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Locating clothes or jackets in your closet without proper lighting can be difficult and make life more complicated than necessary. When purchasing cloakroom lighting systems, it is important to carefully consider which types and features best complement the size, shape and electrical connection of your space. Your cabinet size, shape, and power availability all play a role in what type of lighting is right for your space.
When shopping for the best battery powered closet light, it's important to carefully review all the options available that might work well to illuminate everything - your closet lights should provide illumination without being an eyesore - lighting systems provide illumination throughout your closet! When shopping for wardrobe closet lighting, it is important to consider certain features when shopping that will work with their size, shape or lack thereof based on the amount of space available in their area – while shopping. If you are considering lighting for a closet, it should be fully illuminated. Your cabinet size, shape and whether or not it uses electricity best - which type works best.
Best Battery Operated Closet Light

#1 Best Seller

best battery operated closet light 2023 Tested & Rated - LavaLove (1)

TOOWELL Motion Sensor Ceiling Light Battery Operated LED Ceiling Lights Indoor Outdoor Closet Hallway Pantry Laundry Stairs Garage Bathroom Shower Porch Shed Wall 400lm Motion Activated Light

  • Update daylight/night mode: Slide the switch to turn the photocell sensor on or off. In DAYLIGHT mode, the motion-motivated light is on all day, and in NIGHT mode, the light can only be detected at night and turns off automatically after 20 seconds. Humanization design indoor motion sensor light
  • Closet Lights Motion Sensored: Built-in PIR infrared motion sensor with 120 degree detection angle. The battery-powered ceiling light turns on instantly when it detects motion from up to 20 feet away
  • 400 LUMEN/6000K: Super bright, with 80pcs bright and long-life SMD2835 LEDs. It diffuses well in all directions and spreads wider coverage as well. Protect your lover and children from darkness and fear
  • Energy Efficient Battery Operated LED Lights: 4 D cell batteries (not included) Our quality LED will never need to be replaced. It's so efficient; You get more than 6 months of light with one set of batteries. Please note: We stick a blue film on the silver part to keep it clean. You can tear off the blue protective film before use
  • WIRELESS LIGHTS & EASY TO INSTALL: Light for closet without electricity, quick and easy to install in less than 5 minutes. TOOWELL cordless LED ceiling lights are great for illuminating closet, pantry, stairwell, shed, porch and storage room.

sale#2 Best Seller

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WhitePoplar LED Ceiling Light with Motion Sensor Battery Powered Wireless Motion Activated LED Light 300lm White Battery Indoor Lighting for Closet Wireless Stair Hallway Bedroom Pantry Shed Shower

  • Motion Activated - With a built-in PIR motion sensor with a 120° detection angle, this smart LED motion sensor closet light turns on instantly when it detects motion from up to 18ft away and turns off automatically after 20 seconds of motion.
  • Energy Saving Battery Operated Light - Powered by energy efficient design, this cordless LED closet light will only turn on in dark environment when motion is detected. Turn off the device in a bright environment to extend battery life.
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND WIDE APPLICATION - No cable required, quick and easy to install in less than 5 minutes. WhitePoplar Battery Powered Motion Sensor Light is perfect for dark areas in your home including closet, basement, shower, stair, garage, pantry, hallway, closet, bathroom etc.
  • 300 Lumens - Ultra bright indoor LED ceiling light diffuses well in all directions and also spreads a wider coverage of 120m². No dimming and no dizziness, comfortable brightness to see clearly without irritating your eyes in sudden light. Make sure you never stumble at night.
  • Cordless Battery Operated - LED ceiling light powered by 4 D cell batteries (not included). Expect about half a year of light from each set of batteries with an average use of 8-10 activations per day. Auto On, free your hand anywhere, no more fumbling for the light switch in the dark.
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sale#3 Best Seller

best battery operated closet light 2023 Tested & Rated - LavaLove (3)

Brilliant Evolution Ultra Thin Wireless LED Touch Lights 2 Pack | LED base cabinet lighting | Cabinet lighting | Battery Operated Lights | Under counter lighting | Stick On Push Lights

