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Command Line Options - Valve Developer Community (1)Note:Parameters are in "<" and ">" Characters.

Streitdescription-32bitForces the engine to start in 32-bit mode. Only useful on64-Bitoperating systems.-NoLoadPluginsForClient-NoQueuedPacketThread(Linux) No queued package thread is created.-NoVConfigPrevents the file system library from executing VConfig when a file system error occurs where the game content cannot be found.-AdapterSpecifies the GL graphics adapter. Default is 0.-all languagesLoads all language files.-Allow debuggingFakes a debugger for phonehome and is the same as -dev unless -nodev is specified.-allowstalezipSuppresses console warnings from existing stale.txt.-autoconfigRestores the video and performance settings to the default settings for the currently detected hardware. Ignores settings in all .cfg files until this parameter is removed.- basedSets the base directory for the game files. On Xbox 360 RFS this will be forced to smb://hostname/game.-BiDefines the Build ID used in Phonehome-BeetleMake:Is it for the Bugbait E3 2003 demo? This allows IsLoadingBugBaitReport to return true.-bugreporterdllName of the error reporter DLL to use-BuildcubemapsCreates cubemaps when fully loaded into a map, then exits the game.-cc-SyntaxPrint details about the localized strings we're loading.-ClientportSpecifies the client port. Default is 27002.-compareSkips everything, just merge the reslist from temp folders back into the final folder.-conclearlogDelete theconsole.logText file at startup. Only works if -condebug is set.-condebugLogs all console output to theconsole.logtext file.-ConsoleStart the game with thedeveloper consoleactivated. Same as when con_enable is enabled.-d3d9exReduce CPU memory by about 40%. "csgo" only.-death childSupposed to only count deaths when parsing tf2 game stats, but actually pointless because there is only code for deaths.-debugdxsupportWrites debug DirectX information to the console as key values ​​while shader devices load configuration.-defaultgamedirFallback directory if "-game" is not set. Default is "hl2".-DemoPuts the game into demo mode. Only works for "hl2" and "portal"-DeveloperActivates developer mode. Also disables auto-loading of menu background maps and prevents the exit dialog from appearing on exit.-disallowhwmorphSame asmat_disablehwmorph 1. Disabled HW morphing for certain mods.-dtiPrints the data table when sending-dumpvidmemstatsReports video memory statistics to vidmemstats.txt. This forces CModelLoader to exit.-DVDEnables DVD strict mode. Allows loading files from DVD only. Xbox 360 only.-dvddevEnables developer DVD mode. Allows loading files from a remote path as fallback as well as from the DVD. Xbox 360 only.-dxlevel <level>Forces the game to start with the specified DirectX API version. Officially supported values ​​are: 60, 70, 80, 81, 90, 91, 95 (recommended), 98 (Xbox 360 only) and 100. After the game is launched with this launch parameter, the selected value will be saved for future launches. and video settings are temporarily reset (but not saved), so it is highly recommended to remove this boot parameter after first boot with it. Seemat_dxlevel.-to editAccording to the comments, -tools is supposed to replace. Does nothing except disable all file logging for creating reslists.-Enable Fakeip-EndgamevidIf specified, startup videos are not skipped and EndGameVids.txt is used instead of StartupVids.txt. This can also be invoked by the "startupmenu playendgamevid" command, which will return to the menu and play the endgame video.-ExitCompletes the game after fully loading into a map.-film grainAllows thefilm grainscreen space effect.-floathdrForces HDR to use float values.- Flushing logCauses log files to be written to disk once per second (instead of every 4 KB of log data).-forcenovsyncForces vsync to be disabled.-Force start menuForces the background menu map to always load, even if developer mode is active or the game loads directly onto a level.-forcexboxreconfigForces Xbox 360 to load default configuration settings.-foreverWhen you get to the end of the maplist, start over from the beginning-freq <Rate>Same as -refresh-fs_logBegins creating a batch file to copy files under the specified filename. This works on the latest engine branch.-fs_logbinsLog binaries to the -fs_log batch file.-fs_nopreloaddataLoads the precompiled key-value data for each type. Only works with dedicated servers.-fs_targetSets the game target directory to copy files to, used with -fs_log.-full_memory_dumps-full screenor-fullForces the engine to start in full screen mode.-g15Enables Logitech G15 support. G15 is only supported inSiN Episodes: Genesis.[confirm]-SpielSpecifies the game or mod directory from which the game will be loaded. Usually set by default unless specified by the user. Default is the setting of "-defaultgamedir". If -defaultgamedir is not set, "hl2" is used.-gamepadui (only in)Enables the controller-centric UI used on Steam Deck and also enables the Vulkan renderer.-GamestatsloggingEnables game statistics logging.-gamestatsloggingtofileEnables logging of game statistics to a file, gamestats.log. Passing this parameter automatically forces -gamestatslogging.-gamestatstag <tag>Tags each reported card with the specified tag.-gl_enablesampleobjects(Linux) Use OpenGL sampler objects for better texture preloading-gl_texclientstorage(MacOS) Reduce memory usage by relying on GPU memory instead of a host copy-Bundle check(Windows only) Check that the heap is not corrupted or empty at game start and every frame-heapsize <Kilobyte>Specifies the heap size (in kilobytes) that the game will use. Thisno longer existsan The 2009 ones.

Command Line Options - Valve Developer Community (5)Confirm:What about Source MP?

