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Clarissa Ward is a journalist working in television based in the United States. She now works as CNN's top foreign reporter in London, where she is based. She has held positions as a news journalist for ABC News in Moscow and as a news reporter for CBS News in London.

Clarissa Ward is a very well known journalist in the United States. She currently serves as senior foreign reporter for CNN, where she works. On January 31, Ward honors her birthday with a celebration. 1980 was the year Clarrissa was born. She is 42 years old at this point.


After graduating with honors from Yale University, Ward received an honorary doctorate from Middlebury College in Vermont in 2013.

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Clarissa Ward: Parents

Clarissa Ward is the descendant of Donna Ward and Rodney Ward, her parents. Her father is an investment banker and when she was 14 he was working in Hong Kong. Her mother is an interior designer, and the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach honored her former home on South Ocean Boulevard with the Schuler Award.

Clarissa Ward's husband

At a dinner party in Moscow in 2007, Ward met the German Count Philipp von Bernstorff, who would later become her husband. It was love at first sight for the couple, and they began seeing each other before taking their wedding vows in London in November 2016. Deciding against a big celebration, the couple instead opted for a small ceremony at Chelsea Old Town Hall, followed by lunch at their Notting Hill home for a total of 46 people.

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Just six days before the wedding, Ward bought her wedding dress at a Harvey Nichols department store. She had planned to do her own hair and cosmetics but was stopped by the CNN makeup artist assigned to her.

Children, according to Clarissa Ward

Ezra Albrecht Nikolas Nour and Caspar Hugo Augustus Idris Von Bernstorff, both born to Clarissa and her husband, are their children. Esra was born on March 2, 2018 and Caspar on June 29, 2020.

CNN: Clarissa Ward

Clarissa Ward, who is based in London and serves as CNN's top foreign reporter. In 2015 she became a member of the network. In this article she discussed significant events. She conducted an investigation into Russian trolls working in Ghana and Nigeria with the aim of stoking racial tensions and social unrest in the United States.

She went to one of the organization's headquarters in Ghana, where she interviewed one of the trolls and tracked down the person running the operation, a Ghanaian now living in Russia.

She also contributed to CNN's breaking news coverage of the Covid-19 pandemic and the US-Iran crisis earlier this year. She traced the history of the United States, Iraq (including the site of an Iranian missile attack), and Ukraine with each significant development in history.

Ward was on the ground in Syria reporting on the chaos of families fleeing their homes from military attacks as Turkey launched a military campaign against America's Kurdish allies in northern Syria last October. The operation targeted Kurdish forces in northern Syria. That year, her coverage of the Turkish invasion helped the network win an Emmy Award for Outstanding Breaking News, given to the winner of that category.

In 2019, Ward conducted an investigation for CNN titled "Putin's Private Army," in which he focused on the use of mercenaries in Russia. Over the course of this month-long investigation, which was nominated and won for an Emmy Award, Ward managed to secure the first on-camera interview with a former combatant for Wagner, Russia's most notorious private military contractor. She went to the Central African Republic to investigate the growing presence of Russian mercenaries on the African continent.

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After visiting a diamond mine that had ties to a Russian tycoon, Ward and her crew were harassed and threatened by a vehicle full of Russians after they left the premises. After their findings were made public, they became the focus of a propaganda operation in the Russian media aimed at undermining the credibility of their reporting.

After Ward secured unprecedented access to territory held by the Taliban in Afghanistan to put together an exclusive story entitled 36 Hours with the Taliban, Ward was able to do so. While in the town of Pashma Qala, Ward and CNN field producer Salma Abdelaziz visited both a Taliban-run clinic and a local Koranic school. The madrasa was filled with dozens of youth, both boys and girls, studying their Koran.

In 2018, she reported extensively on the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, a Washington Post journalist. She even received an exclusive video that revealed a Saudi agent acting as Khashoggi to cover up the assassination.

This story about Khashoggi's body replica was recognized with a Golden Nymph award at the 2019 Monte Carlo Television Festival. The Alfred I. duPont-Columbia Award was presented to CNN in 2020 in recognition of the network's extensive coverage of the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

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In addition, Ward was the host of the CNN special titled "Shadow Over Europe," which was an exploration of the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe in 2018. For this study, Ward traveled to Poland, Germany, and France to see how those countries were responding to the rise in anti-Semitic incidents and stereotypes.

The 2019 Edward R. Murrow Award for News Series on Television was presented to Shadow Over Europe for Outstanding Contribution to the Industry.

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Fox News: Clarissa Ward

Ward worked for Fox News before joining CNN. She began her tenure at Fox News in 2003 as an assistant night clerk, then rose to become the network's assignment editor. She worked on the International Desk of that institution, where she was responsible for managing the coverage of events such as the arrest of Saddam Hussein, the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and the deaths of Yasir Arafat and Pope John Paul II.

In 2006, Ward was hired by Fox News in the field production department. She was responsible for reporting during the Israeli-Lebanese conflict, the arrest of Gilad Shalit and after the Israeli military action in Gaza, the trial of Saddam Hussein and the 2005 Iraqi constitutional referendum.

She was also headquartered in Beirut and worked as a journalist covering events such as the assassination of Saddam Hussein, the military build-up in the Iraq War in 2007, the riots at Beirut Arab University and the 2007 Bikfaya explosions.

She has had interviews with famous figures such as General David Petraeus, Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq Barham Salih and Lebanese President Emile Lahoud. In addition, she served covertly with the US military in Iraq, primarily in the city of Baqubah.

Before starting his career at CNN and Fox News, Ward was a journalist for ABC News in Moscow. She submitted reports from Russia for all ABC News programs and platforms, including World News with Charles Gibson, Nightline and Good Morning America, as well as ABC News Radio and ABC News Now. Ward covered the Russian presidential election while on assignment in Russia.

She was in Georgia at the time of Russian interference in the country of Georgia. Following her promotion to ABC News' Asia Correspondent, Ward was assigned to Beijing, where she covered the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami. She also reported on the conflict in Afghanistan.

Ward also worked for CBS News as an international news reporter. In that capacity, she worked as a staff writer for 60 Minutes and as a host for CBS This Morning. She covered a wide range of international news, such as the Syrian uprising, Chinese civil rights activist Chen Guangcheng's sojourn at the United States Embassy in Beijing, and subsequent negotiations between the United States and China. She also covered the 2014 Ukrainian revolution.

Clarissa Ward's book

Ward's memoir, On All Fronts: The Education of a Journalist, recently published by Penguin Press, details her extraordinary career as a war reporter and the way she chronicled the violent reshaping of the globe from close quarters. Ward is the author of this work.

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Awards & Achievements

On May 21, 2012, in New York City, Ward was honored with a George Foster Peabody Award for her journalistic coverage of Syria during that country's uprising. Washington State University announced in October 2014 that Ward would receive the 2015 Murrow Award for International Reporting in April 2015.

She was honored by the Radio and Television Correspondents Association and received two Emmy Awards and an Alfred I. duPont-Columbia Silver Baton. She was named Reporter/Correspondent of the Year at the 2019 Gracie Awards.

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