  • 45 LUMEN - Super bright, long-lasting LEDs with a warm white light of 3000K. LEDs never need to be replaced.
  • ULTRA THIN DESIGN - The Brilliant Evolution LED puck lights are only 1 inch thick, making them easy to fit under your cabinets, countertops, bookshelves, bathroom vanity, stair, pantry or closet.
  • ON/OFF TAP LIGHT - These under table lamps are touch sensitive so you can turn the light on and off by simply touching the lens.
  • INSTALLATION TAPE AND SCREWS INCLUDED - Install your new Brilliant Evolution lights in seconds with either the heavy-duty tape or screws (both options included). This makes the battery operated wireless LED lights perfect for any room in your home including the kitchen, bathroom, pantry, closet, office, garage and bedroom.
  • LONG LASTING BRIGHTNESS - Lasts 4x longer than other battery powered lights. Runs on 3 AA batteries per light (not included).

sale#4 Best Seller

best battery operated closet light 2023 Tested & Rated - LavaLove (4)

54 LED Motion Sensor Closet Light Under Cabinet Lights Wireless USB Rechargeable Kitchen Night Lights Battery Powered Light Uniform Light for Wardrobe Closet Closet (Warm Light) - 2PCS

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  • 1、★【New Upgrade】: These LED cabinet lights with 54 lamp beads adopt new design and production process. The LED lamp emits light from the side. The light is refracted by the reflector to the light guide plate and then distributed evenly over the lamp surface by the diffuser plate. This light is brighter (up to 300 lumens brightness) but doesn't glare and the light is quite soft. This USB rechargeable LED under cabinet light is made of aluminum alloy.
  • 2、★【EASY TO INSTALL】Built-in magnet to stick on any ironwork: This closet light with wireless motion sensor can stick on any ironwork, or you can use the included stick-and-iron tape to stick on any non-iron item surface. When you need to charge or change places, you can turn off the cabinet light at any time.
  • 3、★【3 Working Modes Adjustable】: These stick on cabinet lights have 3 mode switch which is on-off-G to always set it to ON, OFF or motion sensor mode. Therefore, you can use these closet lights as a regular closet/cabinet/drawer night light or motion sensor light. In G mode and dark environment, these cabinet lights will automatically detect human movement within a range of 120° and turn off automatically after 20 seconds of no movement.
  • 4、★【USB Rechargeable & Energy Saving】: These battery powered LED lights have built-in 2500mAh large capacity battery, easy to charge by USB cable (included). After fully charged, the wireless under cabinet light can last about 3 hours in (ON) mode and 2-4 weeks in motion sensor (G) mode (activate 10 times a day).
  • 5、★【Wide Application】: This multifunctional cabinet light is ideal for bedroom, baby room, closet, closets, closet, corridor, workshop, basement, garage, stairwell, garage entrance, pantry and other places. We offer two-year quality assurance. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts.

#5 Best Seller

best battery operated closet light 2023 Tested & Rated - LavaLove (5)

BLS LED cabinet light battery operated, T401 super bright wireless under cabinet lighting | light with motion sensor | Large 4500 mAh battery operated | 6000K white glow | 180 days of battery life

  • 200 lumens wireless installation: Super bright LEDs, 6000K clean white glow. Attachment with screws or 3M tape (both included); Built-in powerful magnets, this LED light can also be attached to any iron surface. No hard wiring required. Super easy to install and remove.
  • 180 DAYS RUNTIME: Built-in latest 4500mAh UL-certified battery, one charge lasts 180 days in AUTO mode (10 times a day, use 20 seconds each time), 5 times longer battery life than other LED lights! Best-in-class battery life, no need to buy batteries, saves time, money and is environmentally friendly!
  • SMARTER MOTION SENSING LIGHT: In AUTO mode, the motion-activated cabinet light turns on when it detects motion in both dark and dimly lit environments. Constant Sense technology allows it to constantly detect motion, stay on as long as you're near, and automatically turn off 18 seconds after you leave. The sensitivity of the motion sensor can be adjusted by turning the light. Optimal lighting effect by adjusting the light angle, no glare, easy on the eyes
  • ON/OFF/AUTO SWITCH: Easy to use, no complicated programming or setting! Built-in light sensor, only lights up when the light is needed, but stays off when the surrounding is bright to save battery. Auto/On/Off 3 modes available for different occasions.
  • 18 MONTHS WARRANTY: BLS provides 18 months quality assurance, 100% satisfactory after-sales service and lifetime technical support. BLS strives to make the best cabinet light in the world. Order now and enjoy your low carbon life!