-height <Höhe>, -hForces the motor to start with the resolution set to<height>. Ex:-h 768-Hide consoleForces the console to be hidden regardless of what parameters are passed. This overrides -console, -dev and all others.-hochSets the game's priority to high-kidnapTake control of an existing instance of the game, if one exists, rather than complaining that it's already running.-HostSpecifies the hostname. On Xbox 360, this sets the host computer name to use for RFS. The Xbox name must be <HostPC>_360.-hushassertsDisables a number of assertions in core source libraries and skips some error checking and messages.-Schweigdampf-ignoredxsupportcfgSkips reading the DirectX support file dxsupport.cfg.-unsureDisable Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC).-Interactivecaster (only in)If you start your client with it, it will be switched to cameraman mode (reference tv_allow_camera_man_steamid/tv_allow_camera_man_steamid2).-internal structureCauses the bug reporter panel to be drawn as internal-ipDoes the same as the ipname cvar-Sprache%lSets the game language to the specified one. (Examples: "English", "German").-Leak controlReports memory leak statistics.-limitvsconstLimits the number of vertex shaders to a maximum of 256.-premisesSets a different custom game stats CSER than the public one provided by Steam (default is steambeta1:27013).-lowSets the game's priority to Low-lowmemworkshop (only in)Allow updating very large map files in the Steam Workshop.-MakedevshotsUsed to capture screenshots to keep entities from fading. Enables use of the devshots_nextmap command-Manufacturer ListsMake relists. Must be run with -textmode. If you pass a parameter here, a script file will be used to control more complex Maker List operations (multiple passes, etc.).-mat_aaqualitySet the MSAA quality level, does the same as the convar mat_aaquality-mat_antialiasanti-aliasing. Can be set to 8, any amount over 8 will not sharpen the edges of the game world.-with_softwaretlEnables software vertex processing.-mat_vsyncEnables vertical sync-maxdownloadfilesizembCS:GO 5/1/2014, client launch option -maxdownloadfilesizemb N if clients need to download even larger files from community servers.-maxdxlevelLimits the maximumdxlevelto use. Default is 0.-Maximum number of playersSet the maximum number of players allowed to join the server. This works the same as the maxplayers convar, the maximum you can set it to is limited by the game/mod-mySpeicherSet startup memory to mem_min_heapsize?*1024 * 1024?-monitorTextureSizeSet the size of the texture used for renderingpoint_cameras.-Multiple run (only in)Allows the game to run even if another source game is already open.

Command Line Options - Valve Developer Community (9)Note:Although this is only implemented in Source 2013, using it while a non-2013 game is already running will work.

