12 Movies For Harry Potter Fans Who Don't Want To See Harry Potter (2023)

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WithHogwarts Erbethis weekend, those who grew up reading the Harry Potter books and movies might be itching to return to the wizarding world. But withCreator J.K. Rowling's antagonistic comment on gender identityA once funny premise for some fans. As such,Many have chosen not to engage with Harry Potter content, past or present, no matter how much they once loved it. However, magic schools are a cool genre and not uncommon.

Fantasy stories centered around young protagonists often use a school-like setting to establish the familiar while spinning the fantastic. There are plenty of films out there that tick similar boxes, whether it's a fancy school setting, family-friendly fantasy with bright visuals, or magical and witchy vibes. So if you're staring at your TV screen and wanting something to scratch that certain itch, here are some movies that are just for you.

The School of Good and Evil

12 Movies For Harry Potter Fans Who Don't Want To See Harry Potter (1) Foto: Gilles Mingasson/Netflix

One of the newest entries in the magic school genre,The School of Good and Evilis a fantastic film that revels in the fairy tale genre it seeks to dissect. The film follows two unlikely best friends, grumpy Agatha and cheeky Sophie, who are whisked away to a mysterious school for aspiring fairytale characters. But much to her surprise, Agatha is thrown into the "good" school with the glamorous princesses and suave princes, while Sophie is picked for the "bad" school, full of picture-book villain children.

It's a fun film that just absolutely loves the world it's set in, while also not letting old tropes go unchallenged. As I said in my review,The School of Good and Evilis exactly what I would have written in the margins of my notes in middle school—and that's a good thing.– Petrana Radulović

The School of Good and Evilis streaming on Netflix.

sky high

12 Movies For Harry Potter Fans Who Don't Want To See Harry Potter (2) Bild: Buena Vista Pictures
(Video) Harry Potter Cast URGE Fans To Not Play Hogwarts Legacy.. Here's Why

In many ways, this is the superhero equivalent ofThe School of Good and Evil.A superhero comedy about a high school for teenage superheroes,sky highhas developed something of a cult following for its cheesy fun times and light-hearted parody of the superhero genre (just before the genre exploded into the all-encompassing blockbuster mainstay it is today). It stars Kurt Russell! There's Mary Elizabeth Winstead before she got famous! And it's one of the few live-action projectstensile forcesAlso.—Pete Volk

sky highwill continue to be streamedDisneyPlus.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

12 Movies For Harry Potter Fans Who Don't Want To See Harry Potter (3) Photo: 20th Century Studios

Perhaps Tim Burton's last really great filmSleepy Cave1999, so like a blockbuster running with steam by an aging visual artist, no,Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Childrenis not top notch. But in an era of homogenous superhero films, it bangs. Adapted from Ransom Rigg's popular fantasy novel of the same name,Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar ChildrenBasically X-Men for goths, it follows a group of superhuman kids who tame all their abilities under the watchful eye of a shapeshifting headmistress (Eva Green). While the film mostly drifts from set piece to set piece, Burton goes to town using special effects, macabre design and even a bit of stop motion to bring the world of quirky Peculiars and evil monsters to life. He even casts Samuel L. Jackson as a white-haired, fanged demon and lets him go. To. City. There are plenty of little gifts in this fantastic romp, although the whole thing doesn't gel. (We didn't get a sequel for a reason.) -Matt Patches

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Childrenis available for digital rental or purchaseAmazonas,Apple TV, Google Play andVudu.

The house with a clock in its walls

12 Movies For Harry Potter Fans Who Don't Want To See Harry Potter (4) Bild: Universal Pictures

A perfectly spooky movie that works even when it's not Halloween,The house with a clock in its wallsabolishes one wizarding school and instead assigns a designated wizarding teacher to an aspiring young sorcerer. This magic teacher is none other than Jack Black, who plays Uncle Jonathan, the owner of the titular house. Cate Blanchett plays his neighbor and witchy best friend next door. This is an excellent cast right off the bat, and they are totally immersed in the role. Even though this is a family-friendly movie, there are still some pretty darn scary moments! Nothing too traumatic for a younger audience (except maybe forBaby Jack Black). —PR

The house with a clock in its wallsis available for rentPrime-Video,Vudu,Apple TV, and Redbox.