#6 Best Seller

best battery operated closet light 2023 Tested & Rated - LavaLove (6)

goodland 160 LED Cabinet Lights Motion Sensor Under Cabinet Lights Wireless Indoor Lighting 3600mAh Battery Powered Light Strip Dimmable Rechargeable Cabinet Lights for Kitchen, Wardrobe, Stairs (2 Pack)

  • 【BRIGHT & DIMMABLE】-- Equipped with 160 energy-saving LEDs, LED cabinet lights offer 3 color temperatures (cool white, warm white, natural white) to illuminate your home. Thanks to the stepless dimming function, you can set the intensity of the cabinet light as you like.
  • 【4 SWITCH MODES】-- MODE 1: Always on mode, MODE 2: All day capture mode (Red indicator light flashes 6 seconds), MODE 3: Night capture mode (Green indicator light flashes 6 seconds), MODE 4: OFF. Click S2 button to change mode, long press S2 button to control power on/off.
  • 【EASY TO INSTALL】-- Stick the magnetic strip on the place you want to attach, magnetically absorb the activated LED cabinet light movement, and you're done. Couldn't be easier to install and remove. Equipped with a 3600mAh battery, the rechargeable closet light can be charged and reused many times, which is more efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • 【MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS】 -- Under cabinet lights are suitable for various occasions, such as
  • 【HASSLE-FREE SERVICE】-- We promise that every cabinet LED motion sensor light has been through strict quality control before shipment. We offer you a 24-month guarantee and free exchange service. Please do not hesitate to contact us via Amazon if there is any product issue.
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sale#7 Best Seller

best battery operated closet light 2023 Tested & Rated - LavaLove (7)

TOOWELL Indoor Motion Sensor Light Battery Powered 80 LED Wireless Ceiling Light Battery Operated Closet Shower Pantry Stair Hallway Shed Garage Basement Bathroom Wall 400LM Soft White

  • Update daylight/night mode: Slide the switch to turn the photocell sensor on or off. In DAYLIGHT mode, the light could be on all day, and in NIGHT mode, the light could be on only at night. Humanization design for home lighting convenience
  • Motion Activated Light: Built-in PIR infrared motion sensor with 120 degree detection angle. This light turns on instantly when it detects motion from up to 22 feet away. Your activity under the light keeps the light on constantly. Automatically turns off after 20 seconds if no motion is detected.
  • 400 LUMEN: Super bright, with 80 pieces of bright and long-lasting SMD2835 LEDs. It spreads well in all directions and also spreads wider coverage. Protect your lover and children from darkness and fear
  • Energy Efficient Battery Operated Light: 4 D cell batteries (not included) Our quality LED will never need to be replaced. It's so efficient; You get more than 6 months of light with one set of batteries. Please note: We stick a blue film on the silver part to keep it clean. You can tear off the blue protective film before use.
  • Lights without wiring and easy to install: quick and easy to install in less than 5 minutes, avoid electric shock. TOOWELL battery lights are easy to put on the wall where there is no electricity, ideal for closet, pantry, stair, shed, porch and storage room where no cable can arrive.

#8 Best Seller

best battery operated closet light 2023 Tested & Rated - LavaLove (8)

BLS Indoor Motion Sensor Light LED Night Light Closet Lights Battery Operated Ceiling Lights Under Cabinet Battery Operated Wireless AA Stick on Puck Lights for Wall Step Staircase Dimmable (3 Pack)