- analyze nawanUsed for developer purposes when starting a map. Instantly analyzes the loaded map's navigation map to provide data on hiding spots and other data.Name Mesh-Befehle-navforceanalyzeUsed for developer purposes when starting a map. Forces immediate navigation analysis even if the action is not required.- Network topSets the trace threshold to the specified value (the limit of the number of records written to netspike.txt before all records are removed).-new dialoguesForces to use a new Steam dialog.-no_compressed_vertsDisables vertex compression for shaders.-no_compressed_vvdsEnables thin VVD data even if the client is not an Xbox 360.- noassedAllows you to attach to a debugger instead of asserting directly.-noasyncDisables asynchronous file system access.-no borderWhen used with the game in windowed mode, the game behaves like it is in full screen mode (no window border).-NobotsAllows Counter-Strike server hosts to force disable bots to enforce CPU limits.-nobreakpad-noclearsaveSkips deleting the backup directory after restoring a backup.-no conversion(xbox360) "No conversions during sale"-nocrashdialogPrevent some Windows crash message boxes from appearing.-nodefaultmap(Linux only[confirm]) Suppresses adding -map-nodevDisables -dev and -allowdebug during startup so sv_cheats and developer mode are not set.-nodnsDisable DNS queries and DNS address resolution.- do not testSkips testing of data tables.-noDisables force feedback for controllers.-noforcemaccelUse Windows mouse acceleration settings. Works only when -useforcedmparms is set.-noforcemspdUse Windows mouse speed settings. Works only when -useforcedmparms is set.-nogamedllDo not load the game DLL, this will most likely cause your game/server to crash-nogamestats-nohltvDisable SourceTV-no IPDo not bind to an IP and disable all multiplayer support-no funDisables joystick support.-no masterHides the server from the master server list.-nomessageboxPrevent various Windows error message boxes from appearing- NamensdumpsDo not write minidumps-nomausDisables mouse support in game.-nop4Forces the engine to bypass the Perforce integration-no preloadingForces models not to be preloaded. Takes precedence over cl_forcepreload and -preload.-nopreloadmodelsSame as -nopreload-nops2bDisables Pixel Shader 2b support.-noqueuedloadDisables loading queued map resources.-norebuildaudioOpposite of and overrides -rebuildaudio for the map relist generator.-norfsForces the remote file system to be disabled. Xbox 360 only.- with a therapistLoads a nonexistent Shader API DLL, shaderapiempty.dll. Effectively disables shader and texture loading entirely. Can be useful with -textmode to load the game quickly as no GUI is required.-no soundDisables sound support-nosrgbDisables support for SRGB.-no start noiseDisables menu music (sound/ui/gamestartup*.mp3) to play at startup.-nosteamcontrollerDisables the Steam Controller system-nuserclipUses software clipping instead of hardware user clip levels-neuWhen loading a game with this parameter, the intro video will not play.-old dialoguesForces old Windows dialogs instead of new Steam dialogs.-override_vpkForce actual files to overwrite VPK.-ParticleSets the number of allowed ray trails (default 2048, minimum is 512).-Call homeIf debug mode is also enabled, is the init forced by phonehome, which takes some build info and sends it to steam via net messages?-pidfile <pidfile>Use the specified <PID file> to store the server PID. Default is[confirm](Unix/Linux only).-pixel_offset_xSpecifies the pixel offset to translate on the X axis in MatSystemSurface.-pixel_offset_ySpecifies the pixel offset to move on the Y axis in MatSystemSurface.-pmeEnable event code for performance monitoring, again this only works on Intel processors newer than PENTIUM4-port <Variable>Specifies the port for a list server. Default is 27015.-summonDoes the same as the sv_forcepreload cvar. With -nopreload or -nopreloadmodels this behavior is disabled-Primary soundIf surround sound is not enabled, the primary sound buffer is forced to be used-ProfileIf you are using or activating Xbox360, additional debugging information such as map start time and similar will be logged-PublicbuildIs this a public building? If not, Phonehome will not publish any information about this build on Steam-r_emulate_glEmulates OpenGL on Windows, provides a framerate boost for most GPUs-random_invariantForces the value of the game's random number generator to be immutable.-Reconstruction of audioForces the _other_rebuild.cache (metacache) file to be rebuilt on exit for the map reslist generator.-recapvidRecapVids.txt is used instead of EndGameVids.txt. This can also be invoked by the "startupmenu playrecapvid" command, which jumps to the main menu and plays the summary video.-refSets MATERIAL_INIT_REFERENCE_RASTERIZER for the shader material adapter.-Reflection texture sizeSet the size of the texture used for renderingwater shader's real-time reflection and refraction.-refresh <Rate>Force a specific refresh rate. Ex:-Update 60-refreshrate <Rate>Same as -refresh-Remote controlSets the remote file path to use with -dvddev.-RepetitionIncreases maxplayers by 1 on startup and automatically runs replay.cfg for the server.- cube maps requiredIf a map has no cubemaps, the game will fail with "Map X has not have Cubemaps!"-ResizingAllows the window to be resized below a specific resolution.-list againDefault is "reslists", use this to override. Reslist generator only.-ReuseReuse network sockets-rptSame as when -condebug, -conclearlog and -console are enabled-secureEnables Safe Video Mode, which sets the game to windowed mode, width to 640, height to 480, refresh rate to default, and disables antialiasing.-ShaderLoads a specific shader library instead of being hardware dependent. Debug only.ShaderdllLoads another shader DLL. Default is shaderapidx9.dll.Make:Is this the same as -shader?-shaderondemandCreates shaders on access, helps reduce D3D memory for tools, but causes I/O issues.-silly Gibbs(Goldsource only) Forces more and more Gibs to be spawned like skulls and others when the NPC dies.-Skip workshop addons (only in)Only load addons from the Addons folder, no subscriptions in the Steam Workshop.-kleinAllow window size smaller than 640x480-sndcachedebugPrints sound cache debug messages (developer must be enabled to see them)-snoforceformatSkips sound buffer creation-SoftEnables software-hardware rendering mode.-softparticlesdefaultoffSets particles to be rendered without feathering (scene depth blending) by default.-softparticlesdefaultonOpposite of -softparticlesdefaultoff.-SentencesSpit out vox sentence names during reslist generation- Start mapRestarts devshot generation on the specified map when resuming from a crash.-startstageWhen executed from the script file, this starts at the specified stage and sets the current work item (default is 0). Reslist generator only.-startwindowed, -windowed, -window, -swForces the engine to start in windowed mode.-SteamEnables Steam support (if the game is launched from Steam, this is enabled by default). The working directory must be the steam directory. Only works for single player games.-steamlocalSimilar to -Steam. Runs Steam in local file system mode (all content from disk) as opposed to remote file system mode (requires Steam backend).-SteamportMaster server updater port. The Steam authentication port is this port + 1. (Default is 26900)-storeambientcache (only in)Stores an ambient cache file in each loaded BSP.Make:What is ambient cache?-strictportbindLaunching the game with this option will cause it to exit with an error message if it cannot bind to the default or specified port.-sv_benchmarkEnables benchmarking via sv_benchmark_force_start.-Swap coresSwaps threads for the particle and material systems on each initialization-tempcontentSearches for game content in a folder named "_tempcontent" relative to the absolute game path. This option is enabled by default for Portal 1-testscript <filename>Loads a .TestFile.-TestshaderLoads the shader_test library. Debug only.-testsub-Text message debugSpits out client text messages to the console.-Textmodus (Notin)Runs the game with no graphics-threadsNumber of threads to allocate to the thread pool, default is 3-Tick rateSets the game tick interval. Disabled in code for TF2 because "server operations abuse it".-timedemoloop-to the consoleStarts the engine directly in the console if no map is specified+map.-ToolAllowedengine tools.-Track deletionsLogs which files are marked for deletion in the Reslist Generator.-tvmasteronlyOnly one person is allowed in HLTV.-untrustworthyCS:GO ONLY, allows launching the game in "Untrusted Mode".-usedevshotsfileGet map list from specified file, default is created for maps/*.bsp-useforcedmparmsAllows the use of -noforcemspd and -noforcemaccel.-useghLoads ghostinj.dll to allow support for third party DLLs (Gamehost).-uselogdirLogs miscellaneous data to logs/(mapname)/*-userconEnable RCON for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive servers-usereslistfileGet map list from specified file, default is created for maps/*.bsp. Reslist generator only.-usetcpDisable TCP support-vcrplaybackPlays a VCR recording. Nothing is simulated on the server, but all server packets are recorded. Note: VCR recording and playback only works fully on leaked HLS build, other games and versions will crash-vcrrecordRecords a client's gameplay and allows you to play it back and reproduce it accurately. Requires -nosound SeeDiesVideo how it's different.-vguifocusEnables debugging of VGUI messages related to input focus.-vguimessagesEnables debug VGUI messages.-vprojektManually sets the VProject directory to load game content for tools.-VulkanForces the engine to use the Vulkan renderer.-vxconsoleWaiting for the Valve Xbox console to initialize. Xbox 360 only.-wavyDisables DirectSound and lets the engine try to play all sounds in PCM format.-x <x-Position>Specifies where the window should be horizontally in borderless window mode. Ex:-x 0.Note:Setting this to 0 will align it to the left of your main monitor, not its center. Negative values ​​are also not accepted.-xnet_bypass_securityDisables Xbox 360 Secure Network to allow cross-platform testing.-y <y-Position>In borderless window mode, specifies where the window should be located vertically. Ex:-y 0.Note:Setting this to 0 will align it with the top of your main monitor, not its center. Negative values ​​are also not accepted.-width <width>, -wForces the motor to start with the resolution set to<width>. Ex:-w 1024
console variabledescription+cl_showfps <0/1/2/3>When set to 2, the frame rate and card name are displayed.+connectInstantly connects to a server address.+ladenconsole command+map <map-name[.bsp]>Loads the specified map immediately after engine start.+map_background <map name>Forces use of a specific background map. Useful for testing custom background maps. To avoid loading default background maps for speed reasons, use the-Developercommand line parameters.+mat_hdr_levelSets the HDR level before the background map is loaded.HDR lighting basics+max playersSets maxplayers. This will set maxplayers before loading the background map. To switch while running, run <disconnect> to exit the current map, including background maps.+physcannon_mega_enabled <0/1>Turns the Gravity Cannon into a Super Gravity Cannon.+playdemo <demo>Immediately plays a demo file.+connectionconsole command+sv_cheats <0/1>If set to 1, the game will start with cheats enabled.+sv_lan <0/1>If set to 1, the game will start in LAN mode. Useful to prevent players from joining your game over the internet.+ Shynessconsole commandHe is afraidconsole command

These command line parameters work with all GoldSource engine games ( half-life, counterstrike, etc.).

