anymore
I really had you this far
And I don't even like you around.

If you come by, I won't be there
I can't bear to see your face
When we meet, count me out
Why don't you just disappear?


When love isn't love
When love isn't love
When love isn't love

THE ONLY ONE (Finger/Ogilvie)
It makes you so angry, you rage and rage again
But you can't spit it out, it's bottled up in your brain
You feel it in the dark, the anger inside you grows
And you know you're a stranger in the room below

There are no words to say what you mean
But if you feel like it's real, it's real, it's real

It makes you so angry, why can't they see red?
Can't anyone else imagine what can't be said?
You try to put it behind you, but that gets you nowhere
You wouldn't have to worry about it if you didn't care

And as for the rest, they think you're in a mess
And say they know best
But you know better, you keep your temper
It proves you're still alive

It makes you so angry, an anger all your own
It makes you so lonely, but you're not alone
Because I still feel that way, and so does he and she
And it's enough for us to know that it's enough to know.


what you feel is real
You are not the only one.

HITS AND MISSES (Finger/Ogilvie)
Look at every man you meet
It can be on any road
The woman is waiting for the next attack
Bold black headlines in the dark
Show how the man can make a name for himself
The woman learned it from her father
How he can be like Jack the lad

I do hits and misses, you will
Love and kiss you in hell.

Look him in every face
The woman sees and takes her place
He tears her heart apart until death do them part
She sees his power everywhere
See Michael Caine take a shower
See yourself in house pride
Gatefold Miss World Page, Drei Miss X


I'm not talking about a psycho killer
Sonny, this isn't one of them
It could be you, it could be me
It's someone we all know

See him walking down some street
The woman is afraid and hears his feet
If his team loses, she will be beaten
Neighbors shrug their shoulders and go on chatting
Just a man on the beat
Then he gets his legal way, another Saturday


PICK UP A BAT (Finger/Ogilvie)
I sit and make no sound
As I watch the speakers pound
And Mum yells to turn it down
'Cause I'm waking up half the town
But I don't hear a word being said
As the needles hit red, I'm straight

Crack a racquet
Crack a racquet

I don't smoke and I don't drink
But I want the max lights to blink
They say they can't sleep
But I don't want to hear myself think
Life is no fun and life is boring
Unless you turn the knobs all the way up, I like it

Crack a racquet
Crack a racquet

I know a shop that sells
Everything you need for decibels
As long as what they have is not quiet
Spend every penny trying to buy it
I like electric toys
I like to make noise, I love it

Crack a racquet
Crack a racquet

It doesn't matter what mom doesn't allow
Will play it my way anyway
Bashy tunes speak volumes
Gimme a row, gimme a row, gimme a row
Louder louder louder louder

Crack a racquet
Crack a racquet

Here I stand and in my hand
This guitar really is the man
As long as I can blam blam
It doesn't matter if you can't hear the band
No matter what who else is doing
Crank it up and feel the hum, hear me

Crack a racquet
Crack a racquet
attack attack attack
It's a racquet racquet racquet
Crack a racquet

SAFE AS HOUSES (Fingers/Ogilvie)
She makes a home and she stays mom
About the things she might have done
She keeps her eyes on the ground to create her own life
Make up her face and not her mind to be a wife

There was a time gone then
Maybe she'd think about it again
But then through dolls and schoolyard games, like Ma before her
She learned that girls play the family walk, look no more

She's just playing, playing it safe
Playhouses, safe as houses

Here on this street when they were kids
He built his dreams with colored bricks
But the time has come for him to prove he's a man now
He gets a wife and moves three doors down

He plays, plays it safe
Playhouses, safe as houses

Because nobody was there to say it
It didn't have to be
You never get the best out of yourself
If you do what they expect of you

You've heard it all, how you're useless
You were born to fail, so follow your example
But if you feel and have a dream, don't you dare ignore it
Because you have to be, you have to try

Don't play it, play it safe
A plague on houses, safe as houses

SILVER LINING (Finger/Ogilvie)