  • SUPER BRIGHT & DIMMABLE: Up to 150 lumens, 6000K clean white light. 5 times brighter than other similar products. Press the +/- button to select the desired brightness level from 20 LM (min) to 150 LM (max).
  • IMPROVED MOTION-ACTIVATED LIGHT WITH 3 MODES: Continuous ON / AUTO NIGHT / AUTO DAY & NIGHT. The two motion sensor modes are suitable for different scenarios in your daily life, reliable motion sensor works every time. BLS Constant-Sense technology allows it to constantly sense movement, staying on while you're around and automatically turning off 20 seconds after you leave.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT BATTERY OPERATED LIGHTS: Powered by three AA batteries (not included) for cordless installation to give you lighting in areas that don't have access to electricity. 3PCS AA batteries last up to 12 months in motion sensor mode (use it 10 times a day, 20 seconds each time).
  • HIGH QUALITY 3M ADHESIVES: Quickly and conveniently attach the BLS Motion Sensor Night Light to any type of surface. High quality 3M adhesive stick firmly and protect your furniture or walls from damage. Alternatively, you can mount the lights with screws or simply hang the lights anywhere you like using the unique hanging hole.
  • 30 MONTHS WARRANTY: Beautifully designed and functional lights come with a 30-day money back guarantee and 30-month hassle-free replacement guarantee. At BLS we focus on what our customers care about and we strive to make the best motion sensor lights in the world. Bring safety and comfort to you and your family! Order now and enjoy your low carbon life!

19,99 $

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sale#9 Best Seller

best battery operated closet light 2023 Tested & Rated - LavaLove (9)

BLS T01L LED Cabinet Light Super Bright 20 LED Under Cabinet Lights Battery Operated DC IN Cordless Motion Sensor Auto On-Off Switch Motion Sensor & Light Sensor Beam Adjustable

  • MOTION SENSING LIGHT SWITCH - The T01L light turns on automatically when you get within 10 feet of Auto mode, and the light stays on for an additional 20 seconds after you exit Auto mode. Auto/On/Off 3 modes available for different occasions. With the built-in light sensor you can choose whether you want to work only at NIGHT or at DAY and NIGHT.
  • LONGER AND BRIGHTER - 14 inch panel, 2 watts, equipped with 20 super bright LEDs. Emit 180 lumens of soft white light. Installation takes just a few seconds with the included screws or 3M sticker.
  • Excellent Runtime - Powered by 3 AA batteries (batteries not included). No wiring required! Use it 10 times a day, 3 AA batteries last up to 6 months! The T01L light can also be powered by a 5V USB DC plug (DC cable included) to provide constant lighting.
  • Adjustable Light Beam & Motion Sensor - The unique design allows for pivoting to adjust beam directions, and the motion sensor is also adjustable to change sensitivity. These under cabinet LED lights can be mounted in a horizontal or vertical position.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Comes with 30-day money-back guarantee and 12-month hassle-free replacement guarantee. The T01L might just be the best closet light you can find, so order now and enjoy your better lifestyle!

sale#10 Best Seller

best battery operated closet light 2023 Tested & Rated - LavaLove (10)

VYANLIGHT LED Motion Sensor Lights 10 LED Battery Powered Motion Light Stick Anywhere Magnetic Night Light Strip for Under Closet Closet Hallway Staircase Wardrobe Kitchen Vanity 3 Pack

  • MOTION SENSING LED LIGHT BAR: Enhance your living space and add a touch of elegance and technology with VyanLight Motion Sensor LED Lights. Our cabinet light features Passive Infrared (PIR) technology that detects human movement to turn it on in the dark. The cabinet LED light comes with 10 high quality LED lights to provide bright illumination in a dark environment.
  • BUILT-IN HIGH QUALITY SENSORS: This motion sensor night light has a 9ft sensor range to automatically turn off after 20 seconds of no motion or when other light sources are detected. ONLY WORKS IN THE DARK Light sensor detects other lights and does not turn on the light. The 7.5" x 1.2" LED bar is an optimal solution for illuminating compact spaces and dark corners.
  • BATTERY OPERATED BRIGHT LIGHTS: VyanLight motion-activated LED lights are wireless for a quick, easy, and mess-free installation. Each under cabinet light bar is powered by 4 AAA batteries (not included). Detach the lights from the magnetic strip for a quick battery change. The built-in daylight sensor ensures long battery life by not turning on when other light sources are detected.
  • MULTIPURPOSE AND DURABLE: This motion sensor cabinet light is made of high quality materials that will not crack, bend or corrode over time. This motion sensor night light is perfect for use in the kitchen, closet, pantry, hallway, bathroom, drawer, attic, basement, kid's room, closet, closet, garage, storm cellar, vanity mirror, workspace and any other dark place.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: These motion sensors under cabinet lights include an adhesive-backed magnetic strip for easy peel-and-stick installation. The automatic cabinet lighting is attached to the magnetic strip for removal and battery replacement. No tools, nuts or bolts are required to install these closet motion lights. Mount it on a dry, clean and flat surface.