Command Line Options - Valve Developer Community (15)Note:Parameters are in "<" and ">" Characters.

Streitdescription-Spiel <Spiel>Specifies which game/mod to run. Default is "Valve".-dll <name.dll>Specifies which server DLL to use. Ex:-dll dlls\zbotcz.dll.
Also works with Linux, e.g.:-dll dlls/ the console output to "Half-Life\qconsole.log".

Command Line Options - Valve Developer Community (16)Note:Can be toggledcondebugconsole command.

-DeveloperActivates developer mode.-glextWhen paired with the "-dev" setting, all OpenGL extensions supported by your graphics card are output.

Command Line Options - Valve Developer Community (17)Note:Can do the same withgl_dumpconsole command.

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-glSets the rendered to OpenGL.-SoftSets the rendered to software.-fullForces the engine to start in full screen mode.-Windowor-swor-Start windowor-WindowForces the engine to start in windowed mode.-w <width>or-width <width>Forces the motor to start with the resolution set to<width>. Ex:-w 1024.-h <height>or-height <height>Forces the motor to start with the resolution set to<height>. Ex:-h 768.-StretchaspectThe game adds black bars by default based on your game's screen resolution. Use-Stretchaspecton your command line if you want to revert to the old behavior (just keep filling the screen). Setting "-nofbo" also implies "-stretchaspect".-freq <Variable>Force a specific refresh rate when running in full screen mode AND your monitor supports that frequency.

Command Line Options - Valve Developer Community (18)Note:If you don't have a CRT monitor, you probably won't be able to use this option.

-MausfadenIf set, we poll mouse position in another thread, which runs at 100Hz by default, to get better movement accuracy. To change this rate, set the m_mousethread_sleep cvar to the number of seconds to sleep between mouse polls.-joy_advancedUse advanced joystick options (allows multiple axes).-joy_advr, -joy_advu, -joy_advv, -joy_advx, -joy_advy, -joy_advzForces a specific axis to use advanced joystick options.[confirm]-no soundDisables sound support.

Command Line Options - Valve Developer Community (19)Note:Can do the same withno sound <0 or 1>console command.

-hitDisables MP3 support. Also deniedCDConsole command to load MP3 tracks.-wavyDisables DirectSound and lets the engine try to play all sounds in PCM format.-no IPDisables network support. Not the same as Steam offline mode.-noipxDisables IPX support.-no funDisables joystick support.-nomausDisables mouse support in game.-noforcermarmsForces the engine to use the operating system's mouse parameters.-noforcemaccelForces the engine to use the operating system's mouse acceleration.-noforcemspdForces the engine to use the operating system's mouse speed.-nofboDisables the use of the new rendering method.-DrinkDisables MSAA (anti-aliasing), setting "-nofbo" also implies "-drink"-no borderWhen used with the game in windowed mode, the game behaves like it is in full screen mode (no window border).

Command Line Options - Valve Developer Community (20)Insect:Doesn't hide the window border, only controls buttons.

-nodirectblitDisables direct blitting (blit is short for "block image transfer" or bit-blit).-NobotsDisables bots.

Command Line Options - Valve Developer Community (21)Confirm:Does this work with DLL plugins (e.g. Metamod) that add bot support to games that lack it natively?

-port <port>Specifies which port to use for client connections for a monitoring server. Default is 27015.

Command Line Options - Valve Developer Community (22)Note:Can do the same withHarborconsole command.

-Edit demoActivates the hidden demo editor.

Command Line Options - Valve Developer Community (23)Note:Usewatch demoConsole command to get access.

-num_edikte <Variable>Sets the entity limit for map/game entities (non-temporary entities still set to 500). 900 is default. 4096 is a good limit, beyond that there seem to be hunk_alloc errors[confirm]. Both clients and servers need matching values ​​for best compatibility[confirm].-heapsize <Kilobyte>Specifies the amount of heap (or free store – cache, a memory area used for dynamic memory allocation) that the engine uses. The minimum value is 14336 (14MB). Maximum value is 131072 (128 MB). By default, this is set to 40960 (40 MB) and is automatically adjusted to your system.

Command Line Options - Valve Developer Community (24)Note:A low value causes the exit error "Could not allocate X.X MB".

-zone <bytes>Specifies the amount of memory, in bytes, to use with the console system.

Command Line Options - Valve Developer Community (25)Note:Low or very high value causesZ_Mallocexit error.

-exec <File>Runs a specific configuration file immediately after loading the engine.-SteamShow the Steam server browser button in the bottom right corner of the main menu. Running it without this command will not disable the ability to connect to Steam servers.
Enabled by default when launching from the Steam library.+<Console variable> <arg>Place the Cvar (orconsole variable) to the specified setting.
console variabledescription+_setgamedir <Spiel>Specifies which game/mod to run.+_settrender <Variable>Specifies the render mode. Available parameters areopen glandSoftware.

Command Line Options - Valve Developer Community (26)Note:ParameterD3Dis not up to date.

+_setvideomodeMake+_set_vid_level <0 or 1>Toggles "Low video quality".+_setaddons_folder <0 oder 1>Enabled "Allow custom addon content".+_sethdmodels <0 or 1>Toggles "Enable HD models if available".+clientport <port>Specifies which port to use to communicate with a server. Default is 27005.+gg <Demoname>or+cl_gg 1 +playdemo <demoname>Run the demo in Game Gauge mode. This is a benchmark utility that runs a demo as fast as possible and stores the framerate in the fps.txt file in the GameMod directory.+ registeror+unsubscribeToggles logging before the engine loads configuration files.
(Video) understanding the code that sparked anger in valve's programmers

Make:Fill them out. Confirm if the launch options are HLA specific.

