12 of the best subscription boxes for new parents (2023)

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When you're caught in the clutches of new parenthood, you're likely to be showered with thoughtful and thoughtful thoughtsgenerous giftsfor your new baby. Friends and family love shopping for adorable baby clothes, toys, stuffed animals and blankets, and receiving gifts is great,you might be wonderingDo I really need all this stuff?

In fact, when you actually stop thinking about what you're doingAgainneed it, it's probably a different story - diapers, wipes, a quick meal, a good night's sleep, maybe even a foot massage would be nice.

It's true: New parents could use a lot of help in the first few months, especially practical things that make their life a little easier. This is where subscription boxes can come in handy. They are sent straight to your door and can even be set to arrive continuously - right when the item is next needed.

Because subscription boxes are so handy for the new parent's kit, there are a number of brands on the market that cater specifically to them and will come in handy during the first year or throughout life with a new baby. Here are some of the best subscription boxes out there for new parents.

For this list, we've selected top-rated subscription boxes from companies that we think are doing a good job. We also read many customer reviews. Most of these companies are started by real parents (okay, maybe those celebrity couples I mentioned have a little extra help) who know what it's like to be new moms and dads.

A note on the price

We've calculated the price range of these items based on the average monthly cost, but comparing a box of treats to a stack of diapers isn't fair. In addition, many of these companies have seasonal discounts or first-time offers. So click on the link in each section for the most accurate prices.

  • $= under $30
  • $$ =$30–$50
  • $$$= $50–$70
  • $$$$= over $70

Oh baby boxes


As a new parent, you deserve to feel pampered — and that's what this subscription box is designed to do. Oh Baby takes your due date into account as they curate boxes tailored to your specific stage of pregnancy or new parenthood.

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Included in each monthly box are 6 to 8 all-natural and organic wellness and skincare products, fashion items, and other fun treats that have been extensively researched, tested, and verified for efficacy and safety. From nipple balms to anti-wrinkle eye masks, this box is a monthly reminder to take care of yourself.



A focus on mental health is a necessary part of life, but never more so than in the early years of parenting. Aiming to make the process of maintaining a self-care ritual more tangible, TheraBox broadcasts a Monthly Happiness Activity (think journaling and mindfulness practices) and 6-8 great wellness items for your mind, body and spirit.

Products are curated by therapists and include self-care treats like aromatic oils, organic bath, body and skin care products, candles and herbal teas. You can't customize what you get with a monthly subscription, but you can cancel at any time.



New sleep-deprived parents will agree: caffeine is a form of self-care. Theshark tank-boosted brand is ideal for any coffee lover, but especially for those who could use a cup (or four) of joe to kick-start what is likely to be a long day.

After completing a short questionnaire, the company will send a personalised, freshly roasted coffee selection to your doorstep. You can customize the frequency (monthly, bi-monthly, every 3 weeks), price tier, and the number of bags you want to receive in each order. Plus, with over 500 blends from over 50 roasters, you'll always be trying something new.

mom needs


Created by a mother of three, this box focuses on monthly themes and is filled with products aimed at uplifting and encouraging moms. Past topics include mom needs coffee, mom needs a date night, and mom needs a meal plan.

And despite the name, most of the goodies included in this box aren't strictly a "need to have." But if you're a busy new mom, we think a monthly supply of fun self-care products definitely couldn't hurt.

One subscriber says, "The Mama Needs box is such a treat!! The Mom Needs A Spa Day box contained so many fun treats, from bath bombs to an eye mask to essential oils. I love that the items support local mom businesses!”


Whether or not you loved cooking before baby, you most likely don't have time for it anymore thanks to your newest (and most adorable) roommate. If you have a pressure cooker, Tiller & Hatch is a great solution. Oh, and it was founded by two of the internet's most popular parents, J.Lo and A-Rod.

This subscription includes high-quality frozen meals created for the pressure cooker to be ready in minutes. Choose from dishes like Italian-style stew, Southwestern-style minestrone soup, farfalle with Marsala sauce and more.

toy library


In the first few months as a new parent, you'll probably feel like your child has more toys than they know how to handle—yet they seem to lose interest as they growastonishingTempo.

This is why a toy rental subscription can be particularly useful. ToyLibrary lets you choose two toys from over 500 popular brands (including Lego, Disney, Hot Wheels and Fisher-Price) to play with for as long as your child wants.

When they're done playing, simply return the toys in prepaid mail to exchange them for something new. Each toy is cleaned and disinfected before arrival and comes with instructions.

Lovevery Die Play-Kits


This subscription boxed service broadcasts a research-backed selection of non-toxic play products (not all are considered "toys") to help parents get more meaningful moments out of playtime with their little ones.

Once you enter your child's age range (0-8 weeks, 3-4 months, 5-6 months, etc.), Lovevery will send products specifically designed for maximum cognitive development for that period of your child's life. You can start and end the subscription at any time

Hello Bello diaper package

It turns out that Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard know a thing or two about what new parents could really need in their arsenal during the early years of raising a tiny human: diapers — and lots of them.

With her subscription bundling diaper service, Hello Bello, you can choose the size (or sizes) you need, choose from her adorable patterns (think donuts and dinosaurs), choose your frequency (every 3, 4, or 5 weeks), and add anything else you would like as needed (like wipes, soaps, creams etc.).

Another great feature of Hello Bello is their commitment to using eco-friendly, organic materials in their products. Their diapers are made with a plant-based core and always include an ingredients list for added transparency, even when not required by federal regulations.

Honest Company Windel-Abo


Not that we're walking the red carpet here, butOthersThe celebrity-founded diaper subscription option comes from Jessica Alba's Honest Company. Honest Company offers a monthly supply of seven packs of diapers and four packs of wipes under its line of mostly natural, organic skincare and household products.

Like Hello Bello, these diapers come in adorable patterns and you can mix and match the prints to customize your order. However, they are slightly more expensive than Hello Bello for the same amount of product.


Once upon a farm subscription


As your little one gets a little older (think 5-9 months and older), these farm-fresh, organic, cold-pressed fruit and vegetable mixes (and smoothies) come as on-the-go snacks.

Once Upon a Farm's squeezable mixes come in a variety of flavors, so you can choose your child's favorites when customizing your plan. Select 24 bags, choose the date and frequency of your deliveries, and the bags will arrive to you once or permanently.

One reviewer says: "My boys love the different pouches. I love that it's good for her and has the best ingredients. My youngest son is a picky eater but he loves these!”

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Die Dashing Squad Mommy and Me Box


This subscription box was started by a mother of four who was looking for a way to support the small businesses she loves. The Dashing Squad fills its monthly boxes with sustainably sourced, eco-conscious mom and baby products—typically clothes for the little ones and artisan beauty products or homewares for mom—all from small, local businesses.

This one is pricey for a monthly goody box, but based on the reviews, people seem to think it's worth it if you want to shop small and eco-conscious.

A subscriber says, "I'm 2 boxes in and I'M IN LOVEEEE. The items in the boxes were so high quality and so unique. You can tell the owner takes his time and puts a lot of thought into choosing what goes in the box.”



Another subscription that focuses on both parents and baby is Bluum. They only select the top rated toys and products, from baby books to eco-friendly laundry soap, depending on your child's age.

Bluum boxes aren't themed, so you really never know what you're going to get inside. You might find the teether of your baby's dreams or end up with a baby sunscreen you already have, but either way you have the option to swap out your box if you're not happy with the goodies inside.

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VonJenne Sinricham 26. May 2020fact checkedvon

Jennifer Chesak

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