20,99 $

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Popular types of cabinet lighting
Strip lighting, track lighting and recessed lighting are the three main forms of cabinet lighting. Each option is equipped with different lamps and brackets; Some even come with sensors that turn them on automatically, while others have battery power for easy setup.
Strip Lights consist of flexible cables with small LED bulbs connected by flexible cables or strips and attached to walls or surfaces with adhesive backing. The strip lighting requires no hard wiring - just plug in and go. Their compact nature makes them great for illuminating small dark areas. In fact, many strip lights come with remote controls so you can customize their pattern and color - an effective way to brighten up any closet!
recessed lights
Once hardwired, recessed lighting sits flush against the wall, typically with an 8- to 12-inch diameter bulb. If you want to install several smaller recessed lights for your wardrobe instead of one or two larger lights.
Install recessed lights when there is at least 6 inches between them and clothing or other items in your closet.
Track lighting systems consist of individual bulbs mounted on a metal track, allowing for flexible lighting of specific areas in your closet. Since individual lamps can be rotated, track lights are ideal for accentuating certain areas. They work best in walk-in closets as their larger closet allows for ceiling space to be freed up without creating fire hazards; In addition, they only require one point of hardwiring (as opposed to multiple as with recessed lights).
Motion sensor lighting
Motion sensor lights are designed to activate when they detect movement within their sensor area, with active ultrasonic and passive infrared (PIR) being the two most popular methods. PIR uses ultrasonic waves, while active ultrasound uses changes in body heat or infrared signals to detect movement, both of which work similarly and are automatically activated when movement occurs in their area. Motion sensors make closet lighting convenient as there are no switches or toggles to turn on or off to activate or turn off lights!
Wireless lighting
Sometimes it can be difficult or impossible to install closet lighting by cutting into the ceiling or walls. Cordless closet lighting can be an ideal alternative in these cases as it does not require any electrical wiring; Battery powered lights typically use AAA or AA batteries, which can even be recharged!
Plug the charging cable that came with your cordless light into any standard USB port or phone charger. wireless lights can then be mounted on surfaces using magnetic strips or wall adhesive. Most wireless lights can run continuously for five hours or intermittently for up to two months.
How to choose the ideal closet lighting
When purchasing closet lighting, you should consider several factors including size and layout, as well as your personal style and the type/amount of lighting you want for the space. Your lighting choices can have a huge impact on how clothing is worn in public - particularly hue and brightness settings, which can affect visual impact.
closet spaces and functions
Some cabinets may not be suitable for all types of lighting. When working with electrical equipment and wiring, fire safety must always be taken into account; Most corded lighting fixtures require at least 6-12 inches between their light source and any surface they illuminate, per National Electric Code regulations; Closet lighting should always be surface mounted or recessed with no exposed bulbs unless the closet is used as an open walk-in space.
Size and placement are key to determining what lighting can be used in your closet. Therefore, be sure to check with your local municipality to find out about the building codes that apply to this space.
Material for cabinet lighting
The type of material used for cabinet lighting depends on its purpose. Metal is widely used for track lighting frames or rails with different finishes to suit different decor styles. Recessed lights often have white resin plastic rings or silver metal rings as housings.
Fluorescent lighting vs. LED lighting
What are the differences between fluorescent and LED lighting systems?
Fluorescent lamps are gas discharge lamps that require an electrical charge to switch on. Over time, fluorescent lights can begin to hum; Nonetheless, fluorescent lamps have provided bright, reliable lighting for decades and are also more energy efficient than incandescent lamps.
Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are purely electrical. LED lighting offers many advantages over fluorescent lighting: it's brighter and lasts longer, turns on faster and doesn't need to be handled with care like fluorescent lighting that contains mercury. Additionally, LEDs use less power per light produced than a higher wattage incandescent bulb, making LED lights an excellent choice for cabinet lighting applications.
Brightness and color temperature measurements