Streitdescription- allow multipleAllows multiple Source 2 instances to run concurrently. Only works if aVPROJECTEnvironment variable set.(only in)[confirm]-vrdebugAllows running the game without a VR headset.(only in)[confirm]

These command line parameters work when launching the Steam application.

Streitdescription-Applause<appID>[launch parameters]Launches a game or application from Steam.-cafeapplaunchLaunch apps in a cyber cafe context (forces apps to be verified/validated before launch).-clearbetaDisables beta participation (if for some reason this is not possible via the settings).-complete_install_via_httpPerform the post-installation over HTTP by default.-ConsoleEnables the Steam debug console tab.-cc-SyntaxPrint details about the localized strings we're loading.-debug_steamapiEnables logging of Steam API functions.-DeveloperSets the 'Developer' variable to 1. Can be used to open the VGUI editor by pressing F6 or the VGUI zoo by pressing F7. Intended for skin development, also enables debug console tab.-fs_logLog access to the file system.-fs_targetSpecify target syntax.-fs_logbinsLog the binaries we load during operation.-power serviceRun the Steam client service even if Steam has administrator privileges.-gameoverlayinjectSpecifies the method how GameOverlay is inserted.-Install <path>Install a product from a specified path (e.g. "D:" for the DVD-ROM drive if D: is one).-installer_testChanges the installation of a retail game to dump all files to the install_validate/ folder instead of the Steam cache.-Language <language>Sets the Steam language to the specified one. (Examples: "English", "German").-login <[username]|anonymous> [password]Signs in to Steam with the specified username and password combination.Note:Steam must be turned off for this to work.-lognetapiLogs all P2P network information to log/netapi_log.txt.-log_voiceWrites voice chat data to logs/voice_log.txt file.-noasyncDon't use asynchronous file operations, instead perform them synchronously.-nightsicknessStarts Steam without cache (Steam must be turned off for this to work properly).-nofriendsuiPrevents the friends list window from automatically appearing on startup.-NoverifyfilesPrevents the client from checking the integrity of the files, which is particularly useful when testing localization.-no browserSteam's description for this parameter states that it "disables CEF unconditionally". CEF stands for Chromium Embedded Framework, which Steam uses for its built-in web browser components (including the in-game overlay browser) and also for WebViews used by the new Panorama-based Friends/Chat and Library UI. Among other things, this option disables the new library UI and restores the old friends list and chat UI. However, the old library UI is not restored.-no-dwriteForces vgui to use GDI text even if DWrite support is available.-script <filename>Runs a Steam script. All scripts must be in a subdirectory of the Steam folder called test scripts (Steam must be turned off).- shut downShut down (quit) Steam.-QuietlySuppresses the dialog that opens when Steam starts. It is used if you have set Steam to start automatically when you turn on your computer. (Steam must be turned off for this).-Single processorForce Steam to run only on your primary CPU.-tcpForces the connection to the Steam backend over TCP.-Voice qualitySets audio quality, range [1,3].-Voice relayOnly allow 'relay' connections for voice (test).-ten feetLaunch Steam in Big Picture mode.-gamepaduiEnables the Big Picture Mode Steam Deck UI.

The following parameters are only required to access restricted content.

The Steam Console ClientSteamCMDis a new tool for installing and upgrading dedicated servers from a command line interface. It only works with games that have switched to the SteamPipe content system. Eventually all Steam games will switch from HLDSUpdateTool to this one.

Command Line Options - Valve Developer Community (29)Note:Parameters are in "<" and ">" Characters.

