Elden Ring: Top 10 Armor Sets With Unique Effects (2023)

When deciding between armor sets inElder Ring, the factor most players look for is how much damage they will protect you from. Advanced players will then consider how much balance a set offers, and then maybe its resistances if they plan to walk through a swamp.

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But stance, toughness, and mitigation aren't the only factors that can make an armor set valuable. There are a number of unique special effect sets that are worth carrying, even if they don't protect you as well as the heaviest sets in the game.


10/10Guardian Set (Full Bloom)

Elden Ring: Top 10 Armor Sets With Unique Effects (1)

There is nothing unique about the version of the Guardian Set that most players will encounter. However, there is a specific variant of the chest piece that only drops from the Guardian enemies that have the large flowers on their backs.

The Warden's Robe (Full Bloom) increases how much your Flask of Crimson Tears heals you at the cost of reduced resistance to fire damage. It's not as effective as the Crimson Seed Talisman for this purpose, but switching to this set when you need extra healing could be a useful trick.

9/10deathbed dress

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When it comes to sets with uncommon effects, the Deathbed Dress, although only a chest piece, is probably one of the first armor pieces that springs to mind. When worn, it heals nearby allies for 2 health per second. While this does absolutely nothing if you're going solo, it can heal other players if you engage in some fun co-op.

Additionally, it also heals your necromancy. If you rely on them to tank damage for you while staying away from danger, the Dress can provide a passive alternative to casting Heal Summons. Appropriately, the Deathbed Dress is in a bed next to Lionel's set in the same room as the Lower Capital Church Site of Grace in Leyndell, Royal Capital.

8/10Alberichs Sept

Elden Ring: Top 10 Armor Sets With Unique Effects (3)

Alberich's set is carried by Mad Tongue Alberich entering you on the roundtable hold. You won't get your hands on it until much later in the game when it can be found at the Fortified Manor in Leyndell, Royal Capital. Wearing the full set increases the Elden Ring's two Aberrant Sorceries - Briars of Punishment and Briars of Sin - by 20 percent.

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These hexes deal damage and bleed at the cost of your own health. Unfortunately, they're widely considered to be one of the weakest hexes in the game, reducing the effectiveness of Alberich's set. However, both Aberrant Sorceries got some pretty substantial buffs in a recent patch, so they - and the set - might be worth giving another go.

7/10Crucible Ax Set and Crucible Tree Set

Elden Ring: Top 10 Armor Sets With Unique Effects (4)
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While these two sets are visually different, they are virtually identical in most other respects. There are some slight differences in their stats, but which one you go with might depend more on which one you randomly choose. The Ax variant is dropped by Crucible Knight Ordovis at the end of the Hero's Tomb of Auriza in the outskirts of the capital, while the Tree variant is in a chest behind Crucible Knight Siluria in the Deeproot Depths.

Both polish Aspect of the Crucible Incantations by about four percent for each piece you wear. Like Aberrant Sorceries, these summons aren't particularly powerful, but they too have received buffs recently, so we'll see if they become more viable in the future.


Elden Ring: Top 10 Armor Sets With Unique Effects (5)

The Briar Set works the same as the Armor of ThornsDark SoulsandDark Souls 3, deals minor damage (two damage per piece of set worn) when dodging an enemy. In Elden Ring, this effect also works with Quickstep and Bloodhound's Step. On the surface, this effect seems extremely small, and for the most part it is.

However, the Briar Set has a certain utility. It can allow you to finish off enemies clinging to a glimpse of health, or kill those pesky revived skeletons, since it only takes a single point of damage to prevent them from coming back to life. Unfortunately, those small perks don't seem to pay off when you have to killElemer des Briarin the Shaded Castle to get it. However, if you do, you can then buy his set from Enia in the Roundtable Hold.

5/10Royal Remains Set

Elden Ring: Top 10 Armor Sets With Unique Effects (6)

Gideon fearedEnsha, Servant of , will invade the Keep of the Round Table after obtaining one of the halves of Haligtree's Secret Medallion. Defeating him allows you to pick up the Royal Remains set he's been silently leaning on in-game up to this point.

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When you're below 18 percent health, the Royal Remains Set refills your health by two for each piece you're carrying. This is often not relevant as many enemies will just kill you at this point. But even a minor heal can sometimes allow you to survive otherwise fatal damage. Additionally, if you're running a build that revolves around the Deadly Sin of Summoning Fire, the Royal Remnants set will counter that summon's self-damage effect and keep you alive.


Elden Ring: Top 10 Armor Sets With Unique Effects (7)

The set worn by theDisgusting dungeater, you must take the Omen set from his corpse if you want it. And there are good reasons for that. Not only does the set offer decent protection, but it also increases the damage of the Omen Bairn and Regal Omen Bairn items by a total of 20 percent if you wear each piece.

Are these items any good? Not special. But when you combine the Omen set with other ways to boost Holy damage, they can become viable offensive weapons and create a unique playstyle.

3/10Black knife set

Elden Ring: Top 10 Armor Sets With Unique Effects (8)

The armor worn by the Black Knife Assassins, the flagship of the Black Knife set is the chest piece that makes your movement silent. It can help you sneak up on people in PVP, but it's also useful in PVE as enemies will have a much harder time detecting your presence. This can be especially useful when playing a low-health, high-damage build such as B. a magician.

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The set makes traversing the Lands Between a much less stressful experience. You also get a cool translucent hood and cape to keep your fashion on point. If that sounds good to you, you can find all of a dead Black Knife Assassin's armor under an archway behind Ordina, Liturgical Town.

2/10Magic Blade Set

Elden Ring: Top 10 Armor Sets With Unique Effects (9)

The description of the Spellblade set states that it increases the power of spell skills. And it does exactly that, but the wording can be confusing. The term "sorcery abilities" has nothing to do with sorcery or incantations; Instead, it refers to weapon skills that deal magic or cold damage, such as B. the Glintstone Pebble or the Ice Spear Ashes of War.

While the Spellblade set might not do what you expected, it can still be extremely useful. There are some exceptionally powerful weapon abilities in Elden Ring, and boosting them by eight percent is no small benefit. However, it will take a while before you get the Spellblade set. You have to pick it up on the balcony after Rogier dies at the endhis quest line.

1/10Raptors Set

Elden Ring: Top 10 Armor Sets With Unique Effects (10)

The Raptor set is essentially an updated version of the Bandit set, which is why it doesn't have its own legs or gauntlets. The helm, the skeleton mask, doesn't have any unique properties beyond its appearance, but the chestpiece, the raptor's black feathers, increases the damage of your jump attacks by ten percent. These attacks already deal a lot of damage, especially when you're wielding a colossal weapon in each hand.

The effect also stacks with that of the Claw Talisman for a combined 25 percent boost, allowing you to absolutely obliterate enemies in both PvE and PvP. If you want this key component for multiple meta builds, you can find it in a chest hidden behind one of the many illusory walls in the Sage's Den, located on the western Altus Plateau.

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