(Video) JK Rowling Is BANNED From The Harry Potter Reunion.. Here's Why!

We can be heroes

12 Movies For Harry Potter Fans Who Don't Want To See Harry Potter (5) Foto: Ryan Green/Netflix

Honestly, every Robert Rodriguez (spy kids,The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl) might fit here, butWe can be heroes is (1) the newest and (2) the closest thing to a fun school environment. Now the second generation of superheroes trapped in a classroom in this movie don't get a chance to take classes or learn from mad professors before disaster strikes. But they bond and figure out how to use their powers, putting a lot of emphasis on being a second generation of heroes to take the mantle. There is also a training montage! It's a fun timespy kidsmade the action genre accessible and kid-friendly in 2001, andWe can be heroesdoes the same for the superhero genre. —PR

We can be heroesis streaming on Netflix.

Secret society of second-born royals

12 Movies For Harry Potter Fans Who Don't Want To See Harry Potter (6) Image: Disney Plus

Disney's Descendants trilogy - which follows the children of famous Disney characters like Maleficent, Belle and Ursula - is an obvious choice for anyone looking for a magical school film. However, if you're not a die-hard Disney fan, then you might not enjoy the Disney Channel Original Movie series so much.

Instead I offerSecret society of second-born royalsas a solid alternative. This Disney Plus original is a little more polished and expensive than a DCOM, but still focuses on young protagonists battling the forces of evil by teaming up and figuring out how to use their versatile powers. It follows a second daughter of a fictional country who learns that she - and other second-born royal children - have secret superpowers they must use to protect the world. —PR

Secret society of second-born royalswill continue to be streamedDisneyPlus.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

12 Movies For Harry Potter Fans Who Don't Want To See Harry Potter (7) Bild: Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment

In this reinterpretation of a DisneyFantasiesIn short, Jay Baruchel and Nicolas Cage battle the forces of evil and clumsy youth in a bubbling action-fantasy brew. Directed by Jon Turteltaub of the National Treasure franchiseThe Sorcerer's Apprenticefollows a wizard named Balthazar (Cage) and his reluctant apprentice Dave (Baruchel), who would rather play with his Tesla coils and fall in love with his childhood crush, Becky (Teresa Palmer), than wage war against a bunch of other occult beings respectively . But when things get murky (this is a pun you'll appreciate more if you follow our recommendation), Dave steps up and slips into the "old man shoes" that are part of his new magical uniform.

The Sorcerer's Apprenticeis as sweet as it is odd, thanks to Cage's surprisingly understated performance – he was the driving force behind the film, so it could have easily gone off the rails – and Baruchel's slack seriousness. This allows Alfred Molina to cast himself as the main antagonist in a film that balances wonder and reason far better than its initial critical reception would suggest. —Danette Chavez

The Sorcerer's Apprenticewill continue to be streamedDisneyPlus.

Kiki's delivery service

12 Movies For Harry Potter Fans Who Don't Want To See Harry Potter (8) Bild: Studio Ghibli/GKIDS

Studio Ghibli's fourth feature film follows brave protagonist Kiki on a rite-of-passage journey for young witches. When she arrives in town, she finds a home by starting air service for a bakery. The film weaves witchcraft into the fabric of city life, taking fantastic themes and making them feel like part of life. The lovable cast of characters and wholesome story make this a great watch for all ages, but it also has a mature core. In Kiki's quest for a place in the world, Hayao Miyazaki beautifully captures that lonely middle ground between childhood and growing into independence. —Nicole Clark

Kiki's delivery servicewill continue to be streamedHBO Max.