StreitParameterdescriptionapi_logging<enabled> <verbose>Enable/disable verbose API logging in SteamCMDapp_build_all_depots[-desc <Text>] -depotconfigpath <Ordner> -contentroot <Ordner> -buildoutput <Ordner> <AppID>Create all depots for an appapp_dlc_statusapp_status <appId> <dlcId>app_info_printnoneReturns app information for AppIDapp_info_printnoneReturns app information for AppIDapp_info_request<AppID>Issue an Appinfo request for the specified AppID. Does not wait for results from the server.app_info_update[0|1]Trigger app info update, optional for Update allapp_license_request<AppID>Requests a free license for this app if you don't already own it.app_run<AppID>Starts the app.app_set_config<AppID> <key> <value>Sets a configuration value for a specific app.app_set_update_flag<appId>app_status<appId>app_stop<appid> [force:0|1]Stop this running appapp_uninstall[-complete] <appId>app_update<appid> [-validate] [-language <lang>] [-beta <betaname>] [-betapassword <pwd>]Make sure a Steam application is up to dateapp_update_cancel<EAppUpdateError>apps_installedMakeMake:fill in the description.apps_runningnoneDisplays information about running games tracked by Steamasync_disconnectnoneAsynchronous disconnectbuild_installer<project file> <destination folder> [beta key] [betapwd]ceg_wrap<appid> <orig filename> <stripped filename> <strips filename>Upload the CEG wrapping executable to the backendcm_force_changenoneChange CM listDevice Authorization StatusnonePrints the authorization status of the devicedownload_depot<appid> <depotid> [<target manifestid>] [<delta manifestid>] [<depot flags filter>]Download a single depotdownload_sourcesnoneDumps list of download sourcesdrm_wrap<appid> <input filename> <output filename> <toolname> <flags>Upload the DRM wrapping executable to the backenddump_scheduled_functionsnoneDisplays internal Steam feature callback timersexitnoneStops the Steam client consoleFindnoneFind substrings in console commandsforce_install_dir<directory>Specifies the directory in which to install the serverget_download_throttleMakeMake:fill in the description.HelpnoneShow help informationdie InfononeOutput various Steam informationinstall_folder_listnoneList all mounted Steam volumeslicenses_for_app<appid>Shows active licenses for appidlicenses_printnoneDisplays users' Steam3 licenseslog_callbacks<first callback id> [last callback id]log_ipc[detailed] <filter>Enables IPC logging. Specifying "counts" or "verbose" is optional, count is used by default.registration[<password>|anonymous] [<Steam Guard Code>]Sign in to Steamlog innoneSee "Login"log outnoneDisconnect from Steamlog outnoneSee "Unsubscribe"manifest_dump<filename>mem_statsnoneDump memory statisticsnet_msgdumpnoneReturns a list of network messages sentnet_msgspewnoneSpews sent network messagesp2p_infononeDisplays the current status of the P2P network subsystem.package_info_printnoneReturns package information for package IDLeavenoneStops and closes the Steam client consolerender_ipc_connectionsMakeMake:fill in the description.run_app_build[-preview] [-desc <text>] <appbuildfile>Run the App Depot build as specified in appbuildfilerun_app_build_httpnoneAlias ​​for run_app_buildrun script<Scriptdatei, z. B. TXT>Runs a console command scriptset_download_throttle<KB/s> <bPersistent = false>set_spew<group> <level> <log level>Set the output levels for the given groupset_spew_level<SpewLevel LogLevel>Sets spew and log level for all groupsset_steam_guard_codenoneAuthorize this computer by adding the Steam Guard email codesign_install_script<appid> <input filename> <output filename>Upload the installation script to the backend for signingtest_dropconnoneTests to break a connectiontest_failnextconnectnoneTests fail on next connectionupload_controller_config<application id> <filename>Upload the controller configuration to the clouduser_friendsnoneDumps list of friendsverify_chunk_store<appid> <depotid> <datafile>Run the App Depot build as specified in appbuildfileverify_vpk<Date date>Checks the content of the specified VPKvoice_game_usagenoneDisplays information about the game's use of Steam Voiceworkshop_build_item<build config filename>Build a workshop itemworkshop_create_legacy_item<appid> <workshop file>Create an old workshop itemworkshop_download_item<appid> <PublishedFileId>Download a workshop itemworkshop status<appId>Make:fill in the description.
(Video) Basic + advanced Valve console commands
Streitdefault parametersdescriptionapp_info_http_min0Make:fill in the description.app_info_http_num_sockets8Make:fill in the description.AsyncFileIODisableWrite0Make:fill in the description.AsyncFileIOExpectOutstandingIO16Make:fill in the description.AsyncFileIOForceGenericIO1Make:fill in the description.AsyncFileIOMaxPending128Make:fill in the description.AsyncFileIOReadHandleCache32Make:fill in the description.AsyncFileIOWriteHandleCache32Make:fill in the description.battery percent0Make:fill in the description.battery life0Make:fill in the description.bCheckForFreeGamesOnLogin0Make:fill in the description.bCheckUGCIntegrity1Make:fill in the description.@bContentManifestUseProtobufs1Make:fill in the description.@bCSClientRateLimitUseDelays0Make:fill in the description.@bCSForceNoCache0Make:fill in the description.@bDepotBuilderReadBufferSizeKB8192Make:fill in the description.@bDepotBuilderUnbufferedReads1Make:fill in the description.Disable bTenFootOverlay0Make:fill in the description.@bEnableMovieRecording0Make:fill in the description.@bEnableOfflineLogonTicket1If true, an offline logon ticket is requested during logon if none is cached@bEnableSpewThrottle1Make:fill in the description.bEnableSubscribedFileListCache1Make:fill in the description.bFinishStagedDepotVersions1Make:fill in the description.@bForceStreamUnsupportedApp0Make:fill in the description.@bLANPeerConnectionTimeoutSec5Make:fill in the description.bLogLegacyDiskDetails0Make:fill in the description.@bMsgErrorDump0Make:fill in the description.@bRequireOfflineLogonTicket0If true, a valid offline login ticket is required when logging in in offline or no connection mode@bRequireSignedParentalSettings1If true, a valid set of signed parental controls is required when logging in in offline or no connection modebroadcast_upload_drop_sec6Make:fill in the description.broadcast_upload_update_sec3Make:fill in the description.bSteam3LimitedUserEnable1Make:fill in the description.bSteamLoaderEnable1Make:fill in the description.bSubscribedFilesDecompressOnClient1Make:fill in the description.bSubscribedFilesPollForUpdates0Make:fill in the description.bSubscribedFilesUseRangeRequests0Make:fill in the description.bVerifyAllDownloads0Make:fill in the description.cAppUpdateWorkingSetMB128Make:fill in the description.@cbPartnerUploadChunkSize1000000Chunk size to use for POSTing partner uploads@cCSClientMaxNumSocketsPerHost8Make:fill in the description.