They tell you not to worry, they say they're terribly sorry
But that's the way it has to be for people like you and me
Just be good and know your station
Always look on the positive side
Keep your faith and keep your patience
Your reward is after you die

So don't let anyone tell you anything, don't console yourself
Things are so bad you can never face it
And there's always someone better off than you

They tell you this is your future, it's all down to human nature
Just be content with what you have, that's destiny and that's your lot
We all can't come first, yes what you have is second best
But it could be a lot worse
Third world farmers get even less


Do you care that it's not fair?
Do we have to live like this?
I know it's important to me and I want an equal share
Even if it means I have to give

The people who are above
Say you should keep your chin up and
They're dying to show you, the unfortunate ones among you
But I want more of this stuff, that is, to turn it on its head
And the world has enough money for us to keep it that way

Don't let anyone tell you anything, don't let anyone console you
Don't let yourself be ruled and don't be fooled
Because things are so bad you can never face it
And there's always someone better off than you


Piccadilly Circus in bed at night
I'm just passing the time under the lights
Up in town and all alone
Has nothing to do so minds his own

The hotel room is lonely and cold
He might as well go for a walk
Difficult to look for in a hi-fi shop
Footsteps, a chuckle and a hard smack

And they didn't even see his face
See him flinch or hear him moan
They didn't even see his eyes
A nasty hit and they ran on

He put his fingers to his side
And felt his flesh open wide
He felt the crack left by the blow
For the hand that fell held a blade

And they didn't even see his face
See him stumble, hear his scream
They didn't even see his eyes
Only slammed in passing

What can it mean?
Who can imagine?
Did it mean anything to you?
What can such a mind do?

Although forty stitches helped him
Who can live life over his shoulder?
He tried to put it in his past
And flew home safely back to Belfast

And they didn't see his face
See him stagger, see him fall
They didn't even see his eyes
You never knew him

Never known, trying to kill him
Never known, trying to kill him


On cheap return to summer places
Awayday flock, all outside in the heat
Kicking black looks in sunshine faces
A race to vote with your feet
back to front

Fly off to find someone to play with
He's not like us, he has to be ready
Buckets and spades to brighten the day
It hurts so much it has to be fun

And it's Made in London Town
The fists are to the ankles
Because we're the guys with the noise and the clout."
And it's arguing backwards
Black on white and upside down
Infight, straight forward, uptight, downright, inside out
back to front

Fight on the beaches and streets of home
Greeting with outstretched hands
Standing on others with one's own feet
You have to prove you're a man


I look over my shoulder
On the way to the past
But I still have my eyes on the front
I don't go back to front

back to front
back to front
Back to front, upside down, inside out, wrong way around
Back to front, upside down, inside out, wrong way around
back to front

(C.S. Dodd/arr.Fingers)

hey i hear you calling
Herr Feuer Kohlenmann
come and do your work

You never see smoke without fire
What you reap, you must sow now
to repeat


The man who now lives off the gun
must now die by the gun
to repeat

(chorus twice)

The youth are now crying in the streets
Jacky is getting up off the floor now
to repeat

(chorus twice)


Someone falls tonight
As you look ahead, stand and scream for more
The room jumps hot and thrown aside
The empty cans sway across the floor
But on the side, the girl who shows herself in any crowd
And never seems to have enough
Being thrown around by sound waves and on loud music
When it suddenly becomes too much

Someone falls, someone falls
Because she can't take it anymore
someone falls down

She says her mother kicked her out
She has no name and no home to call
She hitchhikes and sleeps in
But she has nowhere else to go
So what else can you do but just pick them up
And watch her just walk away
If nobody cares enough, you know it's not enough
To get them back on their feet

Someone falls, someone falls
Is it me or you or who?
someone falls down

NOT TOLD (Finger/Ogilvie)

I don't know, but I'm not told
The streets of heaven are paved with gold

I'll stop looking over my shoulder to verify what's right
I'll stop thinking about it and start tonight
Do it fast or do it slow
Do it once, then let it be

I don't know, I don't know
I don't know, but I'm not told

You'll stop looking over my shoulder to see what I'm up to
OK, you're a little bit older. Okay, all right, so what
You did it like this, you did it like this
The difference is you think you know