Brightness and color temperature are important considerations when looking for closet lighting. You determine how effectively a light bulb illuminates your space. Two important measurements to look for when shopping are lumens and watts; Lumens measure brightness while watts measure energy consumption. A 7-15 watt or 500-1000 lumen LED system will best illuminate a small 30 to 80 square foot closet; A 15 watt LED is equivalent in brightness to either a 75w or 25w incandescent lamp and will produce approximately 800 lumens when illuminated against its energy consumption compared to a 75w or a 25W incandescent bulb that produces around 1000 lumens, while additional fixtures and higher wattage lamps may be required when lighting larger cabinets.
The Kelvin scale is used to measure the color temperature, or tone, of a lightbulb. Lower Kelvin values ​​(2,000-4,000) produce yellowish warm tones, while cooler white tones are found between 4,500 and 6,000 Kelvin. Warmer lighting can help reduce eye strain while making it easier to distinguish different colors of clothing.
When choosing closet lighting, the design is more important than the color of the bulbs. While most cabinet lights feature simple white trim to match existing finishes such as walls and other surfaces, other lights are also available with black, bronze, silver, or other trim colors. When choosing lighting for your closet space, consider the style or design of your home. Industrial, vintage or contemporary modern furnishings may suit their decor better; For larger closets, larger than a 4 by 6 closet, you have more freedom in choosing fixtures with more ornate designs or larger lighting designs from which to choose fixtures that are suitable for the decor that goes with the decor more fitting than simply opting for white light bulbs.
Wired vs. wireless
Your closet characteristics, as well as your willingness and ability to invest the time and money to install closet lighting, will determine whether you choose hardwired or wireless lights. Hardwired fixtures require cutting wires, removing drywall, and attaching hardware—tasks best left to professional electricians. Installing wireless closet lights should be easy as long as you follow safety instructions and turn off all electrical sources before beginning the job.
Consider investing in cordless or battery powered lights if you need easy cabinet lighting installation. Most cordless lights today use rechargeable AA or AAA battery packs that last two months; Many even have rechargeable versions, allowing users to charge them with a USB charger!
How to choose an effective closet light
Top lighting brands offer a plethora of options, but the most desired ones in each category depend largely on brightness, ease of installation, and other features.
Users preferred motion detectors, recessed lights and cordless lighting, as well as LED-equipped track lighting for track applications. Some top picks offer 55-1500 lumens of lighting, while some even come with remote controls, auto shutoffs, multiple surfaces, and different light tones for even more versatility.
Some closet lighting ideas require hard wiring, while others can be charged or battery powered - battery powered or rechargeable lights can last 50,000 working hours!
Finding the ideal closet light requires careful thought and careful research. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about closet lighting.
Would you like to know if installing recessed lighting in a cupboard or drawer would be possible?
Installing recessed lighting in a cabinet requires hard wiring. As with all electrical work, when installing cabinet lighting or performing any other electrical work, it is essential to comply with fire codes and building codes.
How many lumens are needed for lighting in a closet or room?
Adequate illuminance for a 20 to 50 square foot closet should be between 500 and 1000 lumens.
How much light do I need in a walk-in closet?
Quickly determine the recommended lumens per square foot in any space by multiplying the square footage by your desired lumens/sqft (aka "foot candles") or light source intensity, for example, the recommended minimum is 20 lumens per square foot - for so a 7×10 walk-in closet with 20 lumens per square foot would require 70 square feet times 20 lumens/sqft = 1,400 watts of light output!
Install a cabinet light (Closet Light Installation Guide).
Your choice of fixture and cabinet layout will determine how much space is available for storage. Luminaire installation itself can involve simple tasks such as removing adhesive backing or more complex operations such as cutting into walls to hard-wire electrical units; For those who are inexperienced in installing lights, it is advisable to seek professional help with this decision.
What do I do with the light in my closet?
Although light fixtures may not be required in standard cabinets, builders and electricians generally consider them best practice and believe they add significant value to your home.


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