@cDepotBuilderFileChunkingThreads4Make:fill in the description.cFileValidationMaxLog100Make:fill in the description.ClientStatsUploadRateSeconds10Make:fill in the description.@cMaxContentServersToRequest20Make:fill in the description.@cMaxInitialDownloadSources-1Make:fill in the description.@cNetEncryptionHandshakeWorkMax_HighPri8000Make:fill in the description.@cNetEncryptionHandshakeWorkMax_LowPri2000Make:fill in the description.@cNetEncryptionHandshakeWorkMax_MedPri4000Make:fill in the codeFileMake:supply informationMake:fill in the description.cPreallocateMinimumSizeKB256Make:fill in the description.@csecCSRequestProcessorTimeOut300Make:fill in the description.@csecFavoriteGameAccountCacheTime86400Control how often we update account IDs in the game server favorites list@csecIncomingDataRatePeriod1Make:fill in the description.csecManifestDownloadTimeout120Make:fill in the description.@csecUpdateTargetNumConnectionsEpoch10Make:fill in the description.@cSecUploadDownloadRates300Make:fill in the description.@CSInterfaceProxyPasswordFileMake:supply informationMake:fill in the description.@CSInterfaceProxyBenutzernameFileMake:supply informationMake:fill in the description.@cUDPSendRetries8Make:fill in the description.@CustomBinaryRequestRetryTimes20Make:fill in the description.@DepotBuilderAppInfoTimeout120Make:fill in the description.@DepotBuilderConfigRoot"./depotscripts"Make:fill in the description.@DepotBuilderContentRootFileMake:supply informationMake:fill in the description.@DepotBuilderMaxParallelUploadChunks24Make:fill in the description.@DepotBuilderNoReslist0Make:fill in the description.@DepotBuilderNumHTTPSocketsToMDS12Make:fill in the description.@DepotBuilderOutputRootFileMake:supply informationMake:fill in the description.@DepotBuilderParallelUploadChunks6Make:fill in the description.@DepotBuilderProgressTimeout1000Make:fill in the description.DepotDownloadProgressTimeout120Make:fill in the description.DepotReconstructionLowPrio1Make:fill in the description.DepotReconstructionNumIOThreads1Make:fill in the description.DepotUseAlternatingReadWrite1Make:fill in the description.developer0Make:fill in the description.@EnableUDPHistory0Make:fill in the description.@fDownloadRateImprovementToAddAnotherConnection1.2Make:fill in the description.findbestcellstart delay600Make:fill in the description.@fMinDataRateToAttemptTwoConnectionsMbps0,5Make:fill in the description.@GCNameOverrideFileMake:supply informationMake:fill in the description.@IOCPGetCompletionBatchSize1Make:fill in the description.@LocalContentServerFileMake:supply informationMake:fill in the description.log_files_always_flush0Make:fill in the description.log_matchmaking_callbacks0Make:fill in the description.@MaxOutstandingSendThreadItem1000Make:fill in the description.small_autogain16000Automatic gain control for the microphone inputmic_inputfileFileMake:supply informationCauses speech data to be read from the specified file instead of the microphonemic_outputfileFileMake:supply informationCauses microphone data to be written to the specified filemusic logging0Make:fill in the description.nBroadcastSessionHearbeatSec120Make:fill in the description.nBroadcastSessionMaxDropFrames100Make:fill in the description.nClientBackgroundAutoUpdateTimeSpreadMinutes0Make:fill in the description.nClientCMUDPPingTimeGoodEnoughThresholdMS50Make:fill in the description.nClientCMUDPPingTimeoutUseGoodEnoughMS250Make:fill in the description.nCloudDownloadMinIntervalSec60Make:fill in the description.nCloudFileCompressionMinFileSizeKB16Make:fill in the description.nCloudFileCompressionMinFileSizeKBSharedFile128Make:fill in the description.nCloudFileCompressionPercentageMin10Make:fill in the description.nCloudFileCompressionPercentageMinSharedFile50Make:fill in the description.nCloudSyncIntervalSec30Make:fill in the description.nCloudUploadMinIntervalSec1800Make:fill in the description.nContentStatsReportInterval72In hoursMake:Full Description.@nCSClientRateLimitKbps0Make:fill in the description.@nDownloadLANChunkCacheSizeMB128Make:fill in the description.@nDownloadLANPeerGroup0Make:fill in the description.@net_backlog_bytes_allowed12000000Make:fill in the description.@net_backlog_time_allowed_sec5Make:fill in the description.@NetConnectionBufferMsgLimit1000Maximum number of messages buffered into a single zipped package@NetConnectionBufferThreaded1Make:fill in the description.net_incomingcheck1Make:fill in the description.@net_loopback1Make:fill in the description.net_maxresendsperframe32Make:fill in the description.@nLANPeerRateLimitKbps0Make:fill in the description.@nNetConnectionBufferZipLevel1Make:fill in the description.@NoPromptForPassword0Make:fill in the description.@nParentalSettingsLogLevel4Control the amount of spew written to the parent log filenProductInfoUpdateInterval900Make:fill in the description.@nSpewThrottleNagFrequencyMs5000Make:fill in the description.[Email Protected]1000Make:fill in the description.@nSpewThrottleResumeThreshold3Make:fill in the description.@nSpewThrottleTriggerThreshold10Make:fill in the description.@nSpewThrottleUnconditionalResumeMs5000Make:fill in the description.@nSpewThrottleUnconditionalTriggerCount50Make:fill in the description.nSubscribedAutoDownloadMaxSimultan8Make:fill in the description.@nTCPLargeSendBufSizeMB16Make:fill in the description.p2p_connecttimeoutfifteenMake:fill in the description.p2p_unusedtimeout120Make:fill in the description.rtime32EarliestSubscribedFileToDownload1348857570[confirm]Make:fill in the description.@sCSDSVirtualHostHeaderFileMake:supply informationMake:fill in the description.ServerBrowserPingSurveySubmitPct5Make:fill in the description.@ShutdownOnFailedCommand1Immediately exit steamcmd after any failed build-related commandspew_controller_loss0Make:fill in the description.@sSteamCmdForcePlatformBitnessFileMake:supply informationMust be one of the following: <32, 64>Make:Full Description.@sSteamCmdForcePlatformTypeFileMake:supply informationMust be one of the following: <windows, macos, linux>Make:Full Description.@strCSNoCacheHeaderno cacheMake:fill in the description.@StreamClientArgsFileMake:supply informationMake:fill in the description.testappcloudpfade0Make:fill in the description.uForcePreloadApp0Make:fill in the description.UGCCDNReportPct100Make:fill in the description.voice_autogain0Make:fill in the description.voice_minabs0,15Make:fill in the description.voice_minavg1.0Make:fill in the description.voice_outputdevice00=>Miles 1=>XAudio2Make:Full Description.voice_outputfileFileMake:supply informationCauses the language system output to be written to the specified filevoice_preprocess1Enables speech cleaning on incoming microphone datavoice quality4Make:fill in the description.workshop_items_cache_days14Make:fill in the description.workshop_items_update_interval900Make:fill in the description.