I don't know, I don't know
I don't know, but I'm not told

I don't know and I'm not told
I'm not stopping
I don't buy and I won't be sold
I won't find out until I'm out of control

I'll stop being careful and sober, get out and get in
I'll start overdoing it and run away
You made it once, no matter how
Because that was then and that is now

I don't know, I don't know
I don't know, but I'm not told
I don't know and I hope I live before I grow old
I don't know, I don't know
I don't know and you can't tell me


Live on government funds
Water in the milk from a hole in the roof
Where the rain comes through
What can you do? you can't move

You got tears from your little sister
Crying because she has no dress without patches
Take away for the party
Aw, but you know she can handle it because she...

Living in the love of the common people
Smile through the heart of the family man
Poppa will buy you a dream to hold on to
Momma will love you as much as she can
And she can

It's good to think you don't have bus tickets
They would fall through a handle in your pocket and you would lose them
In the snow on the ground
You have to go to town to get a job

Try to keep warm
But the hole in your shoe lets the snow through
And freezes you to the bone
So you better go home where it's warm and you can


Living from dreams is not easy


So someone told you how to be a man
Just fuck her and let her
And score as many as you can
But always have someone close to your heart
And if you want to keep her, leave her in the dark
Because you love her, so you just can't tell her
But that's a lie and you know it very well

You have to pay the entrance fee
You have to pay the entrance fee
You have to pay the entrance fee
sometime in your life
Somewhere on the line

And now she's telling you that she's fucked others too
She didn't spend those nights waiting with you
But although she gave everything, she never gave her heart
And she wants to keep you so she can't keep it dark
Because she loves you, she has to open up wide
She lets you in close and blows away your pride

And you have to pay the entrance fee
You have to pay the entrance fee
You have to pay the entrance fee
This time in your life, and risk it

So someone showed you how to be a man...


Looking back, it's funny that we never lied
That evening we met when we were both alone
We knew right away that this was exactly the night we would want
Knew it couldn't be forever 'cause we each talked about one another
And then found something very unique

We both agreed that we felt the need that got under our skin
We said beforehand that's all we want and stuff
We took the love that felt and had to be so good
Just a case of touch and go

When we got that usual blockade out of the way
We both relaxed, sat back and felt so safe
Looked eye to eye and looked each other in the face
For hours we talked with warmth and laughter
And we could talk more after that
In the dark upstairs on the seventh floor


Some may joke that I've come and gone and giggle that she's a whore
But there are two people who know it meant a lot more

Looking back was not allowed this morning
We all stuck to what we said
rose and left with no regrets
But for a moment it was touch and go

We both agreed that we felt the need to touch and leave
but oh you know it was touch and go


They say our country stands on the rocks and Britain is the greatest
They say blacks get all the jobs, they say they're lazy
A nice girl won't let you have sex, enjoys it when you make her
The media is all twisting the facts, I read it in the newspaper

Lies near
You heard it, so it must be the truth
Fact or fiction, what's the difference, they say it is
But think again, repeat mistakes and it will never change
And you never get the truth if you never ask yourself
What do you know?

They say all cops are bastard thugs, they're all a bunch of racists
The Scots are mean, the Irish spongy, basically all men are rapists
Girls ask about it today, I never touched your mother
And the youngsters are all on drugs now, yeah, thanks, I'll take another one

Lies near
Mark my words, take a tip from someone who knows
You'll know more when you're older, they say
But come back, question it if you see it doesn't fit
And you never get the truth if you never ask yourself

So you ask me what the score is
All I can say is make up your own mind
I'd rather see the whole world die than have you or me believe a lie
What do I know?

When I was young we had a hard time, we used to have such great times
A man proud of what he had done, you should have seen the bread lines
To return to that golden age, there must be unemployment
But today's kids don't want to work, they just want to have fun

Lies near
It won't change because it's always been the same
People hate, people fight, they say it is so
Do you think the? Maybe you do, but it's up to you
And you never get the truth if you never ask yourself
What do you know?

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