12 Movies For Harry Potter Fans Who Don't Want To See Harry Potter (9) Bild: Singer White/Ventura Valley Film

In this must-buy 1998 Disney Channel Original film, a young girl and her siblings learn that they are descended from a long line of witches and are transported to Halloweentown, an alternate dimension inhabited by supernatural creatures from all planes of existence living together in harmony . There are ghosts and ghouls, witches and warlocks, goblins and werewolves, a wisecracking skeleton driving a cab, a giant jack-o-lantern in the town square, flying broomsticks, a mayor who looks like Willy Wonka and pulls a lollipop out of his ear - I have to keep going?

(Video) 6 Harry Potter Fans vs 1 Fake | Odd One Out

The first film is honestly the pinnacle of the Halloweentown franchise as things just go downhill after the sequel. Sure, you wouldn't necessarily expect a 1998 Disney Channel Original Movie to age well, butHalloweenstadtmanages to stand the test of time. Debbie Reynolds is wonderful as the children's estranged grandmother, Aggie, as is Kimberly J. Brown as the precocious apprentice witch Marnie. If you're looking for a fun holiday movie with eccentric characters, colorful sets and some creepy but not too creepy thrills then thenHalloweenstadtis a safe bet. —Toussaint Egan

Halloweenstadtwill continue to be streamedDisneyPlus.

Ella enchanted

12 Movies For Harry Potter Fans Who Don't Want To See Harry Potter (10) Image: Miramax Films

The 2004 adaptation of the children's classic, directed by Anne Hathaway, tells the story of Ella, who is cursed at birth to obey every command given to her by another and sets out on a quest to find the fairy godmother could undo spells.Ella enchantedtransforms the fairy godmother into something both silly and spooky, and the world teems with magic, from witches to elves to talking books. The movie really has it all: action, adventure, romance, multiple dance numbers, evil stepsisters, and a cameo by Heidi Klum. Above all, it is a coming-of-age story about a young woman who learns to live for herself. —NC

Ella enchantedis available for rentAmazonas,Apple, Google Play andVudu.

The child who would be king

12 Movies For Harry Potter Fans Who Don't Want To See Harry Potter (11) Foto: Twentieth Century Fox

Fans von Joe CornishAttack the blockdid not appear for its long-awaited sequel, which was canceled by 20th Century Fox just before the Disney acquisition went into effect. But anyone looking for the authentic revival of 80's adventure movies likes itThe Gooniesshould go back to find this reticent gem finding a 12 year old boy who inherits Excalibur and leading an army of his friends in battle against Morgana (Rebecca Ferguson). Cornish knows that to keep the whole family entertained, a film has to be exciting, wide-eyed and a little scary.The child who would be kingfulfills the wish. —MP

The child who would be kingwill continue to be streamedDisneyPlus.

(Video) 50 Harry Potter Facts YOU DIDN'T KNOW | The Geeky Informant

mirror Mirror

12 Movies For Harry Potter Fans Who Don't Want To See Harry Potter (12) Photo: Relativity Media

This sweet take on Snow White was completely overshadowed by 2012's other Cinderella reimagining, Kristen Stewart's action-packed vehicleSnow White and the Hunter(which stinks by the way). With Lily Collins (Emily in Paris) as the beautiful princess and Julia Roberts as the evil queen,mirror Mirroris all about fairytale whims as interpreted by visual extremist Tarsem. There's whackadoo physical comedy courtesy of the midgets (rightly played by a cast of little people), there's Bollywood-style musical sequences, and there's lavish costumes courtesy of the legendary Eiko Ishioka, who was nominated for an Oscar for that eye . banging but forgotten movie. There were few successorsThe Prince's Bridemade afterwardsThe Prince's Bride, but with a light-footed approach,mirror Mirroris one of them - but nobody ever talks about it. —MP

mirror Mirrorwill continue to be streamedStarzand free with a library card on Hoopla.


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