Command Line Arguments for the Source Dedicated Server Executable (srcds.exe,srcds_run)

Streitdescription-Allow debugging(Same as -debug?)-Auto-UpdateUpdate game automatically. Requires setting -steam_dir and -steamcmd_script (Linux/Unix only).-binary <binary>Use the given binary (no autodetect) (Linux/Unix only).-ConsoleSrcDS runs in console mode (Windows only).- debuggingIf possible, debug on failed servers. Requires -gdb to be set[confirm]-debuglog <Protocolname>Log debug output to this file (Linux/Unix only).-DeveloperView developer news.-fake_stale_serverSkip checking the game version from Steam and go straight tooutdatedCondition-game <game or path>Specifies which game/mod to run. Accepts either a path to agameinfo.txt, orone of these default values.-gdb <gdb>Use <dbg> as a debugger for failed servers (Linux/Unix only).-Help? (Linux/Unix only).-unsureStarts the server withoutAnti-Cheat-Ventil.-to ignore(Linux/Unix only) Ignore signal INT (prevents CTRL+C from exiting).-ipSpecifies the address to use for the bind(2) system call, which controls which IP addresses the program is reachable on. It must be either a local address (an address of the host it is running on) or (the wildcard). This has nothing to do with externally visible addresses in NAT setups.-maxplayers <number>Indicates how many player slots the server can hold. (CSGO Maxplayers is deprecated, put it in gamemodes_server.txt or use-maxplayers_overrideinstead of this.)-NobotsDisable bots.-nohltvDisabledSourceTVand closes its port (usually 27020).-NorestartDo not attempt to restart failed servers.-no trap(Linux/Unix only) Do not use trap. This prevents automatic removal of old lock files.-HarborThe port that the server advertises to clients.-SteamUse this (along with-Console) when running the version of SRCDS downloaded via Steam[confirm]. Originalbeschreibung „Quit on Steam Update Failure“-steamcmd_script <path>Path to the Steam script to run. Example: ~/Steam/csgo_ds.txt (Linux/Unix only[confirm])-steamerrQuit on Steam update error (Linux/Unix only).-Vapor userSteam User ID? (Linux/Unix only).-DampfpassSteam login password? (Linux/Unix only).-steam_dir <path>Directory where is located. Example: ~/Steam (Linux/Unix only)-Tick rate <number>Specifies the server tick rate (for more info seeSource Multiplayer Networking). This does not exist on TF2, CSS, L4D and L4D2.-timeout <number>Sleep <number> seconds before restarting a failed server.-dumplongticksGenerate minidumps when there are long server frames-userconEnables RCON for CS:GO servers
Streitdescription+Hostname "Hostname"Specifies the name of the server (spaces between words don't work here!).+ipSpecifies the IP if multiple network cards are installed (old, but still works).+Karte <Karte>Specifies which map to launch.+maxplayers <number>Indicates how many player slots the server can contain (old, but still works).+Hostport <Port>Specifies the host port (port specification before -port was added, but can still be used).+clientport <port>Specifies the client port (The port that the server advertises to clients, same as -port and clientport in the console)+sv_lan <0/1>When set to 1, the server is only available on the Local Area Network (LAN).

As part of the forking functionality mentioned below, the server parameters support substitution. For example, if you indicate+exec autoexec##.cfg, then the first server is runningautoexec01.cfg, the secondautoexec02.cfg, etc.

These command line parameters are used withhlds.exeto theGoldquelle(Half-Life) games.

Command Line Options - Valve Developer Community (31)Note:Parameters are in "<" and ">" Characters.

Streitdescription-condebugSaves the console output to "Half-Life\qconsole.log".

Command Line Options - Valve Developer Community (32)Note:Can be toggledcondebugconsole command.

(Video) Valve Fangames - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

-DeveloperActivates developer mode.-Auto-UpdateUpdate game automatically. Requires setting -steam_dir and -steamcmd_script (Linux/Unix only)-ConsoleHLDS runs in console mode (Windows only).-Spiel<Spiel>Specifies which game/mod to run. Default is "Valve".-dll <name.dll>Specifies which DLL to use. Ex:-dll addons\metamod\dlls\metamod.dll.-no masterDisable communication with the master server. Use this parameter if you do not want your server to be listed in the server browser.

Command Line Options - Valve Developer Community (33)Note:Also disabledServerabfragen.

-unsureDisables Valve Anti-Cheat Technology.-port <port>Specifies which port to use for client connections. Default is 27015.

Command Line Options - Valve Developer Community (34)Note:Can do the same withHarborconsole variable.

-sport <port>Specifies the VAC port that the server should use. Default is 26900.

Command Line Options - Valve Developer Community (35)Note:You only need to change -sport if VAC connections fail on the primary port.

-no IPDisables network support. Not the same as Steam offline mode.-noipxDisables IPX support.-tosEnables the LOWDELAY TOS header in the UDP/IP packets generated by the server. (Linux only)-nobreakpadKeep plugin authors getting old-style minidumps when they need it (Win32 only)-num_edikte <Variable>Sets the entity limit for map/game entities (non-temporary entities still set to 500). 900 is default. 4096 is a good limit, beyond that there seem to be hunk_alloc errors[confirm]. Both clients and servers need matching values ​​for best compatibility[confirm].-heapsize <Kilobyte>Specifies the amount of heap (or free memory - cache, an area of ​​memory used for dynamic memory allocation) that the engine uses. The minimum value is 14336 (14MB). Maximum value is 131072 (128 MB). By default, this is set to 40960 (40 MB) and is automatically adjusted to your system.

Command Line Options - Valve Developer Community (36)Note:A low value causes the exit error "Could not allocate X.X MB".

-zone <bytes>Specifies the amount of memory, in bytes, to use with the console system.

Command Line Options - Valve Developer Community (37)Note:Low-level causesZ_Mallocexit error.

-maxplayers <number>Sets the maximum number of players that can join your server.

Command Line Options - Valve Developer Community (38)Note:Can do the same withMaximum number of playersconsole variable.

-sys_ticrateOverrides sys_ticrate cvar.-exec <File>Run a specific configuration file immediately after loading the engine.+<Console variable> <arg>Place the Cvar (orconsole variable) to the specified setting.

Specifying a card is required, otherwise the server will not be willing to accept connections from players to your server. If you have problems, you can specify the "ip" and "port" parameters.

Command Line Options - Valve Developer Community (39)Note:This only applies to dedicated servers.

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